Winter sailing in Wisconsin

Some of the chaps over in Madison go ice-sailing but I thought I would try my hand at snow-footying :stuck_out_tongue:


There doesn’t seem to be too much wind there, I don’t see a wake.

There was a light wind Niel but progress was very slow. Presumably the forward pressure of the fin and bulb against the snow melts the snow and it re-freezes behind. The hull takes on more of a gliding role I think, hence the lack of a wake. Note the big wave slowly approaching in the left background, that could cause problems in an hour or three.

Graham… yes I think it is cabin fever

Was all this after one (or was it two?) bottles of the Footy wine?

What an inspiration, Graham!

I’m in Ventura, CA this week, but Sheila tells me it has snowed back home every day since I left Monday. More expected today and tomorrow. By the time I’m home Sunday, conditions should be perfect! Maybe we could work out a variation of Brett’s Internet Racing for snowbound Footys?

I think some pics of Footys doing some snow racing should go in Issue 152!

Bill H

The sun was well short of the yard arm Rod… not that that means much!

Get in that snow and post some photos Bill. Maybe I should clarify, put your Footy in the snow, we don’t want any post-sauna-pore-closing photos here… do we?

In fact lets see everyones snow-footying photos :stuck_out_tongue:


We rarely have enough snow in NYC to accomodate a Footy’s keel depth, and even if we did, the snow would be grey before I could get my boat positioned for a photo. I leave this kind of racing to you more northern, non-urban types with your hefty precipitation and blasted clean air!

Well, this is for ice, not snow. Credit to Andrew (gospectredotcom) at rcgroups:

We just got a dumpin up here.

Check the one of mine surfin a big wave!

the pic after that shows what the wave is.:lol:

Very cool Nigel… did you fit the fin through your open sun roof… :smiley:

Who said Hang-Ten… I didn’t :devil3:

There’s no fin on it. After it was suggested to post some wacky snow pics, I ran out in me underpants, and snapped some pics.

Ok, Hold Your Course

You’se guys in da wimpy midwest got it so easy with yer smooth calm snow!:lol: Out here in Californi way, we gots da frozen white waters. Maybe our flakes are bigger.

Well Bob, you are probably correct. In fact, us Midwesterners have long thought that there were quite a few big flakes in California…sorry just couldn’t resist…:wink:
BTW, the weather forecast is for a wind chill of -34F at 9am tomorrow, so I guess I’ll be down in the shop instead of trying to sail my iceboat. I’m not that “flakey”

:biglaugh:You know how it goes, Bill, the little flakes move west (Go west young man,:cowboy: go west) and become big flakes. We keep trying to send them back every storm, but it just doesn’t seem to work:jester:

Welcome back Bob, long ime, no see.


Hi Bob…we’ve missed you! I was really pleased to see your post.

California sure is a big state…I saw some big flakes on the beach in Ventura, but no snow at all!

Bill H

Thanks guys! Actually, I never left, just been lurking. My interest waned a little of late as there is nobody in my area that sails anything or knows anything about sailing. A bit disconcerting to me as I enjoy it! I am working on a steam powered launch right now, tho. Other than that, been playing a lot of music:

Hi Bob… great to see you. Your Footo looks like a scene from ‘The Perfect Storm’! Nasty!!

Love it Bill K… but two number 17’s? Confuse and conquer huh :rolleyes:

Nigel… too much information.

Several snow storms over the last couple weeks (we have about 4 feet of snow now) have delayed my contribution to this thread. But conditions were perfect today to do some performance testing of Cobra Mk2 prior to the Daytona regatta. :slight_smile:

As you can see, she’s wearing her A rig and doing nicely on a beat. Test results in these conditions look promising for her performance in softer water. I think the guys down in Florida have something to fear! :devil3:

Bill H