why bother?

i have asked a question and got garbage back. so i am writing this to anybody who cares.
you ask a question about mutlihull because you might be intrested. and you get nothing but fighting. so can anybody tell me why i should bother with cat or tris? i am getting tired of playing kindergarden teacher to just one person. i talk with other moderator and they get the same thing.
i for one am tired. something has to be done.
sorry i cant do anything about it
LLoyd G. Ertel
long live the cup[:-banghead]

Cougar, you should bother because a multihull can go faster than anything you’ever sailed on water under radio control; if you get past the stability issues and solve them you can have a lot of fun whether it is a cat ,tri or trimaran foiler. Speed is the thing-more than you can imagine in an rc boat.There are different degrees of stability and control available- you’ll have to do a lot of research if you want to understand the issues. But, again, speed is the thing-breathtaking all out speed.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

From someone who builds and racers r/c multihulls.

Multihulls do capsize:- whether it’s burying the leeward bow and going over(which is the most common) or sideways, they do capsize.

This can be helped by:- stick time
t-foil rudder
reducing rig size
Stick time means learning how to sail the boat. As I have posted before multihull’s take sometime to learn how to sail.

T-foil rudders help the bow down capsize by inceasing the water pressure on the rudder which helps to hold the stern down.

Reducing sail area, the way this is done is set up the boat in the breeze that you will be sailing in. Now go sailing and make sure you are happy with your settings. After you have reached and sailed to windward, go square, if you are over canvassed you will have trouble keeping the boat upright.

The worry of radio gear getting wet. Over here what we do is build the boats so that if they do go turtle the floats sit on the water preventing the main hull from being in it, thus the radio gear stays dry.

I have not seen a monohull of normal designs(I.E Marblehead, 10 rater, A-class etc) give a multihull a run for it money. The multihull has always won out.

For multihull’s to show there true potential, they really need longer courses than monohulls, but they still sail well around the courses most monohull clubs set.

The r/c multihull is a development class. It has been around since the early 80’s and is only really now gaining world wide interest. What the class needs is people talking about it in a civil and enthusiastic way. I have never (in memory) read about VIC sailors or IOM sailors etc argueing about there class, like those who say they promote r/c multihull sailing.

My opinion is and will always be that r/c multihull sailing is the most exillerating form of r/c sailing that there can be.

When you have a fleet of well sailed multihull’s together, the enjoyment that is had is fantastic. At my club we regularly get 8 boats to a meeting now. Small numbers I admit, but there is great racing. We sail a course that measures (rhumbline) around 650 metres and in 8 knots of breeze it is normally completed in around 10 minutes.

I don’t now if that it quick, but it sure seems like it.

So please Cougar don’t get put off the class by the ranting of a few on here and give it a go if you get the chance.


you should bother to prrove to your self that you can do it so what if it doesnt work and sinks as long as your having fun while doing it!

When the Apprentice knows more than the Mentor its time to quit!

i am so glad i went sailing today. my outlook is so much clearer
friends. and that includes doug. my fustration was not about mutilhull. but this board. i could not get a peice of info, because of the fighting. the mods had to lock up topics. its not because we want to, but we dont want the fighting. i am going to give a multi a chance. dick sent me pictures of ghost train, i know i am jumping off a cliff. but what the HELL. I was SAILING TODAY:-)
talking to people who could not believe that the boat did not have a prop. and when you see their faces when you hand them the transmitter and get them to sail it… i had forgoten just how good it makes me feel when they smile and say this is fun.
people i am tired of the fighting. now i am sailing. i am much more calm. i have gotten my fix
and wis you are so right. sailing cures all
long live the cup

Hi Cougar!
Because of my computerwork I have got headeak for some months. I have been prescribed Voltaren and other pills. However, I went sailing yesterday. 5 degrees Celcius and a light rain. I still have a slight headeak, but I am feeling a lot better.


The best mmedicine is SAILING…happy to hear you are getting better…I know I am off-topic…sorry for that


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


no you are not off topic… this was my way of venting. my fustratsion

You have kept a very low profile lately. At least on the Local Pub. I am a little bit worried for you, and my headeak is back. Shall we invite Greg V to the Local Pub, to bring you back to old standards? So I can get rid of my headeak?

the doctor is in:-)
my first suggestion
bring back greg v. the doctor misses him, ( and i need my asst.)
second , for your headache. i would suggest sailing for 2 hours. with a litlle cristopher cross in the background, i do this often , when life gets too stressfull. find some quiet music. put in a portable radio. play it while you sail. i know it sounds stupid. but i do it when life get to me. and i always come back refreshed. i am staying out of the bar. because . i dont wnat to get into any more fights
i want to learn how to build a mold of my new sailboat. and find more videos. to get a disk. so that i can get new sailors into the sport. basicly show poeple what we do? most people when they see me sail. they want to know where the prop is?
long live the cup

Thanks, today I visited a ackupunkteur (I don’t know the english word). Small needels were sticked into my neck and arm. Apparently, I suffer from a frustration-stress-headeak located in my neck. My neck doesn’t move properly. As a 2.4mr sailor this is limiting my possibilities to look around to check my opponents. A fast cure is a must!

How about a set of “rear view mirrors”?

rear view mirrors
long live the cup

Sure, if you can’t turn your head, you mount a rear view mirror on each rail and between you and the mast, so you can see who’s gaining on you! [8D] [;)]

now it makes sense

Who wants to look at the guy behind anyway, he’s that, behind, get on with your own race!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

hey guys
just a thought here
booster. go out there and sail. finish last. be the joke of the day. but relax and have fun. leave all the worry to the guy up front… when this all gets to me. i leave and go for a sail. by myself. and you know what. there are no protests. there are no hits. except for the odd duck. and i listen to good music. and have a fun time sailing
long live the cup

I have to say my approch is different, go out in the stongest wind possible (not racing) and take your stress out on the waves. The sea soon teaches you that everthing else is small by comparison…
Dont think you can get that from a r/c model (unless you stand in the shorebreak whilst your controlling it!)

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by Matthew Lingley

Who wants to look at the guy behind anyway, he’s that, behind, get on with your own race!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.
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Exactly what Dennis Conner thought during the race he failed to cover, lost his lead and the Cup ! Oh yea!

Let’s see, up wind, if the competition behind you tacks and you need to beat or place positions btween you, you go with him - not hang on stupidly to the tack you are on, even if slightly favored.

Let’s see, downwind the guy behind you gets the breeze AND the windshifts first. Again, if he is going because of wind he has, you better make the same move and get to the point to get that wind that is coming down on you.

Ignoring competitiors, windshifts, favored sides of the course, current, etc. is NOT a smart way to race (IMHO)

And the rear view mirrors were a joke for someone with a bad neck and stuck inside a 2.4 meter “go-kart” boat. [:-eyebrows]

Hi Cougar, Lemke and Lingley!
Thanks for your support. About 20% of the 2.4mr sailors are disabled. They usually have sponsors because of the Paralympics. However, we sail in the same fleet. In fact, Heiko Kroeger (who only have one hand), the former World Champion in 2.4mr is German Champion in Laser! These guys are extremely good sailors. So far I have not been able to attend the Paralympics. But if my neck problems moves in a certain direction… Well, you understand.