Who's got sa LaJabless?

I just got mine- Thanks, Nigel

Since it’s so new I thought I’d collaborate with others to work up something useful for a radio board. The keel, rudder, and rig should be whatever you like.

the bare hull is 83 grams

the keel slot is 6.5 x 34 x 31mm(1/4 x 1 3/8 x 1 1/4 inches) You can stand up a standard S3003 servo under the deck near the keel, and with a raised hatch, you could easily move it back some.

The LCB is at the center of the keel.


I wish you could shorten up the servo leads! :mad:

yer welcome.

she’s in a state of constant refinement, as the build becomes more routine.

efficient building is my key goal…it leads to consistent perfection…my ultimate goal.


I’d like to tackle the problem of the sail servo first. I’m toying with the idea of making a mount of an ali strip in a V-shape, so that you could slide the sail servo into a slot and lock it in with only 1 screw. Further, a triangular mount would alow the rudder sero to be stuck to the other leg. The whole thing epoxied to the floor, of course.



Got my Lajabless today, Very nice mouldings well on a par with the best of British serious model boat moulders.

I was intending using a Stollery swing rig to simplify the “power plant” and my original thoughts were to use Rogers “Bug” approach to the sail and rudder servo arrangement. Roger uses a plate arrangement taped to the deck on which everything hangs. However the size of flange used makes this a little awkward, its a bit on the thin side. So I’m going to have to give this some thought.


I changed my mind on the sail servo mount to use one of a Z bend . The bottom is notched to fit around the keel box, and the top has a notch for the servo. I’ll fit the servo in by pushing it it in from the side, and one or two screws to hold it down.

You’ll be able to step your mast in by fitting the base with a metal pin about 4 or 5mm, down to the bottom of the hull. The holes in the deck go all the way through.

Thanks for the info. You are right, sorting the mast position is not a problem. Just got to build the rig on best swing rig principles. Have you seen Roger Stollery’s drawings for the Bug and the radio arrangement? I have them on A3 paper I’m into my office Monday and can get them reduced to A4 and scanned if you are interested.

Back into the workshop to see how to make it work


If Roger has a good idea of how to fit the radio gearmore efficiently, it’s worth the effort.

Can anyone suggest a sail servo to use in the Lajabless? Is the HS 225 BB a good choice here? I hope to get one of Nigel’s hulls soon. Thanks


I suggest the Bluebird BMS-380MG 15g 50oz Micro Servo (Metal Gear)

Oops I screwed up and orderd the BMS-380 max. What is the chord dimension for the keel well if I may ask, and what is the thickness? Anybody got a good source for 1 mil mylar or thin polyester film? Or what is good to use for the sails? I’m sailing a Victoria now but new to Footy’s. Thanks


The slots are 1, 5/16" x 3/16", with a hole at the top of the box, to fasten the keel in place.
This hole governs the top of your chosen keel. the rest of your keel can be whatever dimentions / foil that you wish.


This is the fin that I made for my boat. It has a longer chord at the top, and 7 degree sweep.

Looks good from here. I’m excited about Nigel’s hulls and I don’t even have one.

Have you, or anyone, piled one with radio gear, ballast, and seen where she floats?

interesting shape.
i was also thinking that way after seeing these:

hmm, nigel, just a thought, i found this with my first footy, the boats don;t seem to go fast enough to make a thin keel work all that well, you might try adding a little more chord, but then again, the long ones might just be magic!:zbeer:

That fin I made was from a straight piece of wood. The next one will have a similar shape but will have a more definite sweep so he balast offset by the sweep. That way I can probably balance the boat if it’s a little off.

it wasn’t the thin aspect i was interested in, it was the shapes.
especially near the base, and the different “sweeps” / bulb locations, that grabbed me.
although, i’m flying blind due to my sailing experiences.
so i’m going by what i see, then what i will try.

i still have not built a Laja for myself yet, maybe next week.

rock on nigel!

This is a good discussion, mates. This is this kind of stuff that should be discussed, not rules.