Whats the right Boat for me ?

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If your just getting started into r/c sailing this is probably one of your first questions. (which is very good question to ask [:-pirate] Figured I would open it up so that you can see what options are suggested and go from there [:D])

[-crzwom] I think first that a newcomer should check on the boats a nearby local club may be sailing; a good deal on a used boat might be found that way as well as a lot of free help. Boats that I have sailed that I would recommend would be the CR-914 and the RC Laser. Boats that I haven’t sailed but believe should be considered are the Soling One Meter and the boats produced by Climate Boat Works.
Go to amya.org to look at the AMYA recognized classes, club listings and suppliers listings–quite a good resource.
Then there is the rumor that microSAIL! may be about to introduce a very small model-well under 30"…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Are you going to do a Footy Doug?
I have just finished a nice little 430mm yacht
Designed for a guy to use in a rental fleet.
Sails real nice for such a little yacht.

Download Attachment: fun1.jpg

Download Attachment: fun2.jpg

Brett, since this forum is an ongoing resource for beginers why don’t you post some “footy” info, url, etc. Nice job on that boat…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

That is what I have called the design.
There are a few more pics etc and some info on the Footy class at http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~bsmack/
I am working on several other easy to build small yacht projects as well.

I’ve been looking for a cheap and easily built design to make about 4 boats to start a local fleet. The Footy looks good but does anyone have information on the XL25


I have for a long time now wanted to see a easily built small ONE DESIGN class that is very cheap to build and uses only standard servos to control.
The boat could be built from scratch from plans or from kits from suppliers around the world.
It would only be built from generic items that can be found in most well stocked hobby stores.
pro model builders could supply the class with pre built yachts if the demand was there also.The Class would have to be simple to construct so amatuers building there first boat have a good chance to suceed.
I belive a class such as this will attract beginners/youngsters etc to our sport and help it grow and prosper in all areas.
Anyone else think something like this could be good?


My main aim is to find a design that is cheap and easy to build as I intend to build 4 boats myself, and give 3 away to friend so that they just have to buy the radio gear. I’m hoping that this will spark some interest locally at the entry level of RC sailing instead of having to jump into a recognised class ($$$$$$$). At the moment I’m surfing the net looking for ideas and the ‘Footy’ and the ‘XL25’ seem to fit well. The ‘XL25’ does not need a sail winch so that is a bonus (remember $$$$$$$). I have only just started to look around for a design so any other designs of interest would be appreciated. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the next 100 post that you will have to read [:D]



What about something like this?
a 540mm yacht,built from thin ply or balsa.
flat bottom,easy to build.
control by 2 standard servos.

Download Attachment: 540.jpg

Tell me more. So far I like it, I LIKE IT ALOT.[:-bonc01]


Have seen the RG-65 web-site: http://losveleros.cjb.net/, it’s in Spanish, but you can find a complete plan, (sail plan and a complete guide with picture-in Spanish- included), for a 65 cm long balsa boat with two standard servos.

Hi Darryl,
What you see is what I have at present.
LOA 540mm
Beam 160mm
displacment 1.4kg.
I reckon it would sail pretty well.I have done quite a few small yacht designs and learned a bit from each one as I have gone forward.
The lines are basically pretty close to my 430mm FUN design …only simplified for sheet construction.
You should be able to knock something like this out for not to many $$$$
I Saw the RG65 some time ago…looks like it would be good in light air…not sure about a bit of a breeze though.
Construction is fairly involved also.
Another worth looking at is Bantocks Wee Nip…a Una rig flat bottom job 750mm long…though a standard servo doesn’t hack the job for sail conrol.
Also I think Marine modelling have a plan for PITOU(spelling?) a 500mm model with swing rig from Charles Dettrich ( spelling again!!?)
Micro Magic is another one…plastic kit modelled on the single handed “open” class boats 530mm long I think.
A bit pricey at 100 quid though…I belive they sail well though.

All of these choices are good, as is the V-32 class,
for the beginner with no local club, for a beginner
with a V-32 fleet nearby, or for the “Lone-skipper”
who just wants to have an enjoyable sail.

A Ready To Sail V-32 with your choice of hull and sail
colors can be had for $300 or so. This is a One-Design
Class ready boat, no mods necessary to start sailing
right out of the box.

There’s a Class Resource Center http://www.v32rc.org/
and free membership Yahoo Discussion Group
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thev32yachtclub/ specifically
about V-32’s for those who’re interested, check them out.

Though I only started back in '96 or so, my original V-32
is still sailing, mostly just for FUN! And I don’t think
I’ve really HAD to invest more than $20 into her over the
past 7 or so years… Sailed regularly too!

Fair Winds,
David Goebel

Let’s not forget the Victoria either. It is also very easy to build and sail. Becomes a nice boat when the sails are upgraded. Very large One Design fleets also.

I think you can get a kit and radio pretty cheap at Tower Hobbies. Under $200.

I really like the Footy idea. I think getting a lot of these together to race could be a blast.

Our club has some similar developments going on similar to the Footy and 540. Seems to be lots of activity in the small/cheap/simple/easy to build category.

Depending on how much money you’re wanting to spend, another boat that is a good first boat is the Kyosho Seawind. The boat has a growing nationwide fleet, and achieved AMYA sanctioning in April. It’s a good boat that’s easy to assemble (it can be a done in a weekend) and easy to sail, with a strict one design class so that you don’t have to spend a lot of additional money to be competitive.
There is an excellent web site for the boats located at:
A complete kit (with radio) can be purchased for around $430 from Tower Hobbies.
The Seawind is similar to a CR914, only a little bigger and a little faster. (CR914 is another good boat though)

[quote]Originally posted by Gio

Have seen the RG-65 web-site: http://losveleros.cjb.net/,

Could not get this URL to work.

Hmmmm,what browser are you using? It seems to work fine with Netscape, but not with Explorer.

For a translation try using http://babelfish.altavista.com/ , it works well most of the time.

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hi all…new member here

as nacra said, the seawind isnt a bad boat for beginners…i got one, very happy of it…the only thing is, get new sails 'cause the Kyosho’s are BAD…
btw the link is http://www.seawindrc.com

happy to be with the big guys…

have a nice day


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

doh…something i didnt think about it…SORRY…if you plan to sail in a club, which i dont do, cause i am alone with ducks sometimes [:D] , check what kind of boats they are sailing, mybe better to have the same…more easy if you want to race


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!