What is Dickson and Oracle up to? (Americas Cup)

Does anyone have any insight into today’s match between Oracle & TNZ? Oracle gained the advantage in the start, and then allowed TNZ to split away. According to radio commentators, they where on opposite sides of the course. The commentators went on to say how lazily oracle was tacking, and all but suggesting that oracle through the race deliberately.

So did oracle through the race deliberately so that a major competitor couldn’t get a read on oracle’s actual boat speed?

If Oracle is confident about beating either the Italians or Spanish, especailly in a long series (first to 5 wins) then it makes sense to sandbag this race and conceal their full potential from NZ.

Oracle went left,TNZ right.
10 degree shift right hand side…game over.

agreed brett.

See thats my point, Neither team is dumb enough to allow that to happen on acident.

I beg to differ. As someone who has done a certain amount of match racing in big boats, sometimes you just feel so strongly that a certain side of the course is “right” you go there - even though you know the prudent thing is to stay within covering range of your competitor. Afterwards you kick yourself, but at the time it was the right thing to do.

I read very little into this result. I don’t believe BO threw the race - they had incentives not to. But Brett is correct - the separation on the first beat, and the shift, determined the race - not respective boat speed.

Why would either boat allow such a large seperation? They are both too smart.

It feels like each boat prefered to keep their potential secret. Each chose not force the other boat into a drag race, and accepted the risk of losing this race and ending up in second place.

Short answer must be…Oracle weather team predicted something good in the left,Witness Dicko not fighting for the right hand side of start line,they felt strongly enough that the left was the way to go that they kept going that way.

TNZ weather team predicted right hand shift and they were right.

Once the right hander came in oracle would have lost more ground going back to the other side of the course on a knock.Only option for them was to continue and minimize the loss.

TNZ weather team 1
Oracle weather team 0

Still have no idea about the boatspeed of these 2,except that TNZ extended on both downwind legs.

I don’t belive Oracle threw this race for a second,The body language onboard throughout the race tells what was happening loud and clear.Besides I don’t belive they would give away the chance to pick there semis rival either.

it will be interesting to watch, my bet is oracle takes luna rossa in 5 (oracle has won both meetings from RR 1 & 2). I don’t know how i feel about TNZ, they have looked shaky in the pre starts from what i hear (can only listen to the races online).

Anybody watching the races on Visual Spectator? It was fun in 2000 & 2003 when I was snowing outside and :cool: toasty warm in NZ. You can also replay the races or go back a minute, zoom in, watch the weather, everything but sounds.


I am sorry Dan but I didn`t quite understand what it was that you were wagering as your bet.:lol::devil3::zbeer:

Look out, it`s all on.:scared:

Nobody should rip up there betting slips just yet.
What a contest, the challange for us Kiwi`s is that the racing is shown live every night starting at 1am and around about 1.45 the eyelids start to get really heavy just as the third leg starts. :sly:
Solution is, record the race and watch it in the morning being careful not to listen to any news reports before viewing. :cool:

Lay day today so I will be able to get some sleep.:confused:

In 2003, I was watching the AC races late at night in February. The sailors were in shorts, but I was in my woolies! I watched the LV cup and the AC via virtal spectator, andthen later again on the Telli.


Do you know about the "Canting Keel " concept for ACC class boats?
If not then view this from the sail-talk newsletter.
By the way you can subscribe at no cost to keep up with the cup news daily.


Man they are just blowing it. :mad: the Cubs & now BMW Oracle. :mad: :mad:

i just want to go on record as saying oracle is gonna get pwned. you can’t buy your way to everything ellison!:mad:

pity about the spanish… i liked them. and after the world cup:mad::mad::mad:, i’d rather not see the italians win anything!

:captain::timebomb:MATCH POINT! :devil2::cowboy:

and no more dickson! i’d say oracle is going down… you know, they are the american boat… and its very hard to root against your country, but then again, its not all that hard to root against ellison!:rolleyes:

here is to TNZ going to the americas cup, [like they have for the past 4/5 years] it is gonna get boring at somepoint… i was kinda hoping for shosholoza…:stuck_out_tongue:

what exactly do you have against ellison?

As I have had to point out elsewhere on the internet, these boat teams do not represent a country but represent a yacht club.
Therefore it is not a case of rooting against ( replace this word with supporting please) your own country, but supporting, or not, a yacht club from San Francisco, Auckland, Naples or where ever.
Likewise the suggestion that nationals of one country may not be giving their full effort for another country, rubbish, these people are giving their all for whatever team they are a part of.
It is their life and their dream to win that one hundred guinea cup no matter what flag flies from the stern.
Congratulations to Desafio they deserved their win yesterday.