Hello rusty it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?


to risky!:batman: Warn: (20%) Today, 05:02 AM

I take it that message goes for everyone?


If you have something to say then say it, if not stop complaining.

i replied to a question ,thats an answer not a complaint.:icon_tong :sleep1:

you posted the same question before whats your deal?

why not stop trying to impersonate a cacti,or is it second nature.switch to another forum ,one
wear the title Mod cuts no ice.The only one getting upset round here is you,whats your problem ?:icon_tong :icon_tong :icon_tong

A very personal opinion, but I kind of wonder why “someone” would invite a post or comment for a person, and then be concerned about the comment itself?

In looking back (admitedly without the benefit of a moderator’s view) what has been posted by a few of our “down-under” group seem far less controversial than the “trolling” that used to take place here and was offensive to quiite a few. Maybe Rusty and Steve had issues and maybe the reins are a bit too tight - on the other hand, when one is solicited by what appears to be the “discussion board” and hard feelings (real or perceived) are posted, (or views) I would ask why there seems to have been an attempt to invite them back? Almost “looks” like an attempt to get them to post negative comments in order to make an issue.

Have there been a flood of complaints like we had when D.L. was posting? Has there been personal email messages to other board subscribers like we had when D.L. was posting? I really have a concern when it appears that “someone” invited a person back and then became upset about some remarks that were posted about previous treatment.

Did the board automatically send out an invitation for Rusty to come back and post - or is that a fabrication? If it did - it seems someone (like the Administrator) needs to spend some time and turn off the auto re-invite feature. If, on the other hand, this is an attempt to “troll” initiated by Rusty, then the rules of the forumn need to be upheld. As it (currently) looks at this moment - an invitation seems to have been made for his return.

What’s up and where did this originate??

Hello rusty it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?

edit: added quote

To be fair Dick - as a reader of the posts, I wasn’t bothered by the first post in the thread by Rusty, or by the second - but I was bothered by what appeared to be a personal attack on Dan in his third.

Chad highlighted the rule “no personal attacks” in his posting here…


I won’t comment further on this incident specifically. I’m guessing there was some offline communication between Dan and Rusty - but it’s up to Dan whether he wants to comment on that. Rusty can’t comment (as he’s locked out) so it would be entirely unfair of me or anyone else to direct criticism at Rusty when he has no ability to reply, other than to observe (fairly I think) that the post in question did look to be a personal attack.

On a broader note, I think many of us get sick of the nature of some posts on some forums - where people use the anonymity of the forum, and the lack of control to post personal attacks, make libelous statements and populate their posts with the type of language that would make a sailor blush. This forum, in the post-DL days, has been on the most part free of such behaviour, and I thank Chad, the moderators and the participants for that. I take part in Windpower too (as you know) and it is at least as well mannered - probably more so.

I make occaisional postings to the Victoria forum (as a Victoria owner) but bypass much of the “noise” that gets in the way there. Because I own an IOM, I monitor both the IOMICA and US IOM forums and, out of interest, USOM forum. Again - good behaviour on the whole - and even when tempers get tested a bit (such as in the pre-IOM Worlds discussion on rule changes) people manage to hold it together.

At the other extreme, I can’t be bothered with the type of posting that takes place in the Sailing Anarchy forum, and although I lurk from time to time, I don’t take part. I haven’t taken part is Wis’s Hardcore RC Sailing forum either - though I do lurk. I mean no criticism of Wis or Cougar - and I can see an upside in a forum where ideas just get floated for just for the hell of it (great things can come from such an approach) - but at the end of the day I’m an old fashioned guy who appreciates manners - even in conflict.

The forum medium, as a proxy for conversation, is filled with opportunity for misinterpretation - even when tools such as smily face icons are used to suggest humor (something you of course know very well, and experienced on another forum recently). All I can say is that I’m glad some forum users are not also in charge of the nuclear deterent - with such short tempers we’d be screwed :watching_

You are right to raise the points Dick, particularly with regard to the automatic invitation. I suspect (Dan or Chad can confirm) that it is fully automatic as I had the same invite with the same wording from another (non-sailing) forum I belong to but had not posted to for some time.

I’m off on a tangent - but I do want to thank the administrator and moderators for keeping this forum (mostly) clean. I know it must be hard to strike a balance between encouraging full and frank discussion and still retaining individual respect and courtesy.

As somebody once said - the right of free speech comes at a price.

OK y’all. Flame away. :wink:

Dick/ all,

I ?believe? the quote rusty listed, was a pm I sent him back in October or November, prior to his behavioral issues. I can?t be sure, but it looks like something I would right. I send lots of pms to forum members when I see they have come back after a long absence to try and get them re-engaged.

For the time being rusty has been given a vacation.

The problems we have had recently are with members going ballistic after they have been warned by a moderator. I have received everything from ?I have x number of post?s how dare you?, to ?the always pleasant ?f you?. A warning is simply that a warning, it goes away after x number of days.

The maturity level of some members leaves a lot to be desired, they post one thing in the forum trying to look innocent, and then shoot off an offensive/derogatory e-mail/pm.

Going forward, I have one simple guideline (warning if you will) for forum members to consider before posting/pming/e-mailing.

?If you act like an adult, you will be treated like one, if you act like a spoiled child be prepared to be treated like one.?

Yes, the invite is automatically generated towards any members or users who have not posted. I am going to keep it that way because hopefully there is maybe one or two out of 711 members it doesn’t apply towards. I am sorry for any confusion.

Warning… I am with the mods and other admins on this one. Its A WARNING SYSTEM. I installed in order to help users maintain a balance with the rules in place. Its not to mean its the end of the world. Seriously, I know sometimes topics can get heated and the warnings are there to be a “friendly” reminder to “cool off” or to help steer the conversation or topic in a more positive manner.

dick and others concern
the thing with rusty was a problem with members dating back during the winter. while dan and wis were dealing with ernst. i was tying to difused the situtaution. i got alot of flack because #1 i would not take sides. and 2) i did not know what i was talking about. NOW part of this is true. I do not have a nautical 12, or an ec12. or tranth versions. but i do talk to people. and i do try and fix a problem , before it becomes a doug lord sitaution. this last attack was more aimed at me. than dan or anybody else.
I warned dan about this. and left it to him. as rusty was not listening to me. and , by my quess. he has issues with me. so i backed out. and just let dan know. we all want this forum to grow. and thrive. we want people to bring new ideas, and to help people. i would love to have people like rodd carr,here. maybe even have graham bantcok here, would it not be a great idea. if we could get rodd carr to comment on the sail making thread? of have graham, comment on racing tactics? this would be a place where I would hope they would come. they are not going to if we have people agrueing all the time over the rights to who boat is best
but this is now the whole story between the warning i gave rusty. and what i want this forum to be

Hi all

It looks like this thread started as a misunderstanding. Rusty gets an email that could be interpreted as mildly provocative if it were sent by a human. (Chad, I get them as well, and I find them equally mildly annoying.) So Rusty posts a reply to the board which contains an element of truth from his point of view. Dan sees the reply and finds that somewhat provocative, presumably thinking it is aimed personally and not knowing about the forum system for getting people involved. Dan posts an annoyed response with a personal element… The rest is completely predictable.

My take? I’m no stranger to controversy, but the plot is lost when it gets personal or, more likely, is taken personally.

Chad: I don’t know the automatic invite adds anything to the forum experience, and as we’ve seen it has triggered an angry exchange. I’d suggest it is dumped.

Hello Alan it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?

Look - I got one too! in fact I get them everyday when I come and lurk, they appear at the top of the page, on every page in this forum, its even at the top of my screen as I type this.

I was a bit surprised when I first saw it a month or two back, especially since it seemed to come very soon after I had made one of my very infrequent posts in this forum. Now I just ignore it, there are more important thngs around to get worked up about and theres no way I am going to let a machine push me over the edge!

I don’t post as much as I used to being of the school that belives in not saying anything if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, I drop in once or twice a day and look at the new post headers, if theres nothing that interests me I’m off to the next site. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying there is nothing interesting here - just not much of interest to ME.

As an ‘owner’ of a forum myself I can see why the message is there, but maybe it should only appear to those who don’t visit often rather than those that just lurk.

Well that’s it from me, guess I’ll have to say goodbye to my little message at the top for a while! :spin:

Ive never seen that msg,must mean I talk to much. :slight_smile:


I respectfully disagree with you on this. It is my opinion, Rusty has bee trying to incite a confrontation with the moderation staff, both publicly and privately since he was given a warning on the following thread.

His first post to the thread I let slide, looking back, I should have given him a warning for it.

After his second post, he was given a warning; bellow is the pm notifying him of the warning and his subsequent responses.


Now maybe I?m crazy, but I don?t consider any of the above comments by rusty to be those of an adult. Now maybe my pm was too harsh, but as I said if you act like a spoiled child, be prepared to be treated like one.


As someone who is more a “reader” of this site than a “poster” lately, I can say that thanks to the good work of the moderators the problems with Rusty and other posters were never all that noticable to the casual reader. So, a special “thank you” to the moderators for making this place work and keeping things under control. A thankless job that deserves regular thanks.

Absolutely corect in the vacation given to Rusty.:jester:

As an infrequent poster but regular reader I have had “the message” as well. :party:

Unfortunately there are some people in lif ethat insist on making an issue out of nothing as we have seen. “He” is not only like this here but every where else he posts and seems to take great delight in being a sh*t stirrer at the best of times. :grumpy:

I have had many emails with him over the last 18 months over various issues and am glad he is unable to post here in the negative way anymore. If you do read this “Rusty” please think before engaging keyboard into warp drive!:darth:

Well I am truly hurt!!! I have not posted in a long time and I have never seen the message, is there favouritisim with certain people am I not good enought (tung in cheek) keep up the good work, but when is the home page going to get done?


I think there is something else hapening behind the scenery that we missed. There’s no quota or requirement to post comments.

My message is back!!!

Hello Alan it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?

It seems like only last week that I posted my last - in this thread as it happens!
But no the time stamp says it was the week before, however the message says several weeks, in my book 14 days is not several weeks, I would expect to get at least another week out of it!

Maybe the message or the timing needs to be adjusted.

I’m off to set my stopwatch again!!!