Virtual Skipper 3 regatta

Well…it’s time to race and have some regattas here!

Match race or Fleet race?

Who is in?

I’m game so long as we all turn up at the specified time.


Me 2 Me 2, At the moment my disc will not read but I am working on it.
Must be Fleet race, decent course, day time, 10-20 knots, full rules, no silly bloody islands on the course. IMHO!

anyone joining tonight?

anyway if so…as usual I am MSNing…

Pnly virtual skipper 3 will work? What if you tried virtual skipper 2?

sorry only vsk3!

Wis stomped all over me… all the way from Japan. I am writing myself a note… go around the course TWO TIMES… I stopped on the line every time… whether I was leading or following… I crossed the line, and reached into the cooler and said THANK GOODNESS that is over… wonder why Wis is still going ?

Nick, hope you didn’t have difficulties… see you guys next Friday now that I know how to get in the #W@$%#$^ thing… thanks for your patience guys.

I clicked ALL over that page… and FINALLY figured out they want you to click on the stupid little 3 dots… give me a break. OBVIOUSLY… the guys that put that game out were sailors… and not game players.

OK… next week will be better,


Trying to make an Olympic course…closer to RC sailing…and might use the

Hey Wis,

I know what you mean about the course… I have tried making one of those as well. I hate that they don’t give you some kind of depiction of the course… as I said… these guys were sailors…not gamers… they made a nice sim, but totally botched all the basic game parts such as chat in the lobby prior to starting the game so you can discuss options.

Wis… is it possible to switch OFF from auto controls the way we were playing? I had never used auto… and that was such a weird experience… I kept trying to change the sail trim and never noticing that it was happening by itself. DOH!

Looking forward to it.

LOL, did you read the manual:devil1::devil1::devil1:?

Olympic course, about 20 minutes…will need someone to tell me if its ok

manual?? Manual??? we don’t need no steeenkin manual… I didn’t know since I had never been online before if you were locked into using what all the others were using… not that it matters though because the results would be the same.

I went around the course you made solo online and it worked for me so sure we can use it. It will be harder for ME since I am always behind and it is harder to get on someones wind that way. DOH!

Looking forward to Friday… any others out there going to get involved?? There are 5 more chairs at the table!


ok I’ve ordered the complete sim from E-Bay, have gotton to the point where I can win on the demo. What time do you guys race and what time does that translate into PDT.

Well… not good at the moment for West Coast… it would be 04:00 local to you. Maybe we can get the guys to shift some, or try the other end of the clock. It is going to be bad for someone… because we are so spread out someone has to have it bad.

I think we are using 11:00 GMT at the moment which is about 20:00 Friday evening for Wis, and 21:00 for Nick I think, and 06:00 for me in Central.

:pirate:I can shift it for later in the evening!

Better for the US guys I guess…Nick ok for you?

How about 1200GMT (10pm for me - but midnight for IanHB in NZ - and 1am in summer time, coming soon)

In the meantime 1100GMT I think is best


Well I lost the EBay bid in the last minute so don’t have full sim yet.

Forget EBay on this one, AMAZON has 5 copies for $9.97 brand new. Ebay has been selling $17-$26 for the last month. There are 6 copies on EBay right now that won’t close for days that are selling for about double the price.

Don’t get me wrong, EBay is a lot of fun… but Amazon has them beat badly on this one.

Thanks, ordering one today, don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

OK… 1100 GMT… I better get to bed so I can get back up…

See you guys there…


HEY Ernie…

did you get your copy of VSK 3 yet??? We are racing Friday morning… but it’s gonna be REALLLLLLY early for you unless we get the guys to stay up later… if you can’t make it let me know and I will hook up with you.