Virtual Skipper 3 regatta

Got it yesterday, was up half the night with it. Going to be traveling for the next month so won’t be able to be on DSL, will be using cell phone in my RV.

Well there will be a slot for you when you get back.

HEY you guys going to be there in 7.5 hours? I hate to drag my fat ass outta bed and be the only one.


I’ll be there as usual

It’s that time of week guys… see you in about 10 hours. If you are not going to be there let me know and I will sleep in… we have our big regatta this weekend I could use a break… but I enjoy playing so unless I hear otherwise see you in 10 hours.

I will be there as usual!!!

Hey guys c’mon…we could need a few new faces!

I see you on MSN but still shows you at work, on mobile.

WELL… here comes Friday again… won’t be long now… so… if anyone else is interested in getting in on the racing we will meet tomorrow morning for me… Friday eveing for those of you on the other side of world but I believe it is 11:00 GMT

See you there,


OH WELL… you are starting in 5 hours and I can’t make it this time… sorry guys gotta get some sleep it has been a long week and this weekend is shaping up to be another busteroo…

catch you guys next week instead.


no problem…BUT next Friday (October 21st) I won’t be able to join as I’ll be in Europe…

So here is the latest course…I hope someone will host it instead of me, if not, well you still have the usual one…

Edit, cant upload the file, will email to Funnybones and Larry

1100GMT to change to 1300GMT.

That’s the new time for our Fri meets. Bad for NZ but better for the North America etc.

Suit some of you better?


Well back from my motorhome trip and being using my new full VS3. Got thru four levels with the novice mode but can’t sail the cat to help myself, so went on to the Expert mode with the ACC. Wow did more roundups then I ever did with the real boat but have finally got so I can win there.

Its just like sailing the rc boats, there is a hell of a difference between being IN the boat and trying to control it from the outside of the cockpit.

1300 GMT is a lot easier on me, and I do appreciate it. For me it is a lot easier to stay up than get up… hence now… heheheh Looking forward to Friday

Is there a good place to buy VSk3? I think it’d be cool to get in on the fun.

Also how long do we plan on doing this? Is there anybody going to ‘keep score’ or an ‘offical sign-up sheet?’


Also how long do we plan on doing this?

as long as people join! As for now, we arent very much

Is there anybody going to ‘keep score’ or an ‘offical sign-up sheet?’

depends on how many guys we have…though virtual wind and virtual americas cup are already doing this…I guess we @ can do it too

if you would like I have that forum creator thing… yeah… It can be used to have a format for everybody to sign up and keep score. If you wanted to take it further I could probably work on figuring out how the scores are sent and see about redirecting them. Hoping to get VS3 sometime soon…

I think AMAZON.COM is going to be tough to beat on this one:

They have VIRTUAL SKIPPER 3 for $9.97 and they get it to you pretty quick.

$10+ shipping is small price for this much fun. We have had Wis, Nick and myself for the last month 3 outta 4 weeks… and we should have 1-2 more coming on… so might as well get in on the fun. Wis has one every single race save one… so bring your lunch.


I think I paid about $20 for a copy of Vsk2 from eBay. :sad:

Thanks for the link… Picked up a copy.

Good for you Chad… tough to beat at that price. When my commission check from Amazon comes in for your sale, I will retire…



sorry guys…was sleeping last Friday, jet lag and the flu!!

I’ll be there next Friday as usual