TP52 Thread

I am starting this thread and it will be my ongoing TP52 update. I polished up my CAD file today for the stations of my TP52. I am going to have them laser cut. I printed out the full size composite drawing and it never really hit me how big this boat will be until now, and I am excited. Not sure when I will get them cut out, but hopefully within a month or so. Have to go to Home Depot this weekend to try and devise a design for the station board. Next post I should have pictures.

Is this the design that can - or cannot be shared at this time? What is the overall projected length (final) when done?

I am still interested in doing something “mammoth” - upwards of 2-3 meter (6 - 9 foot) range - but if this is large enough - greater than 50 or 60 inches, and if you can share stations (via PDF - or photo copy) I might be tempted to join in for a “stand-off scale” type of class.

I will revisit my email from you, but don’t recall at the time if we were talking Marblehead size (boo) or monster (Yaaa!) size. Once I look that back up, I will contact you offline about sharing of building stations if that is OK with you.

Well the design I have is an iteration of the final design. He sent me the CAD file under the pretense that I would be using for my use only. That being said it didn’t require much sweet talking or $ ($35 from Farr) to get a set of drawings that can be used for the stations from many designers. Some were not willing others were fine with it. Unfortunately that is all I think I am allowed to share at this time. The current size of the boat is “ONLY” 52 inches, but with a 14"+ beam it is a nice sized boat. I am going to keep my files around so if down the road a 1:10 class gets started or I get the “Huge RC boat Bug” that you currently have I will have something to work from. I think most of the “Maxi” sailing yachts have their designs closely guarded, at least much more so than a Box Rule Class. Definately feel free to contact me and discuss the details. Also for anyone else who has the “Huge RC boat Bug” Nigel turned me on to this website which is just insane and maybe we can be the ones who start an equivalent sailing counterpart website.

P.S. there are 2.33 meter scale offshore racing cats on this website, MUST SEE

i’m with ya on the 1/10 class.


What is a TP52?
Noticed some chat about construction of large models.
Is generally Ok to use exatly the same as for IOM construction with more at the centre.
Can make GRP 2M hulls down to say 1KG, Carbon down to .6kg.
These are common in UK.

Trans Pac 52. fullsized maxi racer… google Rosebud TP52 to get a good idea… actually that one is old… just google pic search TP52:p

Millrtme & Nigel & Anyone else -

do you guys think it appropriate we ask for persons interested in big “modern” * sailing boats to be kind enough to post and indicate their preferred size?

I think it would give us an idea of interest - and since many still do not indicate their country :mad: that too would help to identify where there is interest. Any thoughts?

  • MODERN” - I used this connotation to separate a modern design - sportboat, scale Melges-J boats-or other one-designs, etc. TP-52, IRC, MaxZ86, etc. from other 'BIG" boats such as the “J” Class and some of the schooner/multi-masted works of art. While I greatly appreciate the design and beauty of a large J or schooner, I would prefer a more modern design that is current - or close to current - sailing today. I think if it were possible to agree upon a size/design “standard” and we had a decent interested number of folks, it might sway some of the big design firms to reconsider some of the first or second tier designs and make them available to form such a builder’s class.

I don’t want to use up all of my “silver bullets” - but have a few ties with a couple of big boat designers and would be willing to make an effort to entice them to allow us access of some of their earlier designs. Nothing new or on the drawing boards of course, but maybe the first itteration of the idea/design.

I would welcome those thoughts for this class - and as noted, if you went back to your sources to inquire about a possible class bearing the name of their boat, would they have second thoughts about sharing only the stations? From there we could agree to overall length and distance between stations, and once the hull was built, the deck plan could be developed from photos and a cardboard mockup built on the first hull so we could see and agree - or modify the style/shape. I like the style of the boat built by Heaven Can Wait, but somehow the cabin top looks a bit too high and forward - but that might be a compromise for his spinnaker system too. (or my personal style appreciation?)

Interesting thought - and I have a feeling there might be a couple of UK, German and French builders who would be interested and take this thing to another level altogether.

Would love to hear comments from others - crazy, too big, or is anyone else out there who wants to play?

Dick- Should the big boat thoughts be a different thread? If not I will start

Andrew Miller
Annapolis, MD, USA
Size Preference: Currently 52" once this project is complete I would be happy with a 1:10 class in the 60-65 inch range.

Barrett Sparkman
i agree with andrew that i would do a 1:10 scale kinda thing, but probably closer to 70< [VOR 70’s, Open 60s, TPs, Skandiaesk things… the question is, can i afford something like that?]

I’d be over the moon to see a 1/10 Class kick off, as aside from Gaaawwsh aspect of building a Super Maxi, smaller boats still matter.

Most of my models have been built to 1:10 much like RC Cars, so it was an easy choice.

Dick, Wildcard was always built around the Racer/Cruiser Genre, a subject that I still maintain is lacking in the RC Yachting world.

Dean from The Model Boat Co. has a number of Harken fittings about to come on line, which are perfect to “Real-ize” your boat, including Steering Wheels, winches and Mainsheet Travellers.

I still have a ‘Pipe dream’ of seeing a fleet of differing sizes competing as part of the one Class.

It would be great news if we can get the 1:10 Class off the ground.

You know that there is already one boat built.



affordability. that’s the thing with me, as i can only make something like that for the person who can afford such large models.
(love the footy)
if i had the $, it would be turbine heli’s, 1/10 sailboats, and 2.3meter tencaras such as the CC/HPR as shown here:

i seen a twin turbine version of one go…man…c’mon lottery.

When we raced different models in 1975 we had a rating system…perhaps a type of handi-cap rule could work with the same 1/10th scale. In the works are several model’s that we are building and I am going to try to apply this idea. Dubois 50(60" long) and our TP 52’s(62") will race together. As well as our Flying Tiger(48" long),Schock 35(52" long). Alway’s thought outside the AMYA box. Perhaps I raced big boats too early and too long to do otherwise.

If you want to
a). get a fleet of large boats of varyinh sizes all going at the same speed and b). be able to race against existing established fleets in Ca, UK, and Aus
You should look into re-establishing the International A Class in the US.
If you are scale moddellers, although you may be able to size boats to rate, you would not be able to have cabins etc.

Now that IS an intersting thought - handicap racing to one the the ‘formula’ rules. Potentially cuts the entry price hugely!

i have always wanted to start a scale developmental version of the 12 meters… maybe 1:10 but use the same rating rule and nothing else… DIBS ON US30!

Drifting a bit away from TP 52(sorry andrew)…
years ago I paid $350.00us for a book with contains most every hull lines of all defenders and contenders of the cup.Owned also a 72" set of molds to Courageous but the stern section was far too narrow.

I would build a 1/10 12 from those plans…

would you send me the lines for Freedom?

Not sure who owns these drawings…designer or person who drew(re-drew)them. Any lawyer’s here?

i am trying to remember what the story on that is… i know someone who knows all about that kinda stuff… let me get back to you…:zbeer:

Francois Chevalier and Jacques Taglang from Paris are the two who put this book together.I have book number: 0958 signed by the author’s. Tried to find them on the webb but as yet could not. Stated inside the cover it said: no photo copying or duplication without permission. If anyone can get ahold of them and give us permission,then I will provide these…DD