things to work on

please post the areas to check or to work on.

here are the one I know of.

-last post first

What are the “points”

Can I trade them in for airpoints!!!

thought I tried to explain that already…it seems, the more active your are on the forum the more points you get…but why and how to use them…no idea!

Oh, well the more you have, the cooler you are! :twisted: :twisted:

On (some) other boards - depending on the topics discussed and who is hosting, points are awarded based on the type of post. Original questions, responses, photos, informational file uploads, and so forth. Some allow the person asking the question to rate the responses - awarding points for best answer, and sub-points for next two or three good and supportive answers. As participants, points are also awarded for discussion board participation. Points earned may be simply status/ego points - or they may actually allow “special posts” to be made, or in some cases, monetary or physical hard goods rewards such as T-shirts, sunglasses, hats, or even software or sailing related merchandise.

Many times if a board is run by a sponsor - AMYA for instance - they can set a certain point level, wherein a participaant on the discussion board wins (!!) a free year’s membership, or, racing rules book, set of boat plans, or similar. In this case, it is to the benefit of the board owner to encourage participation - and maybe even seek sponsors. At the end of the year, a poll can be taken and the most important topic posted/and poster are awarded a donated set of sails, or similar.

Imagine if this board were sponsored by AMYA, and they switched to an on-line Model Yachting Publication. Those submitting more than say (random) 10 articles of 500 words or more which included at least 5 photos, could gain points to be elegible for a year’s free membership. Just think of the possible participants - all submitting quality articles to save themselves $25.00 - and the BIG winner is AMYA and paid subscriber members who get some really great sailing articles and photos. How about free WEST System (as a sponsor) for best technical article posted on using their epoxy products, or similar type of “winnings” from those who sponsor the board? Just image - you might even have a chance to win one of those new one-design, canting keel models if there was a sponsor so inclined. :mrgreen:

Something that Chad could investigate with possible sponsors to help pay for the board and it’s use. That is how some boards use their point systems. This particular board has no information or FAQ’s regarding the points and how they can be used. Perhaps it is left up to Chad? Just some info on how other discussion boards use their awarded points. Sure improves participation - which is the whole reason these are here - for “discussion” - two-way and not just for “vacuum cleaners” (or “lurkers”) to suck off the ideas and information and not bother to leave ideas and help topics of their own for others. :!:

Hope this helps explain “what” they could be used for if someone really wanted to promote discussion instead of just waiting for it to happen.

I did some researches,

Amount of Points awarded to the referring user : 50
Points Per Reply: 2
Points Per New Topic: 5
Points Per Page View: 1

Wis - I turn off the Topic Watch feature, and when I log back on the next time it is on again. I changed in profile view - but then must change on each topic it seems. Can DO NOT WATCH be made as a default?

ADDED: In fact the changes made to the Personal Profile are not retained!

hmm try to delete the cookies in your temp IE folder, especially the one from this site

I guess, I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the features of this new forum. :shock: Is there something similar like the old active topics link? That shows you just the topics that were active since your last logon?

yes :twisted: :twisted:

located at the top, called:

“View post since last visit (1)”

and the right side, you have something called : “Recent Discussions”

hope it helps

In anyone else having problems displaying the memberlist? It seems to start to load, then goes blank. Yes - I am logged in when trying to read it.

this needs working on this post is being made by guest not a member and not logged on
to post on a forum should need to be member

it somehow doesn’t work…

this needs working on this post is being made by guest not a member and not logged on
to post on a forum should need to be member

will be disabled in a near future

Hi Wis,

Either the search doesn’t work correctly or some threads got lost in the transfer. I did a search on “Ackerman(n)” since we had a thread about this some months ago, but it doesn’t show up. I also tested 2 other threads which don’t show up.

I am not concerned about those particular threads, I just like the idea of a knowledge base that has grown over years. Wouldn’t like to see that disappear. :?


sorry…cant answer, Chad did all the transfer…

Thanx, Wis. np


One Thread I know of was about “Ackerman”
The other was “Would this work”
I also know there were at least 2 threads that “Team Philips” was mentioned in.
None of them shows up when doing a search. Maybe I am searching wrong?



I get a missing image icon for the “Go to last post” Buttons on the main page.

hmmm that’s weird…

heres what I see:

and here is what Funnybones sees…it seems you were right…something is missing:

Mine looks like Funnybones, too.

I like fuunybones as well!!!

Sorry my icons are missing.

There’s no way a kiwi is the same as ocker.

By the way what happened in Perth over the weekend?

Ok Should be fixed now…