The "T-Rig" is Coming for Footys

Created by Frank “Thorley” (aka ffastffrank) while developing Footys in Tanglewood, Sebring, FL. The “T-Rig” has many advantages over the currently popular Z wire Rig or “Z-Rig”. Does this mean the end of the “Z-Rig”? Many of us at the Tanglewood MYC believe so and are busy building them to replace our old rigs.

The “T-Rig” will first be exposed outside of Tanglewood at the final event of Florida Footy Festival 4 on Saturday, Feburary 20th with racing starting at 12:30 PM. FFF4 details can be found at

If you are interested in using the “T-Rig” at the Nationals in March, show up at Tanglewood to see this newest of rigs. Stay tuned.

MMMMMM. A cup of tea and sailing a Footy.

Just kidding. Does it auto de-power aswell? Thinking of something for a multi-hull vessel.

Is that like the wings of a biplane with a “T” holding bolth wings up? that would work well with taller skinnier “wings” .

Does anyone have a drawing or pictures to depict what it looks like?

Our plan is to expose it at our FFF4 event on the 20th to hype it a little & create interest. The “T” is sort of a hint & a cup it isn"t. Next guess.

Aw, ffrankie, now you’re teasing! Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Not likely. What is biggest problem with Z-Rig? With 20 questions, we may expose it b4 regatta.

T rig.

a sloop rig with a mast head crane 12" long…:slight_smile:

Nope, 18 Q’s to go.

Twenty querstions, huh?

Where is the preferred mast mounting location of such a rig in relation to the center or gravity of the craft?


[li]Is it symetrical?[/li][li]Is it balanced?[/li][li]One or two masts?[/li][li]Is the mast raked?[/li][li]Where does the COP and COE reside with respect to the pivot point?[/li][li]What sail configuration works best for the “t” rig?[/li][li]How high is the COE off the deck?[/li][li]Does the COE stay centered on the hull centerline during a down wind run?[/li][li]Is a boom vang required?[/li][li]Is a larger sail servo required?[/li][li]Are the sail foils made from stiff materail or sailcloth?[/li][li]How many CF rods are used in its contruction?[/li][li]Is a mast crane required for tuning?[/li][li]Is the “t” wire or carbon?[/li][li]Can the “t” rig be inexpensive to produce?[/li][li]Does the “t” rig work well with all sail sizes?[/li][li]How far aft is the COP from the pivot?[/li][li]Can the position of the COP be adjusted on the rig or is mutiple mast steps required?[/li][li]There you go Frank! 20 questions about the “t” rig…What does it look like???[/li][/ol]

I guess I think more in terms of balancing out the location of the center of pressure. That seems difficult with the “Z-Rig”, but is simple with the "T-Rig…

I think I need more latitude to answer all these questions. Charles, why not come to Sebring & race your new Cat with us & see 4 yourself. Also a good venue for testing b4 the NCR.

Frank I can not make it before the NCR. My weekends are packed! I wish I could!!

Where is my Schematic or pictures Frank???

In talking to some of the Florida skippers, maybe we should wait for NCR for disclosure. This might give us an advantage. And then, maybe not.

Someone else sent me detailed pictures… You have a weird invention!!!

Butch tells me he expects to see about 14 Skippers show up in Sebring, so there should be more than your photo soon unless they all think it may be better to hold a secret till after the NCR.

Those of us in the frozen North have been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the T-Rig. The suspense is becoming unbearable. Did you sail it today? How did it perform? What is it? Please elucidate.

Hi Walt

Yes. we did sail it in the company of “Sharks”, Butch Braggs most winning design in this season’s running of the Florida Footy Festival. I had it on my FF-2 Goldfoot (007) & finnished between 2 Sharks. 1 point behind 1st place Butch with a monster sail & 1 point in front of a 3rd place Shark. 15 Footys competed in very light winds & we will be posting the FFF-4.4 results on our site shortly.

So I am happy with the performance of the “T” and got a lot of great feedback from attending skippers who are going back to their work benches to craft their own now.

We discussed the Nationals coming in a few weeks & decided it may help a gator (Michigator in my case) to win the Cup this year if we waited for the NCR to expose the design. So please be patient for another few weeks.