SLR 1200 1:10 Scaled Racing Yacht

I’ve just released some photo’s of my SLR 1200, which currently is under going a facelift (Paintjob) sorry the non-skid looks ratty.

I’ve built a number of these boats in varying spec’s however “Wildcard” is the original and carries a full launch and retrieval system for a Mast head or 3/4 Assymetric Spinnaker.

The design lept of the page and into reality in the mid 90’s, however the design has enjoyed the technological advances in the years since , and the 1200 is no more a startling design now as it was in the mid nineties when I designed it.

Enjoy the Pic’s.

Some more.

The heart and sole of the SLR 1200, the Spinnaker System.


very impressive!

Looks excellent. Its really good to see a boat built just because the owner wanted it. Not built to rules, or cost, or any other reason other than its cool.

Great job

Is this a class or just a designation the owner gave his boat. Very cool idea, I live by the Chesapeake bay and would love a larger boat designed to handle rougher water and higher winds. Wasn’t able to track down anything about a class or the designer of the boat.

“Widcard” has had a pretty dramatic facelift since I last posted the original pic’s.

There isn’t a Class at the moment however I based my design and others that I’ve built on a Scale rather than design or class parameters.

Millrtime, Being 1:10 scale, the 1200 is a “Big” boat and was designed specifically for open waters and longer course Racing. Unfortunately I’m it as far as info goes, however I have built a few now.

Tranth, When I first built “Wildcard” there wasn’t the design choice that there is today. I wanted to build a boat that I’d possibly see each weekend out on the water owned by average people with average jobs etc…

The designs that were available restricted you to class Racing and as a creative person and one who enjoys the making “Big” things "Small, that style of Racing wasn’t for me.

Being moulded, the base structures for the boats are relatively simple and relatively cheap, however as a “Big” boat costs can climb obviously depending on what fittings and equipment one uses.

I wanted a boat that was pleasing to the eye, and most importantly sail well. I’m pretty happy with the result and I believe I’ve I achieved what I set out to do in both.

A few more development Pic’s.

Here we have some sailing pic’s, where although the wind didn’t assist us with anything consistant in either strength or direction, I rigged the boat with its storm sails, needless to say we were either really under powered or on occassion over powered with some of the strong gusts.

Enjoy all the same.

Just waiting for a day that is less than 25knots to have a decent sail.

(Skipper for the day Yachtie2k4)

Drooooool, I need to get on things so I can get my TP52 rolling. Trying to iron out a true to life resembling design as we speak.

millertme i want to see this tp52! this sounds cool!

It should be. Basically the same idea as the SLR 1200. It is going to be a 1’=1" scale boat based around a generic Farr TP 52 design. Unfortunately at this point in the game I can’t post any pics of my starting point or progress becuase it is still basically copyrighted by Farr as I am not far enough along to call it my own. Once I cross the line I will let you guys know how it is going.

If you’re making decent sized full-size lookalikes, why not allow moveable ballast to make up for thelack of crew weight? Not a canting keel, just a track with ballast inside the hull?

I have 2 carbon hulls here,
1.10 scale recheil pugh (spelling) marten 49,s
They are over 1.5metres long and about 350mm wide.
I estimate displacment at about 12kgs

I bought them cheap on an auction site,they have been vac bagged in a female mould built by marten yachts themselves.

would make awesome r/c models.

Lookin good HCW!!

I figure I will take baby steps. I want to perfect (or at least hone) my hull building skills before I go through all the work to create any type of moveable ballast. It is def. on my list of to do things and as long as the real world doesn’t interupt, maybe I will get to them this decade. You know how it goes.


Check out the TP52 Dean is building at goto page 9, then click on “T”.

Scale Model Co. also make miniature Harken deck hardwear for the ultimate in scaled precision, very nice stuff.

Sounds like a plan there Brett, absolute classic being 1 : 10 scale, as my son brought out his Star Trekkers and you guessed it they look right at home as rail meat.

Not too sure about having a Klingon as skipper though.

I’d think there could be a sensational Class with the 1 : 10 boats, with handicapping Racing it could be as good as the real thing, and cost is only dependant on what size boat you want to build.

Dead link for me HCW

Try the link above now Dick. also has a TP52-esque model under development but I can’t seem to find out what scale it is. Very nice looking boat though.