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Earl -

(1) I can give it a try. Within Adobe Acrobat, you can “export” a PDF file to JPEG. If you want to send it to me - I sure will give it a try. I thought Chad had indicated a PDF could beloaded to the “files” section of the forum. Will need to go back and take a look.

(2) If I can convert - to whom does it go?

(3) Is the vintage group - really about “vintage” craft - or can “newer but semi/scale scale” be part of the group? ie: any age limits or design parameters?

Thanks, Dick I will PM you my email address.

Dick, methnks there is more to the post you say I stomped on because I think the idea of exact scale boats with allowed external ballast is a good one.
I’m curious to know what classes if any are in the Vintage model group and are they in the business of "recognizing " scale classes?
Can you shed any light on that Earl?

Doug Lord
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I?m part of an association in Germany where we sail races with scales boats, by calculated Time.

maybe you have a look om uor homepage

for the plans of the open 60 footer Kingfisher, have a look on my homepage

I also like the idea of a scale boat contest/class. It may be difficult to get participation since most people probably aren’t in a club where enough people want to buid scale to hold racing. It would also be difficult to hold a race if all boats were say 50" long as the class cutoff. A 50" Mumm30 may be a lot faster then a 50" scale schooner. The contest should rate the appearance more then the racing. I think this would be an interesting thing.

The Victor Mary J Ward also has a seperate keel for sailing that is removable for display.

Since my Roobbe Atlantis is registered in the open class, I’ve already threatened Doug with a race. Tactics? Distract him long enough to pin his foiler against the bank of the pond with my 45-pounder :slight_smile: Simple.

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

The Edina Model Yacht Club has a group of scale boaters that have an annual parade of boats on their pond. Over the years, most of the scale modellers have given up on sail boats and focused primarily on power boats (chris crafts, tugboats, etc). But there are still a few sailboats in the bunch. They also display their boats on shore at various events including a trip to Chicago for the Chicago Boat Show (the big one for full sized boats).

As far as racing scale boats, seems like several groups out there are already doing this with quite a bit of success. A group on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay (Maryland) races scale models of the Skipjack boats that used to harvest Oysters from the bay: While those “workboats” are not high performance machines, they seem to have fun…

  • Will

Will Gorgen

Odds and Ends:

  1. Our scale schooner rules are on our website,

  2. Our Traditional Watercraft Coordinator is John Atwood,

  3. Remember that boats designed to the Universal Rule (like the J’s) are supposed to be tender. They rely on heel and squatting to increase their sailing length over the measured LWL. The ideal design rolls right over to near rail down and stays there.

  4. For the Yankee III book, I have reconstituted (as best I can) the J Class rating rules as of the 1937 America’s Cup. Anybody wanting a copy to “free lance” their own J design can email me:



<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by Earl Boebert

The double-headed rig is simplified by stiff battens than run from the tack of each foresail at right angles to the luff/stay. For a small (36" LOA) boat 1/4" x .030 works fine.

This allows the sheets to run any which way. Sort of like a wishbone rig with the wishbone inside the sail. Simple, and it works.

<font color=“red”>This BBS won’t let me upload a PDF file with the drawing, so somebody is going have to tell me how to get it to the young man</font id=“red”>.



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Earl - here is the Adobe graphic in JPG format. Hopefully most of the lines show OK and the reader can get an idea of the description along with a view! Glad to be able to help - still not sure what happened to the “export” view - never saw that before.

Regards, and thank you for sharing your ideas with the rest of us.


Download Attachment: [ sm2headsail.jpg]( lemke/200422165530_sm2headsail.jpg)

John - <font size=“3”>THAT</font id=“size3”> will teach you for trying to “personally attack” me on this forum! [:D]

Actually, I suppose I could have called “someone” a liar - but I DO like your phrasing much better ! [8D]

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Chad or an “assistant” removed DanShermans so called “poll” tonight and may have removed Dicks colorfull description of his own comments as well. Or maybe Dick got religion an realized the error of his ways, ya think? Nah…

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John, are you kidding??!! Ha! Man, if I had zee power there would be some big changes. I have no idea whether or not Chad has an assistant but I HOPE he does. If the personal attacks could be stopped this place would be a lot more fun for everybody!

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These past few posts are the weirdest, most bizarre I have ever read!
I’ve been called many things but this is ridiculous…

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have to have the last word on every thread don’t you Doug.


this is gone too far
doug said this, and dick said that, and what greg v realy meant was this. and now you are going to start in on chad?
why is he not doing this. why has SOMEBODY done that.
jesus christ children. remmber we pay nothing to use this board, NOTHING, and we have met some good people here. i feel that what was said about chad was entirely WORNG.
this was a good board. and if i knew enough about computers i would voulenter to be a moderator. but i do not. i have had people can me names. and i was big enough to overlook it. people i have come to respect i apologize too. IF i am wrong. Chad has set this board up for the exchange of information, and it has broken down into insults. I happen to like what chad has done. and if he is away on a vaction, then so be it.
forget it. anything i say will fall on deaf ears

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anything i say will fall on deaf ears
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Unfortunately Cougar - if it isn’t deaf ears - it will be no ears - as it will soon be DOug’s board !

And as of 10:15 AM Central Time (U.S.) 02/09/2004, the post regarding the “Bullshit” comment is still there and avialable. It is the 16th. post down, on Page 1 of the thread.

It rebukes Doug’s erroneous comment about the scale size of a Mini40 from France. It (mathematically) is shown that the scale size of the mast Doug insisted was not scale, is indeed the scale of the average size mast on the Open 60’s.

For those who can’t find it - refresh the site, and be sure you are looking at Page #1 of the thread.

you and i have become friends.(i hope) . but why did you have to quote me exactly? . there is nothing i say here. that i dont stand up and account for. if i am wrong i say it. if it becomes a dougs forum i will visted rarely, as sure a most of us will. but it will fall apart. and we will have to look somewhere else for information. lets fix the problem and stay here.
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Cougar - I posted the part of your quote, that I wanted to reply (and agree) to - nothing more.

As to fixing the problem - I really doubt it is possible, since we have an administrator who doesn’t/won’t respond to both personal and posted questions about his board’s ettiquette; We have a moderator who made changes without asking the original person posting to make their own changes; We have a “Spaminator” on the board who feels he must answer every post - and post the same/similar things in multiple threads, which he is responsible in many instances of creating on his own and who cries “foul” whenever he is asked pointed questions he cannot answer. I made several of those questions - and one can easily review and see there has been no reply.

Maybe the only way to end this process is for us to simply stop posting, and let the patients run the asylum.