Safran Open 60

Here is my new built Safran Open 60, winner of 2009 Vendee Globe skipper by Marc Guillemot.
My objective is to build a light weight boat for big winds and surfing downwind (and maybe upwind too)
Model is 49"(1250mm) and 4kg displacement(vs 2.8kg if the boat is to scale)

Now THIS will be a fun project to watch as it is built and fitted out.



Excellent Start !


hi kingplank,

this is just beauty !

I’m also building an open 60, and also decided to chose SAFRAN 2007’ which as been IMOCA world champion 2009 (Michel Desjoyeaux should be angry…). But 1:20 scale, trying to keep the displacement at 1,975 kg.
I’m interested in how you found the drawings. Have you drawn it yourself ? I found mine in a sailing magazine and printed it to scale…
In order to get a bigger displacement, did you modify the shape or just raise the water line ?

I’m impatient to see the next steps of your building.


hi Paulin,

It took me a long time to draw the plans for the Safran. With the aid of many photos available in the net and also the designer Guillaume Verdier posted some documents on his website which helped to draw the boat
Started drawing from reading the Open 60 rules book first.
Several photos attached here help me to determine the correct shape of the boat; as I mentioned, I found the chime location very critical.
I increased the displacement by adding volume to the middle, around the keel area, an keeping it smooth. The water line . bow, and transom are kept to as near scale as possible.
I wanted to build a boat close to a popular scale so I can purchase parts if necessary; and decided on the Marblehead size. This is my third try in building this type of boat; ( Ibuilt many classic RC yachts before)
I am now cleaning up the adhesive and fiberglass the inside.
Gerald aka kingplank

It took me over 7 hours to fiberglass the inside of the boat.
It is essential because the inside will get wet and since I have to coat it anyways , a layer of fiberglass will strengthen and stiffen the hull over 2 times.


hi Gerald,

Are you going to keep the wood structure as part of the boat, or as mould ?


Hi Paulin,

Yes I will keep the wood frames, that is why they are so thin.UI am going to “Dremel” them some more.
My last boat was built without the frames and the balsa is so flexible that I had to dadd frames later.
It was very difficult to do and the outside of the hull became un-smooth


Added bowsprit carbon tubes, sort of looks like torpedo tubes, keel box reinforcements; mast step support.

Also added coach roof opening lip


Build lead casting molds. Bulb developed with Bulb Calculator; made bread and butter style with plywood.
I tried using Hydocal for casting; but not able to use it. Ended up using Sinko drywall mud; like I did last boat.

Filled in transom, and partially decked. Finished removable coach house mounting lip


Hi Gerald,
One way to make a safe mould, is to use the Slicone compound typr RTV 139.
A description was made under AC33 discussion :
and also described in : .
The PDF file here below.

Is this boat going to have a canting keel fitted?

it is going to be fixed keel to make things very light and simple.

Other news:
Removable coach house built, giving ample access to the workings inside.


Beautiful work, congratulations !!!

Update: Deck and hull painted, oversized rudders added; servo mounts annded
Rudders look way too big. May have to cut them down later

The Safran is launched, tested in big winds and big waves, just like the real thing in the Southern oceans.

She is planing on all points of sail, so I am very happy about that


Nice. She really moves fast.

I like the one, with the close up of the Starboard side, as it goes by.

Looks great. To bad you did not put a canting keel in, maybe next one. Where is the small lake you sailed at.

New videos

Hi Gerald,

here i am on my “Safran” 1:20 building.I have to connect both rudders together and to the servo… Problem is that i had to put the servo in central position in the boat. would you have any idea ?

I saw the videos of your open 60 : It looks very fast even if the sail plan seems to be quite small ! I would be very interested in getting more info on your construction ( mast height, sail area, fin lenght…)