These little guys (65cm) have been around a while and seem to be growing well in non English speaking countries.
They are essentially 1/2 size M class boats,though many seem to be built in the IOM style…
Are we seeing the emergence of the next “new” International class??
International racing seems to be shifting to smaller boats over time.
A class then 10rater and M…IOM came in and is now the biggest International class…Will RG65 be the New IOM?

Yes, it seems like that. Check this site out Brett:


I have been thinking of cooking one up, and have been scowering the web for plans. Might try to concoct a design aswell. You?

i’m building one myself, the plug will be finished within the next day or two.

if you haven’t seen this site, it has enough plans to satisfy anyone: http://rg65.free.fr/

http://rg65.free.fr/, that’s great!!!



Could someone please post a link to the RG 65 rating rule, preferably in english? :graduate:

Thank you.


An “interesting” class, nice size, non-plastic, and with with few design restrictions - I’m kinda intrigued . Hope it doesn’t turn into another “Carbon Fiber Playground”. :cool:

anyone in US thinking of playing?

Well there isn’t much to stop that…so of course it will.
Is that a problem at this size?

“Carbon Fiber Playground”
In the ones that I saw, the balsa builders were achieving lighter boats than the carbon ones. Not sure if that is true with the entire RG65 community.


Only the minimum orders for carbon up this way. Darn government is “sucking” up a lot of the inventory - so why sell to a hobbyist when you can direct entire production toward government needs?

I do like the idea of a balsa limit (probably not feasible this late in the game). And before you begin - yes I love development - but for ideas and theories - not for open ended building budgets.

A personal view. :wink:

yeah great idea…I wonder how much Sails etc or similar supplier will charge for a balsa planked RG65? my bet is it will be much more expensive than a moulded one!!
Fact is these days many want to sail not build…balsa limit would be counterproductive,the labour cost of building models is way higher than materials.


Just thought I would share this… I have been slowly building RG65 size yacht (in NZ)… The size means that everything has been able to be done with left over bits and pieces / offcuts stuff lying around home etc. Best thing is that if it is a total disaster - (1st crack at designing a hull - so not holding my breath) it hasn’t really cost me much at all. If it is OK will build another one so my Dad and I can muck around with them.

Went with the cabin as was aiming for something that looked similar to full size yachts.


Good one mate!
what part of the country are you in?

In Auckland.

Yes I would agree with Brett.
At 645mm long any hull material is not going to be the major expense.
The fact that there are no restrictions on any material also means that there are so many avenues open for off the wall construction methods.
How about scrap “Kledgecell” foam from your local boat builder?
Or block foam shaped and glassed and left in side, appeals as a method for a one off.
Would a McRig (with suitably beefed Z bend material ) work on such a bigger rig?
Lot`s of questions to keep the brain stimulated during those lazy days of Christmas. :devil3:

Like any open and competitive class of radio yacht it will develop into a dollar deal but only for those who want to and let it.
The good thing is that at this size it is manageable and only those who are serious about being at the top of the heap need to go silly and any way what else are you going to spend your “disposable income” on? :lol:

Well - fast cars and loose women come to mind immediately. But then, if based on “my” disposable income as being a measure … A 10 speed bicycle and an old lady from the nursing home are probably more than likely. :stuck_out_tongue:

i finished my plug today, now i just need to wait for the local marine store to open up so i can get more fiberglass.

as for materials, i am eventually going the route of kevlar with carbon tows for stiffening the hull. hopefully it will result in a light and stiff hull. I found some inexpensive kevlar and carbon tows of ebay.

these boats really remind me the RC 44 (light disp. etc) http://www.rc44.com/en/gallery/index.php?idIndex=44
my next rg65 is going to look like an rc44

The file’s too big to attach here, but on the MYA forum, http://www.mya-uk-forum.org.uk/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?354.40
on page 5 of the thread is my translation. There was a slight whoops when I translated the term “landas” as spreaders instead of shroud atachments/chainplates:dunce:, but otherwise it’s OK. Basically it’s max 65 cm OAL including bumper and 2,250 sq. cm sail area.
On http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8530308&postcount=16 There’s a photo of my half finished “Palo de Agua” with a modified carbon fibre McCormack rig.

Thanks Martin and Brett.
I now have a copy of the rule to study.
The other craft that appeals to me for a small model is the “Micro Magic” does anyone here have thoughts on the MM? Perhaps a separate thread would ensure that this one is not hijacked. :devil3:

Answers on the new thread please. :confused:

So many cool RG65 Plans.
I would love to build an actual RG65 if other English speaking folks are up to it and willing to start a English based Yahoo user group. I have been toying with the user group idea for a while now. If your interested let me know and I will get one up tonight. I can do a new Beta Version example:
or the standard yahoo group:

In the meantime, speaking of smaller boats, I started building a 19 7/8 inch version of the RG65 Palo De Agua for the M505 class. It will be ready for molding within the next month.