Rg65 nats 2011

Hey folks,

After some discussion The Northern VA MYC http://www.nvmyc.com/Northern_Virginia_Model_Yachting/Welcome.html is proud to announce that we will no longer be hosting the Region 3 Championships.

The Event has been changed to Nationals.
August 19, 20, 21

I have attached an updated NOR

I hope to have a Host Hotel Secured in the next seven days…

Sounds Awesome! Hope there is a big turnout…


What is the best airport for those flying in? I am looking to see if it might fit into my schedule. I have star nats the next month and then the Rio Grande cup in November, so boat vacation is a bit tight.


I wanted to thank you and your club for hosting the Nationals this year. I am sure it will be a great event, and it is one that I plan to enter very soon.

It looks like IAD (Dulles) is only 3 miles from the regatta site, and Reagan and Baltimore are within 30 and 60 minutes driving time. Options are good!

I would stick with dulles.

but if you are a sadist, then Reagan National, or BWI might be more your style…

Living here with 3 airports gives many options on carriers and price. same with coming in from outside.
Depending on time of day (rush hour) factors in on the decision a lot.
BWI would be the greatest distance from the Regatta site, but is all highway and pretty easy.
National is doable but can be a more difficult drive as the most direct route turns HOV at times and not an option for a single driver.
Dulles would make the most sense if you can get there from your city at a reasonable price and convenient (non stop) flight.
Hope this helps.

OK folks

When you call the host hotel…And you must call, to get the rate.

Homestead Studio Suites Washington, D.C. - Reston
12190 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA (703) 707-9700 () ‎

Use the Code NCR and My name Marc Smith.

you will then provide them with a credit card and your information…

49.99 queen, 59.99 double. plus local taxes.

FYI I will be out of town and away from email from July 6 to July 21

so If you have any questions ask them early or shout out to Craig Huzway.


In case you didn’t know or forgot here is the NOR again and a pic of 8 of us locals in training.
If you are thinking of attending please let me and or Marc know.
Time is getting short and there is a lot of planning left to do.
Did I mention the Prizes and giveaways !! More on that later.
When you sign up… The shirts look Great!
Come on get your name on the list !
Thanks Craig

nice to see 3 round rangers in the front…too bad i wasn’t there or it would have been 4…

OK Guys

Register early. we need to place the t shirt order in one week…and I don’t plan on having extra shirts laying around.

so far we have the following paid

Jim Kammel,
Bill Hagerup
Eric Rosenbaum
Ron Lange
Scott Allen
Jim Linville
Walter house

I know Scott Spacie is coming, Brian (vision sails)???, Craig Huzway?, Robert Suydam??, Any other guys from Richmond???, Maryland???

Heck if we only have 10 sailors, I might sail AND RD…in which case I guarantee I’ll never be over early…

Come on Folks, This is Nationals…Don’t make all the hardwork we have done to pull this together go to waste…


Add Donald barker to the list

Jim Kammel
Bill Hagerup
Eric Rosenbaum
Ron Lange
Jim Linville
Walter House
Robert Suydan
Don Barker
Scott Allen
Scott Spacie
Craig Huzway
Greg Sunshine
John Amoroso

Still waiting on a few others…I have some promises, but no money…so with the promisses we are up to 16 boats.

Getting close to having to split the fleet…Which gives me mixed emotions…I wanted people, but also lots of races…

Keep em coming folks.

those of you that are registered and paid you will soon be getting some correspondence from me, included will be some maps, diagrams, ect… Hotel location, pond, normal course setups, ect…



I just got an email confirmation from Mr. Hans Genthe of StockMaritime.

They will be donating a hull and deck to the 2011 RG65 NCR raffle.


Woo Hoo…


Nice job Mark. Eric should send a thankyou on whatever letterhead he has been using for the RG-65 COA on behalf of the organization - and maybe ask the supplier if he has any posters he wants put up at the sialing site in recognition of his donation.

Just suggestions for what they are worth.

He does want pictures from the event when we do the give-away so he can post on his web site. I did purchase a few things from them so its not a total shipping loss for them…

All donators will get thank you’s. I’ve been neck deep in getting donations for the Leukemia Cup regatta so I know the routine.

Another RR done and ready to race! Looking forward to the Nats!

looks good gregg, looking forward to seeing you…

Eric Shipped a couple bulbs for the raffle. which I got today.

I’m looking forward to when eric ships his boat to me. I figure I could use it as a raffle prize as well…

Wait just one minute!
Maybe I should go back to the carry-on idea instead.

See you in a week or so.


2011 rg65 NCR
August 20, 21 2011
Northern Va Model Yacht Club
Lake Anne, Reston, VA
16 Skippers
Wind SSW 2-10mph each day
26 Races, Single Fleet
Scoring Low point
RD Marc Smith
Scoring Chris Peneck

The 2011 RG65 National Championship Regatta started bright and early
Saturday with 16 Skippers in a wide variety of hulls and rigs descending
on Lake Anne in Reston Virginia, home waters of the Northern Virginia
Model Yacht Club. Marc Smith called the skippers together at 9:30 to
give a brief description of today’s windward (some of the time) leeward
(once in a while) course with an offset mark to windward and a gate to
leeward. After answering a few questions, the intrepid skippers took to
the water. In typical Lake Anne fashion, the day started light and
variable, but the course allowed the skippers to spread out, ensuring
there would only be one fleet for the duration of the regatta. The
choice of a gate at the leeward mark gave skippers plenty of opportunity
to “pick their poison.” Paying close attention to the shifts, and
picking the correct leeward mark could make or break you today. With 3
leg races, the fleet completed 5 races before lunch. Eric and Lech were
establishing an early lead, dominating, the fleet but competing with one
another for first place. After lunch, we attempted to have several
windward start races, but no sooner did the timer start, then the wind
would shift. The fleet took this in stride, and continued to complete
17 races the first day of racing.

Saturday wrapped up with dinner and beverages at Marc’s House. He and
His wife opened up their house to the gang. With the last skippers
leaving around 10:30. With plenty of food, and lots of table top racing
and stories.

Racing on Sunday started at 9am with the skippers meeting. The course
had been lengthened by an extra 50 feet or so. The winds filled in early
with a nice consistent direction out of the south. The speed fluctuated
from 2-10 which made for some exciting starts and mark rounding when the
wind picked up. We were never without wind. Another A rig day.

9 races were completed 6 before lunch 3 after. For a total of 26
races. Wrapping up at 1pm per the SI, and foreboding weather

Races were averaging about 15 minutes from start to last skipper
finishing. Over the entire race weekend only one five minute hold was
called. Bill Hagerup had to change boats early on Saturday as a result
of a catastrophic failure in his unique winged depron hull. He changed
out to a chined razor, and John Amoroso had to withdraw with 5 races to
go as a result of rudder and servo problems.

I feel that the quality of builds and light winds resulted in the low
incidence of failures over the weekend.

I’d like to thank Eric (E R/C), for the donation of Sails, and Lead
bulbs, Brian (Vision) for the donation of two suits of sails, Marc
(Vineyard Model Yachts) for the Sail donation, Stock Maritime for the
donation of a carbon fiber hull/deck, and Craig Huzway for the donation
of two hulls, two bulbs, and the custom made trophies.

26 races were sailed, with 3 throw-outs.

I’d like to congratulate Eric Rosenbaum, 2011 RG65 National Champion.

Place Points Skipper

1 40 Eric Rosenbaum
2 42 Lech Arciszewski
3 63 Ron Lange
4 105 Gregg Sunshine
5 127 Jim Linville
6 139 Jim Kammel
7 159 Don Barker
8 176 Walter House
9 178 Rob Suydam
10 211 Scott Allen
11 229 Craig Huzway
12 261 Bill Hagerup
13 284 Richard Navickas
14 308 John Amoroso
15 310 Red Fehrle
16 316 Sue Humphrey

Thanks all to some great sailing and fun times.

Marc Smith
RD 2011 NCR