Rg65 nats 2011

I know the questions will asked, who sailed what…
upon registering hull type, rig type and weight were recorded.

1 40 Eric Rosenbaum Blue Splash, Swing 1080 g
2 42 Lech Arciszewski Lech #1, Swing, 1370g
3 63 Ron Lange Huzway Ranger, Una, 940g
4 105 Gregg Sunshine Huzway Ranger, Swing, 940g
5 127 Jim Linville ABQ65, Una, 920g
6 139 Jim Kammel Huzway ranger, Sloop, 1045g
7 159 Don Barker Huzway ranger, Sloop, 875g
8 176 Walter House Viper Fish, Sloop, 1060g
9 178 Rob Suydam Blue Splash, Sloop, 1060g
10 211 Scott Allen Sympatico, Sloop, 1125g
11 229 Craig Huzway Huzway Ranger, Una, 885g
12 261 Bill Hagerup ZP1, Una, 555g
13 284 Richard Navickas Jiff, Sloop, 1075g
14 308 John Amoroso Mini Tux 2, Sloop, 1125
15 310 Red Fehrle Scimitara, Sloop, 925g
16 316 Sue Humphrey Huzway Ranger, Swing, 860g

Just some very amateur videos


too many pic to post, but they are all on the RG65 Yahoo site under 2011 NCR about 250 pics…

if you see a pic and you want a Hi qual version. let me know…