Regatta in Raleigh

I’m in the early stages of planning but wanted to get the word out. Right now, Oct 7th or 14th look like a good time to have some racing. I need to coordinate with the lake management and check for competing events, NCSU football should be away those weekends.

So who thinks they can make it?

See for here directions and info about our club. The NOR will be posted after I firm up the date.

My health and morale seem to be improving rapidly. I’d love to come if at all possible. What’s the berst way to ghet there? Via NYC, Atlanta?

I should be up for it on either of those dates, only about 8hrs away, mostly I95. Are you sailing on Lake Raleigh ? If so I’ll have to learn how to sail a Footy in open water, that’s a big lake. For Angus I would think either into Atlanta or Washington DC then connecting flight to Charlotte/Durham or drive maybe 5 hours? Paul …correction according to Yahoo Atlanta 6hrs 23min, Washington 8hrs.

How soon are you likely to firm up dates. Using some slightly lateral thinking, there is now a ‘not many frills’ route between Liverpool and JFK amd the train NY Penn to Greensboro is astonishingly cheap - if I book pretty soon.

I’ll start asking today and maybe have the date picked by the end of the week. My only real concern about rushing this week, most of our club officers are away. I’m still the new guy around here. I don’t want to cross someone by accident that might cause us to lose access to the lake. Anyone have a date preference? I’m not making promises but you won’t get consideration if you don’t ask. :slight_smile:

Flights to Dulles, VA or National, DC and then a quick hop to Raleigh would be my suggestion. It’s about a 6 hour drive from the DC area. If you want a train, the Carolinian on Amtrak runs from NYC to Raleigh (or Cary). Greensboro is 1.5 hours west.

Lake Johnson via Google. It looks big but we only use a small section. If you zoom in, you can see our permanent marks. We usually stand near the trees to the east of the boathouse, near that circle of sidewalk.

We have a club member that works near Lake Raleigh and is interested in trying it out for sailing. Maybe.

Bill, since Graham is planning a trip to Florida in early october I vote for 14th October. Maybe we can try to persuade him to break his journey home in Raleigh on October 14th. Paul

Ah good, sounds like a plan. I still need to hear from a few more folks at this end but I’l try for the 14th. Anyone else we should plan vacations for? How about Bill and Brett?:stuck_out_tongue:

It might be possible…I’d love to participate.

Bill H

14th sounds good to me. Hmm - all sorts of possibilities.

Yay! :smiley: The Lake Johnson management has us booked for the 14th of October. More details to follow. Prepare the fleet.:devil3:

Excellent, I should be there, Paul

NOR & SI are posted on the Footy site.

Try and let me know if you’re attending as early as possible. I’m going to hold all the checks until after we sail so there’s no danger of wasting money. If you can’t make it, I tear up the check. In exchange, I’d just like to know people’s plans.

If anyone needs motel recommendations, I’ll find out what’s around.

Let’s see if we can beat that UK crowd’s turnout and not sink any boats.:devil3:

Put me down for your first outside entry for October 14th. I’ll put a check and entry form in the mail before the weekend. A question though. I’m newly into RC sailing and comletely so when it comes to regattas, except my home club events where I sail on an ‘assigned’ channel. I don’t have multiple channels, my boats, from 3 different classes, all use the same 75 Mhz 1 channel radio, for which I have multiple receivers. I suspect that a lot of Footy sailors will be ‘in the same boat’. Do I need to go out and buy a second radio and receiver with a different channel in order to be sure I can sail ? This may sound naive, but it is a serious question. Paul.

Spare crystals for your radio are relatively inexpensive. Tower Hobbies carries most sets. $15 for AM and $21 for FM. Once you get spares, you’ll have them for all you boats.
(should I get a cut of their sales? Nah, it costs more to ship those things than they earn probably.)

Most regattas request or require 3 channels at a minimum or that you use 2.4gHz gear. I’m not going to be a tyrant about this issue but several folks showing up on the same channel without spares will slow down sailing. On the upside, I’m assigning channels as registrations come in. Without a conflict, you’re assigned your first choice of channels. You could be the first to enter and get your first choice. :graduate:

Update: I have 3 registrations and 4 others saying they’ll try to sail. It’s going to be real easy to claim an award if I don’t get more skippers.

Should we start a new thread on what Footy skippers want in a regatta? Are we missing some key ingredient that other regattas have? Besides a bigger boat.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just getting into rc sailboats but have been a boat builder for about 20 years.
I would very much like to come to your regatta. I live in Wilmington and my inlaws live up there and would like the chance to meet and pick the brains of some people who have been into it for awhile. If it’s going to happen would you please let me know when and where?
Jim Freeman

Yes, it’s going to happen. All the details can be found here. Everyone else has had all the bad luck already so we’re going to have a lovely time.

Lake Johnson in Raleigh is pretty easy to find off Avent Ferry Rd. Let me know if you’d like to sail, I have a loaner boat and someone else may bring an extra too.

Come on you guys, I know that the US is big but …

For our events i Britain, people have ben prepard to drive about 350 miles down the crowded roads of our cramped little island (60 million of us stuffed into the area of Oregon) in our funny little sub-compact cars (as small as 36 cu in) guzzling our hugely expensive gas ($10 a gallon) - and do you know, they’ve had a whale of a time and they want to come back.

Go on, show that the USA can do it too - but bigger!

Angus, you must be travelling by motorbike and sidecar if you’re talking 36 cu in, thats under 600cc, or do you have a Fiat 500, if so I’m envious. Even the current Smart ForTwo is close to 700cc. and from memories of the one I rented in the UK a few years ago, I’m not sure that I’d want to travel 350 miles in one. nor do I think that two people with luggage and two Footy’s would fit. I suspect from the Gosport photo’s that you, like me, take a travelling workshop to your away events, mine ‘fits’ nicely into my sub compact Honda Fit (Jazz) which I plan to use for the 1500 mile round trip to Raleigh on crowded I95 most of the way… Paul.

Naaaah - Citroen 2CV, Dyane, Ami 8 - all 602 cc (and stricyly speaking that’s a 3CV - a true 2CV is 425 cc)ën_2CV