Rcsailing Net Regatta Start Time

It is hard to find a time that suit all around the 48 time zones or so on this planet but wis and I meet at 1100GMT (no daylight saving) on Fridays at Wis JPN Nagano site. Password on request on msn messenger with wis or me.

Until a better time comes along, that will be fixed.

msn messenger as nicklin@hotmail.com


anyone joining tonight?

Just you and me.

set on Friday GMT +13
[SIZE=2]… as for now[/SIZE]

I guess I still don’t understand the time zones, I thought US PAcific time was GMT-11 so what is your time translated into mine.

so is 1100GMT, midnight PST?

Time in the USA

The World Clock - Time Zones

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Think I got it, so while you are enjoying your evening scotch a 10 pm I’ll be trying to awaken at 5:00 am?

well, we could put it later…but then we will have troubles with the Aussies and Kiwis

It is VERY difficult to find a suitable time for everyone…

Time to vote on this one!

We have to accept the fact that like many compromises, nobody is happy. It may not even be feasible. It may be that we will have to have twp or more divisions dependent on longitude.

Any one with some more ideas?


still nobody…nxt Friday then

any one tonight/today??

I am on MSN!!!

2nd friday alone?
every one quitting?
or just busy?
or is it me?:hypnotize

Just busy… here

I remember on Thursday night… but forget on Friday morning. I was sitting here at the machine getting started on stuff and forgot all about it.


I will not be able to participate as I am having troubles with Nadeo!..Had to format my PC and my “serial” isn’t accepted anymore…

But, if in the future more members are really willing to participate “weekly” in VSK3, I will RE-buy the game!!

Let me know, as for us, the game ISN’T 10 U$!!!

ok got vsk3 and vsk4!

Anyone today ?

I am on Msn as usual

Maybe it would help if somebody could explain a little about how to convert between GMT and the local time zones. I never made it into the service, so I’m lost on that. About all I lnow is Ohio (New York time) is GMT-5. I don’t know what the current GMT is tho. 'Spose I could look it up for myself? :blush:

So until Christmas arrives, I’ll be VSK3 un-abled. New job is 2-10pm NY time, so I might not be able to make whatever time it is any way. :verymad:

Don’t give up… I will make it back there… just have been getting hit with a lot lately. Saw a member at the annual club meeting tonight that has VSK 3 and wants to hook up as well… he races on there all the time so probably wax us that just goof with it.

TomoHawk - here is a little freebee world clocks that works for me