Prototype 50"(1270mm) yacht optimised for high winds and rough water

“Rock All Night” - Designed “outside the box” from the ground up; influenced by latest Open60 & 70 designs.

Exciting sailing videos in the southern Pacific (brought all the way from Canada) in relantless 27+ winds minutes before
wind and rain storm

Sailing in tropical paradise:

Build plans added for download

Nice work, Kingplank! She sails nice.

Nice regatta site, too! How difficult is it to get an RC boat there?

Extremel difficulty!!

First of all, took me a lot of thinking to design pack the boat into my luggage.
Now the even harder part: took 2 plane rides( 4 + 11 hours), checked thru security 3 times, got opened every time. Than 2 taxi rides, than the fast ferry ride(5 hours), than transfered to a small boat to the first location.

Stopped at 3 other islands and sailed in all places. Many thanks fto the friendly and strong locals to get the boat there safely and back

I figured as much. We spend a week in the BVI each spring and have thought of packing my IOM for the trip, but don’t think it would be worth the bother.

Of course if the Bitter End YC or Oil Nut Bay resort would schedule a regatta…

Rock All Night has finally broke thru the 5 knot speed barrier and some more.
In this run with 17 knot wind, I had finally did it right and she hit 6.3 knots!!


Fast and very stable ! congratulations !

Best compliments mr. kingplank !! very nice, BRAVO !! GINO

Thank you all for your encouragement; and for all the useful information posted on this site that makes this project a success.
Anyone wishing to build this boat please do not hesitate to contact me

Something especially for Claudio. Frame drawing of the next version of this boat

really well done from graphic point of view, I 'm allways surprised by this type of job.
My question: are the ones limited for plug making or as integrated parts of the final sailing model ?

Wow Kingplank you have hit soft spot in me for V60/70 hull design I can feel the need to build one coming on over this winter … what has changed in the updated version ? and will you be posting the frames as per your first post ? also finally what is the sail plan that you have used ?

Cheers Alan

Hi Alan, the new one has a very slight “wave piercing” bow like the latest multihulls. I am hoping that it will help when the yacht is driven hard up wind.
The other and more important change is the keel box; it is now extended up to the deck and stronger design.

Claudio, the framework will be left inside for planking with 3mm thick balsa.
The outside of the balsa will be either fiberglass or carbon.
The inside will be fiberglas for sure
The frames around the keel box is very important I found; the huge forces created by the deep keel had cracked the keel box on the last boat
so I am making that even stronger

Hey Kingplank! Nice work…I was curious as to what software you are doing the modelling on? I am currently finishing up a degree in Mechanical Design and have used a few different packages.


New beginnings: from 3D model to reality
Frames getting cut, and construction of super strong keel box

Stations erected and stem with bullet proof keel box (foreground

please excuse my ignorance,

What wood are you using for the stations and what are you guys using to cut them? I only have a jig-saw and it’s impossible to get anywhere the neatness that you show here. I have seen some relatively cheap scrolling saws available. Will that help me get that sort of precision in cutting? (with practice obviously)


Hi Andrew, I use a cheap Delta band saw with a fresh fine tooth 3/8" blade to cut the outside profile, over cut 1/32" to 1/16". Than I use a disk sander to finish offto within .002" accuracy. For the inside I use a Mikita scroll saw with a fine blade. Hand finish the notches with a file
For large pieces like the stem I have to use my jig saw, which I fitted with a fine wood/metal cutting blade. Than hand sand to finish
By the way, all the pattern drawings were double sided taped to the 3mm birch plywood
This is the part of the building which I enjoy the most. Good Luck!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Progress report-- fun part of the project