Prototype 50"(1270mm) yacht optimised for high winds and rough water

After 2 failed attempts with carbon fiber 2 years ago, I devised a new , easy and cheap way to layup and it worked perfectly.
The building jig is different from the past.

It is a pleasure to observe your progress work. I like it very much except the excessive number , in my opinion, of metal bolts for the fin box.

Construction of boat #2 update

Hi Gerald, very nice work :slight_smile:

I understood that you prevouisly made carbon hull, was this a shell or laminated to the balsa mould ?

Is it the same for #2 hull, just hard see if it is carbon or not ?

Cheers Alan

Hi Alan,
my first carbon hull was a 1400mm long V70 type cedar planked. It was not succesful because it was nearly 2kg overweight, and the carbon did not laminated well due the sharp corners.
Using the first hull as a mold, I used vacuum forming to make the second carbon hull. It was unsuccesful because I was not able to remove all the wax from inside even with strong chemicals. Nothing will adhere to the hull.
The first prototype boat on this post was made of 2 layers of light fiberglass with small pieces of carbon around the keel area only

This new boat (#2) is one layer over planked balsa core. The carbon looks grey because I used 3 coats of epoxy after the layup and sanded until all the “holes” are gone. It will be clear after it will be clear coated. I am very happy with the outcome so far.
This hull is .8kg heavier than the last fiberglass one; but it is bullet proof!

Video of previous version of this boat

Update: new Carbon fiber hull completed
Old keel reshaped and recarboned and reused.
Next: recycle old rig.

hello and congratulations for your job.
i m quite interested by it then could you please precise the length, beam, mast, sail plan (dm2 ?), bullb, total kg!

do you have plan as i would like to compare it with the one i ve done with delftship ( 145cm, 7 kg, bulb 4.5kg, sails 1.15m2)


New hull launched; found the perfect windy day to test the new setup.
I was so cold, but had so much fun.
Video: sailing upwind, 2nd clip

Dear Kingplank,

It looks like the boat surfs!! Have you sailed it against other 50 inch boats?

Also, unrelated, I was wondering if you could help me find drawings of a Fife 8 metre?



I had a great day of sailing, winds between 10 to 16 knots
The boat has rudder cavitating problems at 15knots+, I am going to build new rudders to see if it will help.
Any suggestions?

some better videos. Enjoy!


2 new videos,
best of summer 2012

Another 2 exciting new videos,
best of summer 2102 part 2


OK, you did made your point Gerald ;), cutting a few rolling waves in the second video!

Very nice toy indeed which seem to fit, for at least a good portion, the task I was asking for. Maybe just add a buoy at the top of the mast for the time I get caught offguard and I could be equiped to play in a little bit bigger rolling wave, closer to the shore.

How deep is the water at that point, were you cut the rolling waves?

And the obvious question then, do you share your set of plans? Pardon me to try once!


Hi Claudio,
it is the final sailing model.
After 4 months of hard use; and the bulb hit bottom accidentally many times; the hull is still water tight.
By the way, if I modify the bow lslightly by more reverse plumb, it will look the next version of VOR65 one design


Hi Syvain,
the plans are on the first page on this post, in pdf format. I see that you are in Canada too so plotting in “D” size should not be a problem.

The keel is .6metre deep, and I stood just a little deeper. The water is cold out there and the most I can stand is about one hour. I had chosen to go out in low tide at that part of the beach because the wind is much more consistant.
Although I scartch build everything, the mast is similar shape as IOM “B” rig.
the Bulb is 4kg, IOM size.
The fin is a little longer than Marblehead class; and a Marblehead fin will work.
Only the hull is very custom


new videos, very cold and windy fall day