Post Your AC boat pictures

As there is to be a very big following on AC sailing, would like to see some pictures posted here (any generation/size AC boat) so we can all marvel at these wonderful creations from around the world.

Cheers K1 :slight_smile:

My boats:

Alinghi SUI-100:

Alinghi SUI-91:

My previous boats:

Luna Rossa ITA-102:

Alinghi SUI-75:

My two ETNZ IACC 120 in training for racing with team Alinghi …coming soon Matthias :stuck_out_tongue:

cool pics. very impressive

hi,here is my america cup sailboat.scrachtbuilt 150cm long.

Here is my AC15, these are an older design now but still lovely to sail. 1.6metres long

This is my first IACC120 model boat: Luna Rossa ITA-45!!! Great boat, I really love it :slight_smile:
I made the project in the year 2000 and I needed 3 long years building it (I was an universitary student in that period of my life and I built the model during the few free time). So… now my model is 7 years old!!!

For the first 6 years Luna Rossa has been a simple RC model: no great tecnicol soluctions… everything made in a very simple way.
In the last year… Luna Rossa changed a lot!!! I token part in the IACC 120 Roma Cup 2010 and, step by step, I transormed Luna Rossa in a real regatta model boat! Now for me is difficolut to explain every modify (my english is not so good), but I can cay that now my ITA-45 is a great model!
It is not so speed like the best one, but is very speed :slight_smile:

you to, have a nice looking boat !
Probably my AC100 will be “silver” also if I found a good paint !!!

Hi Claudio
Wouldn’t silver be almost impossible to see? Or are the Mediterranean waters that blue?

Hi Don,
nice to hear from you, how is it ?
Sincerely I do not knows, was an idea to imitate the ancient Luna Rossa called the ‘Silver Bullet’ , actually the prototype is just white !
In some cases the water is of smaragd color expecially here in Cote d’Azur


This is Azzurra ITA-73, the last one.
The model is still not finished at 100%, but at 95% :slight_smile:

My first moddeling attempt. Following the dual build thread. Hat not sailed yet, but wind in the front yard shows promiss. Sail shape not optimal, but there, it is my first set of sails, so no decoration untill I learn about them. Must figure out a few things, but here it is!!!
4600 grams.

Welcome on board ! hopefully with new sails hehehe !!

I have just launched my Azzurra ITA-73!
I’m really happy: the model sails good, very easy to drive and veryvery beautiful to see :slight_smile:

Here you are some videos about lauching day:




For more pictuses:

Gravitar great hull deco, have you had your maiden vovage yet ? keep us updated …maybe you can come join us in the IACC Cup next year.

That makes two boats from Canada …anyone know of any builts in the U.S ?

Renatoc bravo !!! a beautiful creation and looking forward to racing togther this coming weekend at IACC 120 Cup in Ravenna, Italy :zbeer: we have a camera man with us to have some pics to post here.

My boats are as ready as they can be, time to rock & roll …:jump:

Hey guys,

Here are some pictures of my recently finished AC120 Areva Challenge FRA60.
Still some minor modifications have to be made.


Dank u wel Martin

A votre service,

Just another admirer of your work.
Pictures are rather big. I will try to sort it out.
The rest is on


Gravitar, Martin, I don’t have words to tell you how beautiful your boats are!!! Compliments!!!
Please post on IACC120 forum your boats images:

Thank you!