Pop Up Manufacturing Stars & Stripes

Does anyone know if the Pop Up Manufacturing Stars & Stripes 12 metre model is still available anywhere? I thought that Loyal Hanna Dockyard had the molds and were planning to put them back into production but I’ve emailed Don several times and gotten no response. I guess they aren’t doing them anymore.
Does anyone have any pics/info/advice/thoughts/comments/anything…



I heard that another manufacturer (Warehouse Hobbies) bought the inventory of PopUp mfg. to either make boats themselves or pass it on.

I heard that PopUP Manufaturing sold the molds to Warehouse Hobbies in florida and Warehouse then sold the molds to Loyal Hanna Dockyard in NY. Wherehouse mainly produces power boats and Loyal Hanna mainly scale boats. About a year back Loyal Hanna had made an open request to anyone who had any documantion and photos of the Pop-up line to send them copies. This request was made on the amya ahab site as well as this forum. That was the last I heard about the Pop-up line.

There is an manufacture, Triple Y Yachts in auckland NZ that produces a simular model for Aussie II. I personal wish that someone would start re-producing the Pop Up line of boats as I almost bought a Pop-Up Stars and Strips but I drag my feet to save up money for the purchase and Pop-Up went out of business. Insteade I got a victor cup class stars and strips. I only wish the victor boat was as large as the Pop-up boat.

Triple Y Yachts would be pleased to help you fulfill your ambition for a real sized 12 metre.
there is 6 on the order books for Aus.and 2 enq
from the States.www.nautic12.org

I actually own the original hull molds (as well as deck molds) that the Nautic 12 was taken from. So thanks, but no thanks.

suggest you update your glasses

Sure, so why did you want to buy just a hull from me a few months back before you & Steve Crewes got together? BTW original the boat Steve bought was out of my moulds.

But back on topic. Has anyone actually sailed a S&S from pop-up?

There were a few pop-up boats here in New York over the years. Don’t feel bad that you missed out on the chance to get one. To be kind, other than size (they were big) they weren’t anything to write home about.

As to selling boats ripped off from someone else’s molds or hull, if true it’s really bad form…


Did you see this listing on EBay?


that is a nice looking boat. just dont like the shape of the keel. australia II had a much sleeker lines to it. stars and stripes looks like it is a blob. my guess is it is not even close to a blob. but everybody here knows my prefernce to a2 and black majic. both of those boats are my all time fav.
btw i have the victor a2 the koysho A2. and was close to pop ups A2 , but they went out of busissnes.

The Victor Sars ans Stripes for sale on ebay is not class legal with the carbon deck. That boat been list several time over the past 6 months.

As for the boat sold by Triple Y Yacth, it looks good from the photos I seen, nice large size which is an advantage to see the boat from the shoreline, but the price is greater than my funds
in my wallet. Beside shipping cost to the States would break the bank. See I have a small problem, I just cant purchase one boat I need to purchase 4 boat of the same class. One boat for me and one each for my of 3 my 3 boys. Getting a boat for each of the boys would cut down on the fight for who get to sail my boat.

What class makse a carbon deck illegal?

You ask what make the carbon deck illegal. Well according to the clase rules as posted on the victor cup class web site. And I quote

"DECK and HATCH: The deck shall be that supplied in the “Kit?. Any method of attachment is permitted, provided that the deck inboard of the hull is unchanged other than new sheet access holes that may be added. The deck flange if any may be removed. An alternate hatch cover may be fabricated but must conform to that supplied by ?The Kit?. There may be an opening in the deck for switch control.”

So if I understand the rule correctly a carbon deck which is not supplied with the kit and therefore is illegal. The boats in the class are made of ABS.

The Victor Cup Class web site can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cupclassyacht/

What is that? Its not the Pop -Up Stars & Stripes. Its too small for starters and its kinda, well um… less than beautiful…!

i think the boat is from victor, just modified. I liked the way the rig was set up. the sails look nice and the way the boat sits in the water . makes it look nice. pop ups boat i think was around 65 inchs. was it not?

yeah thats what I thought. Around the same size as an EC12. But I’ve still never heard of anyone owning or sailing one, I’ve only seen them in pictures

All I can say, is I developed a boat that looked like the AC hulls in 1982. It was called a GC 12, as in Gulf Coast 12. Because the EC-12 at the time was considered “tender”, we made it with what was then the revolutionary winged keel… which to me looked the same as a bulb keel on a model… made to be more dynamic going through the water… i.e. wings.

I made 3 of them. One of them I gave to a friend who in turn gave it (without my knowlege) to someone else… and then some years later… I see a boat being made by PopUp which looked exactly the same as mine. I know for a fact that boats are copied, it happens all the time. I also know that if two people take a picture of the same thing… they get the same image. If two people make a model of the same thing, if they both do a good job, they will appear the same.

Bottom line is, I still have the mold, and I will produce the boat but it will be under my name with my fittings etc. We might get to it this year, but the demand is not all that high so it could be pushed back a bit. The boat sailed very nicely, and was later fitted with a genoa, and I think made as a Class with that rig/setup it would be quite remarkable and would require much more in the way of “skipper” input. You have a lot more sail to trim, and a lot more options than in the standard self tacking jib. I am speaking in the way that the sail is trimmed as opposed to the sail itself. The boat of course can be set up in the conventional manner which would be fine for higher wind conditions. Changing the jib can be done in about 2 minutes or less.

So, there will be boats made in the future.

The boat looks great
Do you have any other pictures or specs.
As for geting boats copied, I think you are right. It does happen all the time. Still sux though!

larry does the gc12 have a bolt on keel ?

C’mon Rusty -don’t ask silluy questions u know trhe answer too :yawn: