Pip Squeak Footy?

I ordered Brett’s “Pip Squeak” Footy hull and would like any advice I can get from people who have actually built one. I’m kinda rusty, I haven’t built anything for 20+ years (a Vic’s Mini Soling). I also ordered his’s full size “Bob About” plans as I find it easier to measure than convert mm to inches. Im sure I’ll be the first/only “Oakie” to sail one. If it ain’t a bass boat most good ol’ boys, out here, figure it must be a log.

Oh Well!

Did your Pip Squeak arrive yet?


Don’t forget to have fun!!!


It’s been over 5 weeks sence I ordered and paid for it and the only thing I got was a short e-mail (3weeks ago) all it said was that it would be shipped “ASAP”. I sent Brett another e-mail last night but haven’t heard anything yet. I’m not a happy camper!

Oh Well!

UPDATE: I just received an e-mail from Brett. He explaned that he makes hulls one at a time, when he get’s an order and that he has a lot of other coals on the fire. The bottom line is that after a rather testy e-mail by me last night and the above post, He said that my order will be shipped tomarrow. In a week or so, I should be able to let you all know what I think of the quality of the Pip Squeak.

Oh Well!

Brett sent an email to me as well stating that it should be en’route this week as well. I should have my Bob About ready in the time it arrives. The plans I ordered arrived a bit quicker.


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

It took a while but I did get my “Pip Squeak” hull today. If it hadn’t taken so long to receive it, I would have been more excited. The hull is very well made, I don’t know where Brett found so light a fiberglass cloth but he got 3 layers into a hull that maybe a 64th of an inch thick. I’m sure whatever paint I use will weigh more than the hull itself. The instructions are clear and should go together pretty easly.

If you can stand the wait, I would recomend the hull, the price is right and the quality is good.

It’s going to be a kick to sail!

Edit: I looked closer at the hull and it’s not 3 layers, except the bow, but he still did a fine job.

Oh Well!

Ordered my ‘PipSqueak’ the other day. Hope it comes a little sooner than yours, but I am sure I would rather Brett take care than send a piece of junk out. BTW, what kind of radio room space is there?

I am planning to use a Futaba 3802 if possible, since it doesn’t seem up to handling my S1M’s sails… I am also in possession of several s3004 servos that came with the radio, but I’m sure there will be plenty of room for 1 of them for the rudder…

A 3802 servo in a footy? Sounds like overkill to me. The total sail area is only approx. 157 sq. in. One of the main ideas of the footy class is to keep it simple, 2ch radio, standard betteries, standard servos and water. As far as room, it has a 4 3/4" beam and about 3 1/2" draft, so it’s small but not cramped. I’d go with 3004’s and have fun. If you really need the sail wench, you can always add it later. My guess is you won’t need to.

Oh Well!

Bruce, I know several guys (myself included) who use 3802’s on 600 sq. inch sails. I agree that it’s overkill (and triples the cost) for a footy. If you can’t find a better use for it, you could drop it in a box and send it to me…I’ll name the boat after you!! [:D] [:D] [;)]


Hmmm, naming a boat after me - not a pretty sight!

I guess I just had a couple of days of really strong evening breezes here in Florida, practicing with my new Soling.

I am looking forward to my PipSqueak, though. If the consensus is that a 3802 will handle 600 sq in of sail, I’ll put a few more volts in, and have at it! So, Bill, you won’t have to put up with a less than pretty new boat ! Do you think I should name my footy “Bill” or “Ol Guy” ?

I guess Bill’s out of a free 3802 (I wish I would thought of making you the offer 1st.). Who’s ever heard of a boat named Bill anyway? I think Ol’ Guy sounds much better. While waiting for the glue to dry on my Pea Pod project, I cut and mounted the keel in the PipSqueak, last night (I order the hull only vs. the kit). So at least I have a start on her.

Keep posting your progress, when you receive your boat.

Oh Well!

I’m still awaiting my Pip Squeak. Makes me wonder if customs is going to get it ready to sail for me… :frowning:


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

I ordered mine on Mar.3 and received it Apr. 6.

Good Luck!!!

Oh Well!

Hi guys,
You will all get your kits.
I have so far mailed over 200 kits,I have no intention of not sending yours!
Sometimes you even get 2 for one! isn’t that right Ol guy?
The Footy has reached critical mass for me.Demand far outstrips my ability to supply
each hull ties up the mould for 3 days and the prices I am charging is barely covering my costs.
(I would make no where near min wage on these)
My intention was to spread the Footy word and build the class.Basically trying to help sailors or would be sailors into a boat that otherwise they could not have.
As far as I know I am the only seller of footy kits /hulls in the world.I have gotten a lot of pleasure from introducing hundreds(yes Hundreds!! I have the e mails)
of people to r/c sailing with my kits/hulls and plans,but alas I can no longer keep up with it all.
I have made plans freely available and hundreds of models have been built.
It is without doubt the biggest growing model sailboat class(open type class) in the world

I have been trying to develop a plastic kit for the footy but I am unable to devote the time to it needs to become reality at this point.
Building hulls out of glass with a single mould is not satisfying demand.
I intend to stop taking orders very soon and cease production for the mean time or double prices to curb demand or sell only in auctions when I have completed kits to sell.
The footy is not the only hulls I mould. I also mould IOM hulls and some other small yachts as well as full size work.
The footy is not paying its way and has started to cause me grief so I will discontinue it until I can come up with a way to solve production issues.

It is interesting that hardly anyone asks when the model can be built,most assume I must have a warehouse full of them or something.
In short I have created a monster…my own doing I know.

It is also very interesting what you learn about other peoples cultures with endeavours such as these. Over the years of moulding hulls for sale I have learnt
allot about the attitudes of people in many different countries.Very interesting stuff to a kiwi at the bottom of the world.
So hang in there guys,You will all get your kits.Guaranteed, ok!


My best wishes

  • and good luck to your enterprise!

I suggest, you sell reproduction licenses together with each further boat you sell! -

You can also ask for royalty fee from each builder for each single boat built by them! -

Even if it’s only one buck for each boat -
as the number of prospects is so numerous,
it should cover all your expenses soon! -

You just need to keep the control of the approved sailnumbers somehow! -

My tribute to your success, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls


Your right, You did send me 2 for 1 and I thank you. That was an upright thing to do.

Your hulls are a fine product and, as I said above, I recomend them to anyone who wants to be part of the Footy movement. I think that a statement on your web site about your production and delevery time would have saved the frustration level on my part. A little communication goes a long way.

It is my hope that you can work out your production issues and contunue to make these hulls available. You have gone a long way in getting the footy to be recognized as a “real” yacht class. I, for one, appreciate all your efforts.


As I attempt to begin our web-site, I thank you for your personal and sustained efforts to begin this class. I hope that owners of footies correspond with us, register their boats as available, and contribute as well as Brett and the others I have met on this forum.

I feel privileged to have fallen into the midst of you all… and especially Brett


PS: website contributions and direct communications with your new web-worm (me) should be sent to: footyclass@rcsailing.net

I must admit that I was unaware of the effort involved in production of the small fiberglass hulls that Brett has been offering. And to that, I must apologize to him for becoming short with him as I have. It probably didn’t help with customs in having five extra keel bulbs in the package. You can only imagine what they’d be thinking when x-raying the box to find six hydrodynamic keel bulbs in there. I hope that he’ll be able to continue the quest of establishing this class, and that more people can step up and offer similar products to help. Had I the experience, and available space, I’d like to build and create. Fair winds everyone,


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

I will have all outstanding orders posted by this coming Monday.
This will mark the end of “Pip Squeak” in its current form.
I have ceased taking orders for the kits though I will make and sell the hull’s with plans if there is demand.
I am going to take some time now to develop a better production kit and commit to having significant stock so there will be no delay with orders.
Prices could stay close to how they are with better production methods.


Got home from a business trip and found a package waiting! I got mine, so I assume everyone else did, too. Top quality, for sure. Having done my own glass work, I appreciate the effort that went into it.

Thankyou, Brett, for making what I know was a sleep-losing effort to get caught up with orders, while still keeping up the quality.

Those of us who got a Pipsqueak can count ourselves lucky, since Brett’s had to discontinue the kit. Hopefully, Brett, you’ll be able to make your new Footy kit concept commercially viable.

Thanks for not giving up.