Other Hobbies

While working on one of my other new projects tonight, a mountain bike. I thought it would be interesting to see what other people do other than sailing. Obviously the list could go on for some people, but just some incite to see what else takesup your time. Also to see if maybe I can stumble upon more people to ride with. Here are a few pics. Don’t be shy I bet a lot of people are involved in some cool stuff.

Being an a$$. nice bike!!

Just to be different, I restore Grey Ferguson Tractors. Have 4 at present, the 3 goers are shown.

I took up sailing marbleheads because I knew nothing about sailing and would need to think a lot to master it. It is good fun with good friends.

I have heard comments re mast and boat size and transporting to regattas, you should try using a tandem to move a Fergy around.

I’ve sailed and raced the full sized versions since I was 10 years old - right up to my recent move to Colorado (where I am now a very long way from the sea). I always loved working on my own (big) boats, so the RC versions help manage the withdrawal.

I also run, and ride a road bike. Apart from that, work and family, I don’t seem to be able to fit anything else in. :slight_smile:

Well… when I was no longer involved with Uncle Sam’s flying club they had the bad manners to want their airplane back… so I had to find something else to make me go whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… It won’t go mach 1.2 but it is a heck of a lot cheaper to operate… and the DOD doesn’t mind me having one. Most of the time I just get out in the country and have fun… but there is a track 4 hours away that I am still hopeful of getting to sometime soon.

Big boats are great fun, used to sail with my old man on his Cheoy Lee 41 Pedrick design, but now that I am out of the house don’t get out on the water much anymore. But I sure do miss it, every now and then I go out on my friends Beneteau 47.7 for wednesday night races or the summer saturday racing series. They are also probably the reason that I am in RC boats now.

Too much to list ! Too many hobbies and not enough time.

Motorcycle racing (Motocross & 1/4 mile flat track)
X-C Skiing
Big boat sailing/racing
(dinghy, multihull and up to a Swan 45 - not mine, alas)
Photography - 35mm, video, digital
Graphics Art
Air Brush
Stained glass
Silk Screen art
Fine art (pencil, ink, brush)
R/C boating
Woodworking - furniture, etc.
DIY and Home Improvements

Major lately …
Arabian Horses (breed/show)
Grandchildren !!!

Photo of daughter at Canadian Nationals this summer (2 - Top Tens)

“Too much to list ! Too many hobbies and not enough time.”

Old cars, Triumph, and Studebaker?s.
Building scale trailers
R/C boats

No cars, just trailers. How did you start doing this? There has to be a story.


Not many for me

Model boats-r/c and scale
Triumph- for 20 years this was my toy-cried when I sold it last year. 2.9 Ford,turbo,intercooled. Scratch independant rear susp with Datson 280 center. 265/15 rear,245/14 front. front susp moved ahead 3" so the tires would clear the firewall. Very quick,very fun.

Very cool car. Right now I have a BMW 633csi '84. Have great plans for it just waiting for things to start falling in place. Its got about 250,xxx miles and I can’t wait to start tearing into it. But your work is def. appreciated on this end.

I never did finish it (as you can see from this picture finishing isn’t my strong point)but the young fella that bought it is cut from the same cloth as me so I’m pretty sure it got a good home. All the bodywork is steel. I think I had the body off 10 or 15 times over the years. One year I took the body off and totally modified the frame to move the engine back 2". Probably invested $20,000 and sold it for $4000.

ERm other hobbies

  1. SCA (www.sca.org)
  2. Brew meads and beer
  3. helping a friend build a Velocity (www.velocityaircraft.com)
  4. Chess
  5. This new hobby (rc sailing)
  6. started building a greenland kayak

erm I think there are more ‘hobbies’ that i am in too


  1. photography
  2. pc
  3. sailing/ rc sailing
  4. british cars (espcially Lotus & TVR)

Is that your Lotus?

yes…S3, big valve series

To pinpoint my age-“Far Out”. I’ve always liked the Lotus. Looks like a British hot rod.

another one for you

Something terribly wrong with that fake photo! …

:idea_125: Ahhhh - -there it is – that’s better — corrected !

Now it looks real. :bouncy:

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