Orlando AMYA NCR regatta?

I have only seen one brief mention of this at the Yahoo footy group. Things are so easily lost there that I thought it should be repeated here. Forgive me if I stepped on someone’s toes by doing this but this seems like the place it should be posted. Anyone know any more about it?

>>Folks, we’re recieved confirmation of our bid for the Inaugural Footy
AMYA NCR Regatta. The event will be held in Orlando Fl the weekend of
March 6-8th 2009. We will be getting it on the AMYA site when things
get straightened out on their side but in the meantime you can visit
our site, www.sundaysloopers.com. we have a link on our page for the
event which will contain the NOR and entry form.<<

Stay tuned for more…

The event has been submitted to the AMYA site and should be posted shortly.

Darrell is putting together the NOR…we’re just working out some details. The Orlando club has a lot of experience conducting major regattas and I know they will do a great job…they jumped right to it when I asked if they’d be interested.

The timing is a bit awkward with regard to the rules ballot, so we’re trying to decide how to handle that as well. Once straightened out with the Footy Class Association, the AMYA skippers will need to vote as to whether or not to accept the changes for the AMYA. Until that happens, the “old” rules are in effect.

Start making plans…would like to see you there…and the weather will e a bit nicer than Wisconsin!

Bill H

Yes I’m making plans Bill… just testing the waters before throwing mucho $ at it :slight_smile: I need to be there so I can stay just in front of you again :devil3:

Assuming I get there it will be the first soft water I see between now and then. Same for you?


Yeah, Graham, lots of hard water here. The big lakes still have open water, but you can’t get to it, and by the time the ice is safe to walk out there, it’ll all be hard anyway.

Guess we’ll have to make up for lack of testing and practice by either our superior sailing skills (?) or by drinking lots of beer (!) :zbeer:

Hope to see you there.

Bill H

I made my flight reservations for Orlando. If you check the pics of my house taken this morning, you’ll see why I’m looking forward to it! :smiley: The first official day of winter arrived big-time yesterday.

For those of you in the same situation, the cure is to go south and sail Footys! Contact Darrell to register now…only 40 boats can compete, so don’t be left out!

This will be a memorable weekend! :zbeer:

Bill H

You call that snow Bill! Photos taken today while we had yet another 4" snowfall… it’s an every day occurence here. Two Sundays ago was warm and snow about this high melted back to a few inches deep… this is all since then. See how far I have to chuck it… :slight_smile: Good arm eh? Oh and that’s Jan bundled up and off out to feed the birds. Good to see you have some too though Bill. See what a disadvantage we northern skippers will be at… heh heh.

Roll on Orlando!


Hi Bill et al,
right we have hotel reservations made in Orlando and Ormand Beach for what will be another MOT (McAllisters on tour) adventure. The more of the March Wisconsin weather we can avoid the better!

All I have to do now is build a couple of boats. I’m planning on two new Pond Sprites, the one which came second at Sheboygan last year suffered a devastating delayed paint compatibility issue which is unrecoverable and so it will be robbed of parts.

So what’s the competition sailing :confused:


I am planning on coming with the modified American Footy that you might remember from Raleigh last year. Also, I have a skinny Cobra that should hit the water for the first time tomorrow.
I had planned to have a modified Micron 2 with dual rudders ready to sail by then , but I guess that depends on which version of the rules we sail under and how much development time I get with the ice and all.

Graham, good to hear you were able to make the reservations, we’ll have to plant an internet course on the Daytona pond for the days you’re in Ormond Beach. I’m planning on sailing a somewhat modified 507, but that depends on whether the new hulls arrive from Aus in time to build and do development on them. Right now I’m cleaning up my rig assortment so new set will fit all my current hulls.I’ll be using a skinny diagonal hard chine boat as the test bed, built on Christmas morning it should be sailing on New Years Day. At least it’s cooling down a bit here, mid 70’s tomorrow. Mid 80’s (F) here today, warm and humid, very odd December weather for NE Florida.


Please let me know where you are staying in Orlando. I made flight, but not hotel reservations yet. Might be nice if the travelers could stick together.

I’m building Cobra Mk4…new variation on the boat I used in Birkenhead. Trouble is, I don’t think I’ll get a chance to test it until the race. Still, going with something that you know works is kinda boring!

Looking forward to seeing you and Jan again.

Bill H

Hi Bill, from Saturday night we will be at ‘Orlando’s Sunshine Resort’ as it appears to be called in Orlando. We couldn’t get in there for the Friday night so we’ll look for something basic closer to the pond at Waterford Lakes. We haven’t really looked yet but will do soon. Let us know if you find something but remember I’m cheap :lol:.

Scott… I remember seeing the back of your modified American Footy all too often at Raleigh '07. I’m hoping that Pond Sprite will get closer to you than Siren did that day.

Graham Mc

OK folks, we’ve posted the Registration form and NOR on our site www.sundaysloopers.com. You simple click the event link on the left hand side of the page.

We’re looking forward to a big crowd so get signed up.

We’re negotiaging with motels as we speak but we need to get a better handle on the number of rooms to reserve. We are located right near the University of Central Florida and a high tech office park, so most of our closeby motels are suites and middle to higher end so we’re really working to keep the cost down. At the moment the Hilton Garden Inn is leading the race.

For those who want to stay near the attractions, we’re located 30-40 minutes from Disney/Seaworld 20-30 minutes from Universal and abour 45 minutes from Cocoa Beach.

For an AMYA event like this does a boat have to be registered with the AMYA ($7 etc.) or is Footy Class Assoc. sufficient?

As this is an AMYA National Championship Regatta (NCR), entrants need to be AMYA members and registered with the US Class. I am in the process of trying to find out if filling out the AMYA form and paying the fee to join is acceptable during race registration.

Sailors from ouside the US and those who belong to their National Organization are allowed in.

More good news about the regatta. The top three finishers will recieve Microyacht hulls, fins and bulbs, donated by Microyachts.com and the hulls are professionally painted by Charles from latitude24designs.com

A raffle prize will be a single color hull pait job by Charles.

Presumably the top three finishers would not need new boats, it is the last three that would most benefit from the promotional hulls.

Hi Darrell, I am an AMYA member but Footy owners can register our boats either with the Footy Class Association or the AMYA and they are both registered footys. So what I was asking is if the boat needs to be AMYA registered or if AMYA recognised Footy Class Association registration (as I suspect most are) in sufficient.


Graham and others who might be wondering…

Participants in a national championship AMYA race must have their boats registered with AMYA. Registration with the class association alone is not sufficient.

The only exception is for non-USA participants, but their boats must be registered with their national yachting association. So Graham, if you want to race as a Brit, your Footy needs to be registered with the MYA. :wink:

Bill H

Thanks Bill, I will be in touch. Oh I always race as a Brit either under my ‘Nelson’ baseball cap or my Yorkshire flat cap depending on the weather :rolleyes:


Bill, since I will be sailing one of my somewhat registered (US Footy Class Assoc registered, non-paid) Footy’s in Orlando, the actual entry yet to be decided, do I need to register all potential boats with the AMYA in advance or can I pay on the day, and thus only have to pay AMYA registration for the one boat I will be sailing? Also will my US Footy Class Assoc issued sail # be accepted or will each new AMYA registration need a new sail # ? My AMYA membership is current.