NZL 92 Vs SUI 100?

OK, its all on from today.

“Once the flag drops the bulls**t stops.” :boxing:

Who will win & by how much? watch this space and find out.:turtle:

Man, I am so excited and wish Team New Zealand all the best.:timebomb:

Which ever way it comes out it will be enthralling to watch.:splat:

Go the KIWI`s

go kiwis.
i was realy pulling for oracle . but dont know what dickson was doing
oracle out. go kiwis:zbeer:
fresh breeze to all


Sorry folks, just got to back the Swiss. Well done!

Isn’t it the first boat to the first mark in the first race always ends up winning the Americas Cup? I know its only one race down but looking at Barkers body language in the press conference made me think the kiwis had been owned. The speed upwind seemed ok but Alinghi seemed pretty quick down hill…

Well, I am feeling a little better today, thank you. :smile_pur

I have to say that after that first race I was a bit concerned. :scared:

Now I am convinced that NZL 92 is equal to SUI 100 and the results will come down to who makes the least mistakes, just as it does with our racing. :captain:

We should see some good racing over the next few days and may the best team win. :drunk:

Go the KIWIs [SIZE=2] [COLOR=Black][SIZE=1] As an aside I must tell you that I went sailing on Sunday and was concerned as to, should I wear my Alinghi cap or not, we were sailing IOMs not the AC15`s where as you see by my avatar I have mine done in the old Alinghi livery. (It was the best colour scheme at the time.)
No one wanted to lynch me at least.LOL

Agreed Ian

It shows how close the two boats are. Maybe it was the flatter water, or a different main, or some other subtle tweaking but NZL92 looked a lot better today (and Brad Butterworth looked a little less confidant!). Hopefully the Kiwis can keep the fight up to Alinghi. Although its only early days, this is the first AC final in a long time where the boats appear quite even.

Without the mistake of Alinghi after 55 minutes and 10 seconds, by changing port to early, NZL would have lost the second race to. Fortunately for NZL that did not made any mistake afterward.
Hope Alinghi will win again !

Maybe it’s time to pull Ted Turner out of retirement? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

And Mariner?

What a RACE today!!!:zbeer: Hooray TNZ!

Man! race 3 was nailbiting stuff. :scared:
The lead changed so many times, who said yacht racing was like watching paint dry?

I don`t know if it is just luck that makes the difference or as they say “the more you practice the luckier you get.”

The drama continues, as I may have mentioned, for us here in NZL it is a 1am start tommorow morning.
Never mind, most of the country will be up watching so don`t bother ringing New Zealand tomorrow, we will be closed or sleeping in. :lol:

Boy, that’s for sure!! I had to take my daughter to her Spanish class, so I missed the end of the race, but it must have been a real nail biter. I’m cheering for TNZ, so was happy with the outcome in the end. I still can’t figure out why TNZ tacked onto Port on the 2nd upwind leg. If they had stayed on Starboard, Alinghi would have been forced to dip them, but instead came out ahead.

And another one!


I’m stocking up onm hole-filledd cheese and triangular chocolate. Damn the diet!

Wow … little nailbiter with today’s downwind split but discipline pays off … money is still on TNZ but now I’m nervous

Race 4 opinion: NZ lost the race just before the start.

It looked to me that NZ should have turned up to start about 3 or 4 seconds sooner. She was late at the line. Had she turned up a bit sooner, she would have been more advanced on the Swiss, and closer to leeward. Then the Swiss would not have been able to survive the leebow and would have had to tack away.

So what’s the betting guys.

Today winds (29 June) are forecast to be up in the 15 knot range. Doesn’t that favour Alinghi?


Bottle of Kirsch for the fondue! Anyone got apples and crossbows?


I’m with you Angus… to the swelling strains of the Will Tell Overture :rolleyes:

Even tho the outcome did not end the way I would have liked, I think it was an absolutely spellbinding series. Glad that I paid the extra money to watch it. Both teams were great sailors

Yeah, it was pretty amazing, especially the last race. Too bad about the TNZ foul on the last upwind leg, but who could have predicted Alinghi’s pole breaking at the end? It doesn’t get any closer than that!!!