Not Real Boats

Here’s one especially for Dick.

Go here and enjoy the video of some “not real boats” having a blast on the Solent.

The link to the video is on the left hand side of the page.

For those who do not understand the reference not “not real boats”, check this thread…

Methinks Dick was just a tad upset :slight_smile:

Thanks Muzza -

I had seen that one before, but it certainly got the heart rate going and I had to go take a pill! (kidding)

Now, to be self-critical, the first thing any “good monohull sailor” (are there any?) would comment on … “Sailing like that is fast, but where do you put the beer, mixed drink, etc.?” :nono:

I guess, having sailed mainly on fresh water in the Great Lakes, the response would be … .“Bungy cord the glass to the front beam, add ice and whiskey. At the end of the ride, there should be sufficient water in the glass for a good drink.”

And as for Steve - he’s not such a “bad” guy, after all, he does like those development class “M” boats ! - and he does like yanking my chain.

All in good fun, all in good fun. (I hope?) :smpurple:

Incidentally, those very big hangers that appear in the video are rather important historic buildings. They were built for flying boats before WWII. A naval air station was established their before WWI, and the largest hanger dates from WWI. It later became an RAF base. RAF Calshot (the base) didn’t close until 1961. During WWII, it was a base for maintenance of Sunderland flying boats and others (the ones that did the U Boat patrols in the North Atlantic).

When I was based in the UK, and doing a lot of racing on the Solent, I used to see these hangers regularly.

And to pick up on your point about the beer - when we lived in Singapore (yes - we’ve been about a bit) my wife and I used to race a Laser II. We had a small cooler bag, just big enough to hold an ice pack and 4 cans of beer. It was held in place beside the centerboard case by bungy-cord. After a couple of hot, wet and windy races, we’d kick back and enjoy a cold beer on the way back to the beach. So I’m sure it could be done on an F18 cat.

Dick , I really like it when you put those great pictures up. Your got to do it again. There is some movement in OZ with multis but one can’t get a handle on it. As soon as you grasp someone/something it disappears. If there was the assurance that it was going to last or possible that one could see some planned theme to it all but to me (seriously) all I can see is some guys just fiddling around the edges. And that is not what people are interested in. you go into a F/S yacht club and ask Who sails a multi hull and before you know it your drinking by yourself. Now till I see some positive thinking in Multis (except just talk ) how can we take it seriously. Where is the ones doing the sailing , where are the classes, where are the bloody effort being put into it.

These guys in Australia were suppose to do a demonstration sail at the R/C Nats and didn’t show. I will want something more than a few fancy words that Multis are anything other than that of words. Where is there organisation or their plans for the future. No Pards , they feed us on bullshit.

By far and away, the French are where it’s at - both Mini40 and also 2 Meter. Next would be the Brits - British Model Multihull Association (BMMA and not connected with National Authority who are all monohull skippers) - then probably Australia and then either New Zealand or US. All based on numbers of boats that I “think” can be counted. Here in the US, if we count boats being in some stage of building - regardless of how long - we might be able to count 12-15 boats. In between, there a few in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Finland, and Brazil - even one being built/assembled in Hong Kong if I am correct - plus a few other locations that I don’t know about, who may not be organized or haven’t told us about themselves.

Certainly no where near the numbers one would expect.

As to full size numbers - seldom do we hang out in yacht clubs … and not because of elitisim … but simply because the majority of full size “beach cats” seldom buy mooring slips. Instead they are dry sailed off trailers and the need for in-water storage is not required (and in most cases used). Up here, when inland lake waters were low due to drought, we cat sailors were solicited by a local yacht club trying to make some revenue. The water was too shallow for the 22-35 foot keel boats, the club tried to get us to purchase a summer slip - but comparing $495 mooring to my $0 trailer storage in my back yard - it was a pretty easy decison. Cat sailors are vagabonds - traveling from regatta location to regatta location. If you want to become involved or check them out - you will need to look for a Hobie regatta or NACRA regatta where they will congregate in large numbers. Good beer - better people. Ask for a ride on committee boat for in-the-middle of the action. You will find a starting line is just as exciting when you have two hulls as when you only have one! And - sometimes you might even learn a new “bad” word or two. :censored:


I am the Secretary/Treasurer of the Queensland R/C Multihull Owners Association. We sail from North Lakes on the 1&3 Sundays of each month, however some days we aren’t there as we travel to the Sunshine Coast for events etc. This coming sunday (16 October) we are holding the Queensland Titles.

Currently we have ten members,this number hasn’t really changed much over, the last five years, with people coming and going. All member’s have there own boat’s that have been either built by them or they have purchased second hand boat’s.

We conduct organised racing, and hold titles and club championship racing each year.

I was in the club when that meeting was held regarding the R/C Nats demonstration event. Fortunately for us the people that were on the committee at that time have either left the club or changed there view.

Multihull’s (Mini 40) that I know about in Australia are as follows

Ten sailing in brisbane
About twenty others in sheds and garages that don’t get sailed and the owners won’t sell.

One in Ballina

One in Hervey Bay area.

One at Kingaroy

Two on the Sunshine Coast (both for sail)

Two in Sydney

One in Melbourne with another six under construction.

The main reason for the twenty that aren’t sailed is that you need to be watching them all the time, and the capsizing problem.

So Steve you can see that there is racing happening and boat’s are getting around. Feel free to come up to the Queensland Titles and have a look for yourself.

Peter , maybe I should not say too much to you on multis but if your numbers have not changed very much over the last five years your doing something wrong? As you know I have regurgitated EC12 in this country and in your state.
I have just come back after going to Ballarat in Victoria a trip of over 1800 kls to foster old Marbleheads and stuff. I have done other things and started other classes in Australia. Now if your club has not moved in number in five years, its time to change what your doing. I am prepared to help in some way positive if you want.


Peter , As you know in order to start a class in Australia you must do certain things, they are this is broadly speaking) Your class must have 6 boats racing in at least 3 states(each) in an organized fashion and you must hold regular state championships.

So this is what I see that you have to do here. pick a class you want to foster as the national multi class (it is easier to do one type than all types) to start with.

If your got an “in” in 3 states. An “in” is, there is a boat in a state, work on getting 5 more in that State. Through Adds, word of mouth, visits to little regattas, etc you get the drift?

Forgert about “boats in sheds”, forget about ONE boat’s racing in certain centres. Concentrate on the above.

Now you people may think the name MULTIS are working for you? I can tell you that it isn’t. It is a bloody mouthfull. Try to make it simple for Joe public. Call it the FUN 40 or something. And simplify your message too. Up to now, I can see some people mucking around with

Peter , What can I say? two boats in Sydney , one in ballina (300miles north), one in Melbourne (500 miles south) doesn’t make even a regatta. If the majority are tucked up in garages, so what? There has to be someone or some organisation to foster them. There appears niether in this country? This is not being super critical here but a fact of life. If you are to sell a class you must sell yourselves and you must tell JOE public that your doing something. And seriously fellas, if you spent as much time doing it as you do on the forum, it would be up and possibly a valid part of R/C yachting in Australia.

If we all went down the road of boats in the garage, there are over 1000 Marbleheads in the garages of Australia, your twenty or so mean nothing. Until you have some orgasnization, I can only see you fiddling around the edges. If the Multis are so good why then aren’t you shouting it from the roof tops?

Dick , post some more of those beaut photos of Multis, please.


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the news on the Nautic 12 certainly traveled fast native drums going over time in NZ.must have been the Red Dog mention.:shoot:

yes what happened to the talk on 12,s that book sounds very good,the boat even better,
good photos steve.:jester:

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there was some “funny” quote on SA about red boats


Well Rusty , we should really be doing “IT” in “12 metres in general”. I like that page,(even when the multis arrive, for they wouldn’t be coming for no reason). For I sort of got some repore with some of the guys there. And I suppose, me just buying a Nautic 12 from NZ in the last couple of days.

Now I just heard that there have been more ordered from Australia. What gives shipmates? I can tell you it would not be hard to start a following here, for as I said, the boat sells itself.

And Rusty I hope it catches on in NZ for it would be great have 'cross tassie Match Racing? Alright , you can be the red boat , Rusty.

Steve would love to have a cross tassie match,yes we have more interest from Aus & others in the Nautic 12, 7 boats on the order book from Nz .Bit puzzled about the right forum to discuss the Nautic 12,the threads get quite tangled at time ?Sailing tests are proving the Nautic 12 is living up to its big brother,a slight correction the Mob building is Triple Y Yachts.
Your hull will arrive soon,you may have to start training to keep up with the boat along the shore . :jump4: mouse removed !:winking:

Muzza , give me a translation on Rustys post please?Why are we rushing up the shore? and about the bloody mouse???

“…you may have to start training to keep up with the boat along the shore”

Translation: These boats will be quicker than a Holden V8 at Bathurst. You will need the physical fitness and athletic endurance of a Rob DeCastella, or Steve Moneghetti, in order to keep pace with the boat as you run along the lakeside/beach/billabong with your transmitter. Better lay off the Fosters/XXXX/Bundaburg Rum and start getting into shape. :cool:

Rusty’s got me with the mouse reference. It must be something cryptic!

Muzza , Thanks. I’m trying not to be evasive here but. Why would anyone be running up the bloody shore, gurgling SWY? And nobody in Australia drinks Fosters. We are a nation of VB swillers. There is a reason why crows fly backwards in Australia you know and thats so they keep the dust out of their eyes.
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muzza’s got it right Steve ,Who turned down a ;t’
shirt with a Roo on the front called it a Blo***y
mouse,:party: Historian with a bad memory not on mate !:sleep1: .

:jump2: :jump2: :jump2: a few of these a day will keep you fit

Yeah. I thought about making a reference to VB, but then thought that our Northern Hemisphere colleagues might not get it. Fosters is at least well known in both Europe and North America.

thanks for the translation muzza.:ihat:

Lets be fair here, I also turned down the one with Dennis Conner on it doing un-natural things. If I told Coug that I had a T shirt with a picture of Dennis Conner on it he’d would want one, even if Dennis was doing un- natural things(on it).And Rusty" Bloody" has two stars in it not three.

Muzza, do you happen to be an Aussie in USA or do you know through your hobbies and cycling, running and sailing? Your right about VB. But don’t tell anyone. The reference to the mouse by Rusty is: “the Bloody Mouse”---- the Kangaroo. This comes with a fairly long explanation and I will leave it for another time.