News from 2011 Euro Footy GP

Starting a new thread with updates from the racing in Konstanz, Germany. - To Be clear I am getting this info from my Wife and Son on location I coulndn’t attend due to last minute work commitments :frowning:
I appologise in advance for any biased reporting but please feel free to add you own perspectives during or after the event !

1st race started in top rigs with some gusts…

There are 12 boats racing and some yachts are struggling to get around the furthest mark due to range issues
Race 1 saw a difference in Rig dimensions, one of the largest rigs crossed the line first (48 CJ Vice) but was prostested by fellow skipper following a mark rounding incident, did he or didn’t he? reports say some skippers are using very small rigs in these very light conditions and suffering because of it.

Peter Gernert (GER 86) has had a good morning winning several races. wind stayed light with occasional stronger puffs.

Unofficial positions at end of day 1: - These were recalled from memory and so can’t be 100% sure !
Marcus Wahlin (SUI)
Werner Hauer (AUT)
Phil Tyler (SUI)
Peter Gernet (GER)
Phil Broszek (GBR)
CJ Vice (GBR)
Maximillion Kelm (GER)
Roberto Brocceletti (ITA)
Thomas Grimm (GER)
Flavio Faloci (ITA)
Torsten Hochstadt (ESP)
Victoria Broszeck (GBR)

Day 2: first race of the day was abandoned after starting in a light breeze but it disappeared by the 2nd mark - apparently they waited 10 mins but then abandoned. - Personal comment: what is ever the point of abandoning anything but the last race of the day? surely everyone had sufficient batteries. When it’s abandoned you still have to sail back to the shore so why not continue the race in zero air ?? it avoids the decision of “when do we restart?”. I agree with postponing a start to try and get the best windward leg off the start, but not stopping a heat half way through. There is still a skill to zero air racing.
I’ve stopped whining now :wink: And Yes CJ was in the lead so I am sure to be biased…

Slow and short day today, racing finished with only one more race completed today. awaiting scores…

Unofficial positions at end of event : - These were recalled from memory and so can’t be 100% sure !
Marcus Wahlin (SUI)
Werner Hauer (AUT)
Phil Tyler (SUI)
Phil Broszek (GBR)
Peter Gernet (GER)
CJ Vice (GBR) - Junior
Maximillion Kelm (GER) - Junior

Top Team were apparently Austria
Top Junior CJ Vice

Apparently the event was impacted by weed and light winds, the racing was a little stop/start as the countdowns were stopped to allow folks to remove weed, the rule change to allow ‘bumping’ took some getting used to for folks who were expecting some protection from barging, and there was still a fair amount of shouting going on… I’m interested in anyone else’s views on the success of such a change in this event or others…
Does turning off the rules make a more ‘friendly’ event?

Whatever the views - I know I was not at the event- but I do know that for any club to offer to run an international event of any magnitude should be commended. I’m sure all competitors thank the organising team for all their efforts in hosting the race.

As received from Ina Kelm…

"Here are the results:

They sailed 11 heats. (Unfortunately we had not enough wind this day.)

The total result (incl. the youth):

  1. Marcus Wahlin, SUI 120, 16 points.
  2. Werner Hauer, AUT 152, 19 p.
  3. Phil Tyler, SUI 42, 28 p.
  4. Phil Broszek, GBR 144, 37 p.
  5. Peter Gernert, GER 86, 37 p.
  6. CJ Vice, GBR 48, 38 p.
  7. Maximilian Kelm, GER 67, 61 p.
  8. Jonas Jung, GER 01 (Leihboot), 68 p.
  9. Roberto Broccoletti, ITA 18, 71 p.
  10. Flavio Faloci, ITA 150, 80 p.
  11. Thorsten Hochstadt, ESP 11, 91 p.
  12. Victoria Broszek, GBR 46, 91 p.

The extra score for the youth is:

  1. CJ Vice, GBR 48, 38 p.
  2. Maximilian Kelm, GER 67, 61 p.
  3. Jonas Jung, GER 01 (Leihboot), 68 p.
  4. Victoria Broszek, GBR 46, 91 p.

The winning “team” was Austria with Werner Hauer.

The Footy Design Award Score (Unfortunately I forgot to ask for the boat names, but they all designed themselves.)

  1. Marcus Wahlin, SUI 120
  2. Flavio Faloci, ITA 150
  3. Werner Hauer, AUT 152

Kind regards,

Ina Kelm"

We arrived home from Konstanz last night after a 2 hour drive, only 10 hours less than the British team were expecting to take ! I think the Italians had the next longest drive home but probably the furthest travelled was Thorsten, from Valencia, but he flew.

The shore based organisation by Marc, Ina and their team of cheerful and enthusiastic helpers from the Modellskipper Club Konstanz was absolutely superb. From communication prior to the event, organising accommodation, welcoming arrivals late on Friday night, transportation to and from the regatta site, arranging a programme for accompanying families, a constant supply of excellent food and drinks, the hospitality was excellent.

I thought it would be just me ignoring that very apt advice to never race at a regatta with untried equipment. Rather interestingly there were many others rushing to finish their Footys just to ‘be there’.

Here are a few pictures of the winning and, by popular vote by the skippers, best looking Footy

Many thanks you all for any information about the last EURO.
Although I wanted it I could not come there… For this reason I still look forward to this - photos and reviews of the participants also.
I am glad that the meeting succeeded. I congratulate all the organizers and skippers.
I have one more question: Maximilian Kelm’s “Titanic” is name or type of boat ? (a photo maybe?)
Regards from Wroclaw - host of the previous EURO!

Congratulations to all the participants! Sounds like an excellent event…well run and a nice variety of boats, too. I wish I could have been there to hold up the end for the USA.

If anyone took more pictures, please post!


p.s. Rob, I share your concern about rules. No rules can be a free-for-all where the most aggressive sailor has the advantage. On the other hand, too strict an interpretation can interfere with the fun aspect of an event. I’ve been rather proud of the Footy gang for several years, now, because most events have applied the rules…but the skippers have been generous with each other. The result has been fair and fun at the same time…seems to me that’s just right.

Are there any pics of the boats being measured, maybe in the box. Any info on the boats that sailed in this event ?


…a bit in hurry now, but I promise to post photos of event boats, people and races during next days

  • stay tuned ! -


Folletto ITA - 150

Hello everybody,

here are some more pictures from the 5th Euro Footy Grand Prix in Konstanz, Germany:

And here is the info about the boats:
GBR and GER sailed with the ICE, except GER 67 (it’s a Micro Wizard - I called Titanic). The other boats were own designs.




as promised yesterday, I will start today to give more details about the event ( many footy friends have missed the opportunity to be there, and I suppose they are now thirsty of footy gossips ).

Part 1 - Race field

The event has been held on the lake of Konstanz
( Lake means “lake” not an harbour, or a nearby pool ).

During the champioship wind was blowing from east, and we were - unfortunately - on the leeward shore of this beatiful freshwater sea.

Even if wind was a gentle breeze ( as average 6-7 knots ), it was strong enough to collect plenty od weeds on this side of the coastline.

Small weeds were approximately same size of grass leafs, but bigger examples were not less than one meter long vegetable monsters ( 3’ - 4 ’ ).

Effect of these “objects” on the fleet were ranging between a sudden speed reduction, to a complete “dead stop” loss of control and in this case , a powerful two paddles red canoe, was at hand to perform rescue patrols.

Best tactic was make a “last minute” launch of the model before the start, in order to avoid to much weeds collecting during pre start circling

see here Markus and Phil awaiting last second. ( note weeds on lower right side of pictures )

Race course was an olympic triangle.

During first morning, windward buoy was at sideral distance from the coast .
After first starts, the race commitee decided to relocate it within average human being eyesight visual range.

Race field was under effect of a steady current due to a not far river, and for this reason under light wind condition, several boat have been pushed back to the starting line.

All considered, during these two days ( if my memory is correct ) between 10 and 15 heats have been held ( a bit less than usual ).

Many competitors suffered an high number of DNF ( do not finish ) failures.

Local model club members provided us with plenty of beer and - of course - german sausages :wink:

Thomas Grimm, was in charge of the organization, and many other german friends ( wearing bright orange jackets ) were involved with many aspects of the events ( cooking, starting procedure, prizegiving, boat measurement, and do on ).

The event was declared “ended” at 2 pm on sunday.

During the prizegiving, the organizers offered nice cups to top score boats, the two perennial trophies ( overall winner, and best designer ) , as well a design award, and many pretty electronic gifts from Multiplex sponsor

More news about people and boats on next posts


Folletto ITA 150

Hi Flavio and Ina. Thanks for your photos they do help give us all a view of the event and the yachts. I was so disapointed to not be there but Hannah, CJ, Phil and Victoria have all said they enjoyed the event.

I’m also really interested in hearing about your ideas for 2012 ‘Italian job’ trip to the mountains. I hope your test event goes well. Perhaps that should be another thread of it’s own??
Eagerly awaiting your Konstanz report part two !!

Hi ,

this is the fourth edition of Footy euro GP, but - once again - there aren’t final answers about the “ultimate footy solution”.

After a supremacy of flat , wide, swing rig " Ices " in Wroclaw, this year the winning boat has been a narrow diagonal boat sporting a Mc-rig.

Even if race results have been - unfortunately- affected by waves and weeds , Marcus Wahlin has been - definitely - the fastest model on the lake.

Marcus is a swedish engineer currently living in switzerland and , even if he is a newcomer to footy class, he is a skilled modelbuilder and skipper.

He has his own web site ( htpp:// ) where suberb craftmanship of his models can be appreciated.

The winning boat ( named “prototype” ) seems to be - in my humble opinion - a refined version of Bill Hagerup’s cobras :

Diagonal hull
Narrow beam ( approximately 10 cm / 4" )
Round bilged bottom
Flat sheer
Carbon fiber hull and details
Light displacement ( 350 - 400 gr ? )

Center of gravity seems to be closer to the stern in comparison to Bill designs.

Marcus was sporting not less than 4 or 5 diffent ( beautiful ) rigs to suit different weather conditions.

I hope that Marcus , himself, will provide us with more details about this nice Footy in the next future.

Without doubt we will see again improved versions of this footy around the buoys.


Folletto ITA 150

This is a you tube video ( the only one I have, unfortunately ) showing the footy fleet running to the first buoy after a start.

It is interesting to note that there was a steady current moving to the left of the screen ( due to a nearby river ).

First three boats ( sui 20 , #42, GBR 44 ) were able to properly tack around the buoy.

Following boats ( AUT 152 , with dark sails, and GBR 48, with purple sails ) after tacking close to the buoy drifted on it , loosing time to tack once again.

My folletto ( ITA 150 , white sail, wooden hull ) after the buoy, luffed a bit, tacking few second later to avoid troubles.

Final seconds of this video are showing the fleet going to next mark, pitching heavily against head “sea”.

Enjoy the movie :slight_smile:


Folletto ITA 150