Name your boats!

OK. Here is a bit of fun…:razz: Tell us the names of your boats?

Most of us have more than one radio yacht and some have interesting names, with associations and influences that to others may seem a little vague, but to us, mean a lot.

Here are mine; :batman:

AC15… Alinghi
Footy… MuckingAbout
EC12… Medication…earlier boat…Tahi…maori for “ONE” = KZ1
IOM… Lord of the Rigs
A Class… Triton
10 Rater… Panic
RM… Kotahimano… maori for 1000…(design RM1000)
Multi… Multiple Magic…(recently sold)

ok here goes
victoria ( queeny)
seawind ( oracle jr. or just junior)
austraila II ( oz)
IOMs ( cutlass, snoopy, slow poke,cuddles, and (?))
rm ( peanuts)
ac20 ( oracle)

slow poke and cuddles are both old bantock designs. cutlass was my first ever IOM design. my next IOM has already been named EXCALABUR

All of my boats have the same name, Transom because that is what it said on the plans.

US1M - BLACK PERAL because I?m not painting the carbon fiber.

First Victoria - Darter

then I started on a theme:
Marblehead - Mayhem
Second Victoria - Mischief
US One Meter - Chaos

Mike Biggs

Future US1m…TequilaSheila (to honor my wife)
Footys…Halfpint, MiniMe, Razor, HalfWit, Ode to Roger
A couple of anonymous Soling1m’s

Bill Hagerup

IOM Dingo - cause when I built it, it may have been a bit of a dog, and it was.
IOM Waka - maori for boat - cause I’m an ex NZ’er

IOM - Fugly Devil - ugly boat and sail no. is 666
EC12 - Swept Away (I used to own a chimney sweep business)
EC12 - Ketch me if u Can - had ketch rig setup on it when I got it
EC12 - Longtack - name it came with (was TAHI NZL1 ex Ian Hull-Brown)

Australia II (Ribeiro USOM): Racing Stripe ( Too many Stars & stripes variants, and it had a muddy brown stain on the transom.
Footy: Mark ^8 (the eigth hull I built; looked good enough to install the radio & rig.

IOM RedWitch
Seawind Bluewonder
MicroMagic GreyPearl

I have an older (late 1980’s) 36/600 called “Illusion”
I also have a PeaPod that is named “Comic Relief” (you would know why when you see it)
The MultiONE (1 meter tri) is called “Honky Tonk Woman” (I have a pinhead mainsail with graphic of Betty Boop on it)!
The F-48 Trimaran is still un-named but several names in contention.
A US1Meter is also unnamed.
And a Footy will be a possible winter project and is already named as “AftaShave”
Landyacht, when finished will be called “Block & Tackle Express”

I have yet to think of something.

IOM - Wigen - Martin Roberts Widget - a Wigen is a type of duck.

R6M - Diosa Verde - Green Goddess - Bantock design Ravenna, a 6 meter - full carbon but painted beautifully in British Racing Green and built perfectly by Barry Chisolm.

Marblehead - Mum’s The Word - An old ultra narrow French design from the 1994 worlds - Bought and smuggled home without the wife seeing…!!

Laser - Betsy - namned after my wife when she found out about the Marblehead…:stuck_out_tongue:

alright, here goes

M505 - Aggressor [in the build process], and Viper [in the dump:rolleyes:]
Footy - Stiletto [almost done!], bearfoot [currently gutted], Orange Crush [in the building stage], unnamed blue bearfoot [almost done], ViperS [hoping for a remodel that will allow it to sail], etc.
custom 50" that has been in the build stage for 5 years now:mad:… - i am thinking, ice^3 maybe?:confused:
and of course,
full size 420 - Sword Of Orion [what can i say? yah gotta do it once in a while!]

Razor Footy - Carpe ventum. Sieze the wind, what I do with it now?
FatBob Footy - Teal. Looks like a duck and painted teal
Victoria - Handsome Molly. Daughter wanted to call it Molly. I added Handsome to the name because it’s an oldtime fiddle tune I like.

ODOM - “Blue Fin” - named by my kids because of the color.

IOM - “Dog’s Breakfast” - because she was built out of whatever I had lying around in the garage and was always intended to be a temporary and rough prototype. It’s a miracle she is not more overweight.

Victoria - “Chores” - because when I was building her from the kit my wife would explain my absence to the neighbors by saying “He’s down in the basement working on some chores”.

My RM and 10R (under construction) are not named.

Micro Magic - “Mildred”

I was about to launch it for the first time when a more experienced model yachter jumped in my way saying “You can’t put it in the water without naming it first! It’s a long standing tradition!” So as a joke I said the first name that popped into my head…

What about:

Das Boot (you see these in just about every mrina)
For sale
for sail
IV sail

and my favourite: Tuba4:D

36incher “Omen” - a trial horse from which I learned a lot. Needed less rocker.

24incher “Bedlam” - to date, the best mannered model boat I’ve ever designed or sailed, although that isn’t necessarily saying a lot.

24incher “Peaches” - If you see it, you know why…

30incher “Fire Suppressor” - The idea is that you should be able to use it in that capacity when it’s going at speed.

Footy “Scowl” - Only a design, but it would, of course, be a Footy scow.


Might as well put down the names, since the sail numbers are my signature line…

Footy: “The Murph” my wife’s (late) runt cat - Murphy Brown, also known as “Little One” :cat:

S1M: “Pretty Pat” gotta name at least one favorite boat after your favorite female, right? (wife = Pat) :kiss:

USOM: “51 Pegasus” boat is unpainted carbon fiber black. Astronomically speaking, 51 Pegasus is a distant star with a very fast big black planet whizzing around it every 4 days (fast, black, get it?) :rolleyes: