Name your boats!

Victoria - Zig Zag Wanderer; after an old Captain Beefheart boogie rock song
Footy Lajabless hull - looking for a name, maybe Knotilus, Buoy Knife, I don’t know, help me out :rolleyes:

MacDaddy - urban slang and 50" prototype ketch loosely based on Mari Chi IV for "06 (and '07) Boat Week, Port Huron to Mackinac Race (Great Lakes). Other yachts nameless.

You named several boats “Nameless”??? :sly:

well I am mainly a motor man, BUT my yacht, a Ready to run Graupner University Club clone that was sold in Lidl early last year carries the name “Rafale Atlantique” with “GBR 2501” on the sail, (later to be suffixed with a “T”. (she has also been modified with working navigation lights), her name means Atlantic Squall

my other ships are motorized,
these are

“Yamato” (well its an Iconic warship so it has to keep its original name)

“Celestia” (take on Celestial, as in a body in space (planet, moon etc), she is based on the Graupner Sydney Star Container ship and done as a Uranium Ore carrier of the fictive “South Sands Nuclear” line.

“Gemini” is the name given to my first Graupner neptun cargo ship, “Miranda”, named after one of Uranus’s moons, both run in the South Sands Nuclear livery

“Nord Icelandia” is the name given to my semi scale freelance survey ship, and is done in the livery of “Project Aurora”, the name taken from a spy plane in the novel by Payne Harrison “Thunder of Erebus”. name means basically North Iceland,

My Graupner Southampton RTR tug retains its name “southampton”, for now

My Robbe Najade, a cabin cruiser based on the sunseeker manhattan 46 from the 1990s has the name “Espirit D’Atlantique”, (Atlantic Spirit).

As for my Elmshorn tug, it was called “Blexen”, though I am looking for a better name.

Hi guys - here’s my Soling 1 Meter . Both sides of our family immagrated
from Norway , so…
That “hailing port” is the park district lake our club sails on .

What is this RM class that several people seem to have boats from?

Pictures, thats the basic idea that started me building my first boat, however, it turned out to be a USOM and not a scale/replica of anything.


EC12 painted bright yellow: Buttercup
Marblehead scow: Moondog… I don’t know where that one came from.
Little 30 inch skiff with no class affiliation: Mister B… after one of my all time favorite dogs. (Australian Shephard):slight_smile:
Land yacht: Wheelie Monster
I have tinkered at length with a flat bottomed, one meter, skiff that has sponsons growing out of its sides. A weird boat with no excuse for a name like Pleides.
My full sized rowing and sailing skiff is too wide to be a great rowing boat and too narrow for casual sailing, but just right sometimes. Its’ name is Goldilocks:)

What is this RM class that several people seem to have boats from?

Radio Marblehead, as opposed to a free sailing Marblehead.

In otherwords - a Marblehead.

Ahh, makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification.

Well now I will throw the names of my “in progress” boats.

USOM- Hayabusa, because I like the Japanese character logo and thought it would look good on the bow of a USOM.

Scale TP52- switching back and forth between an original name “Full Cry” with a silhouette of a fox on the stern, or going true to scale and naming it Trader, painting and arranging the deck exactly like the old TP52 Trader.

CR914: “TBA”
CR610: (daughters) “Small World”
1:17 Scale VO70: I’m not sure yet (still in build process)
My full size sailboat: “Disturbed”

My boats names all have a little story behind them.

IOM Mandarin by Tony Able. Had a plywood flat deck and was called ‘Red Storm’.
I rebuilt it and renamed it ‘Red Storm Rising’ due to the raised foredeck that I
IOM Kite by Graham Bantock. I was given a 2182 which is the marine International
Distress Frequency. So I called it ‘Panik’
IOM ISIS by Barry Chisam. Bought complete except for rigs with part of a legacy from an
aunt, so ‘Jeannie B’
IOM Sloth by Richard Wills. I named it after the sloth caracter in the animated ice-age films.
IOM Pict by my brother John Knowles 'Pict Mk1 after the Pictish people that inhabited this
part of Scotland ten centuries ago. There is a museum/display about them in the
country park where we sail.


footy #1- “2 bits”
footy #2- was “test bed” until I melted it, now Its “Heat”
Vic #1 “4 Bits”
Vic #2 “LoLA” It was won at a raffle and the place we sailed the regatta was Lake Anne. and the communuty was sponsoringthe event Living on Lake Anne take the first letters of each word. “LoLA”
Soling #1 “6 Bits”
Colin Archer Schooner(not complete yet)- " A dollar"

2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar, all for the gators Stand up and hollar…from Mr 2 bits from my time UF…

Mac-A-Tack: second hull in series of 50inch ketch for Boat Week ('08), Port Huron, Michigan USA.

More: Boat Names


EC12 - Moving Violation

Rick Thaxton #14705

Cup Class = “Bow Movement”
US1M #325 = “Loose Bow”
Footy = “IBS” (Irritible Bow Syndrome)

I’m thinking there must be a theme here somewhere, could be my boats ain’t worth a $#!+, hmmm…?

The one meter is American Dragon / 美 国 龙

Makes for a good conversation starter with the locals here.

I’ll have to see how “Piece of Junk” translates for my current build.


With the help of a friend I switched from various colored boats (orange, cerise, black, etc.) to white only. And with that named them all: Vanilla Vixen

Carl Bihlmeyer
IOM 400
IOM 464
Victoria 910
AC 10
M 15
AMYA til 2010

I would never name my boats this but…two of the most memorable boat names that I have seen. “Breakin’ Wind”, “Blow me”

My latest addition to the fleet ---- an RG65 made from veneer-on-stringer construction and finished “bright” - name is “Morning Wood” ----- not acceptable on the “other forum”.

RG65 for my son-in-law is “Dirty Deeds” and built from balsa.

Not actually used the name (yet!!) but I remember a Sergeant who worked for me suggesting that any boat I built or owned should be called ‘Cirrhosis of the River’. For the life of me I really can’t imagine why…!!