Model Yachting #152 - Footy Issue

I want to thank all that put their efforts into the articles in the current issue of AMYA’s Model Yachting. There are many informative articles that I wish I had the skills to write. I truly hope this issue encourages more members to take up the sheer fun that Footy’s bring to bear.

How would those of us in the UK and further afield get to view a copy of the article


Part of the reason the US guys pay their yearly membership dues, is to receive the quarterly magazine. Often the AMYA posts portions of the current magazine on it’s web site as a “tickler” to encourage membership, but to make paid-for articles available at no charge may not set well with the general membership who must pay.

The option I can recommend is that there is always an over-run of printed magazines, and those are usually sold throught the AMYA’s Ships Store on a first-come, first-served basis. You can order via the AMYA website link to SHIPS STORE.

Dick - Tech Editor for AMYA Model Yachting Magazine

Doesn’t someone have to be a member in good standing to order things like back issues from the AMYA Ship’s Store? I’m curious because I let my membership lapse (and sold off my boats) over 15 years ago after I moved to a smaller apartment and no longer had the room to store my S/B, Marblehead, and 36/600. After discovering the Footy a little over a month ago, I’m considering getting back into the hobby, but was told by then it was too late to start the renewal with issue #152 if I joined, unless I ordered it additionally with the renewal as a back issue (even though the issue still in question still hadn’t been released).

If you are not yet an AMYA member and are interested in seeing what an issue of Model Yachting looks like, go to

When an issue of Model Yachting goes to the printer AMYA Membership Secretary Michelle Dannenhoffer then has ten days to update and submit the Mailing Lists. If a member renews his membership, or a new member joins, after the mailing lists has been submitted; he will not be included as one getting that current issue. The late-comer goes on the mailing list for the next year’s worth of issues. Anyone now wanting MY#152, featuring the Footy Class, does need to purchase it from the AMYA’s Ships Store. The cost is $7.00. However, being fresh off the press, a quantity of the Footy issue is about to be shipped and will probably arrive a the Ship’s Store about one week from today.

Footy Class Secretary Bill Hagerup did an excellent job lining up the writers: Scott Spacie, Niel Goodrich, Alain Jousse, Dennis Desprois, Andrew Cook, Keven Jackson, Angus Richardson, Graham McAllister, Bill Korsgard and Richard Proseus. Thirteen interesting articles and almost one-hundred photos and illustrations – A great issue!

Rich Matt
AMYA 004
Footy 09

I had forgotten about the “sample” copy of the magazine. Thanks, Rich for the reminder.

For those taking the time to look at the sample, it is fairly representative of the quality of articles and photos that appear in each quarterly issue. Most often, each issue is dedicated to only one or two classes in detail, so this example covers a wide range of classes and ideas - not all of them may be legal in the class you sail.

Bill - here is a quick guess, although I will follow-up and try to get an answer to post here. MY GUESS: is that any over-runs/extras of the magazines would be sold to anyone wanting to buy - AMYA member or not. I base my “guess” on the fact that as a member, we have already gotten our copy mailed, well before these go on sale - so saving extra copies in the hopes there would be additional copies purchased only by a member doesn’t sound logical - but then some things aren’t logical at all.

Also - since he doesn’t take much credit himself - the featured “spinnaker” rigged AC boat is Rich Matt’s, and he is also our photo editor - the guy who is always yelling at the rest of us to send him hi-resolution photos to make for good published quality. A few of us refer to him as “Mr. 600 DPI” - since 300 dpi, while acceptable for his photo resolution isn’t “nearly” as good as 600 dpi. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they take Paypal?


  1. You DO NOT have to be an AMYA member to order back issues of the magazines, plans, etc.

  2. The Ship’s Store accepts payment via

  3. A direct link to the Ship’s Store Welcome Page is:

  4. Note - postage/freight is added to all orders.

I just got it (the footy issue of Model Yachting) and it is sort of a bible for me.

Never having examined an RC boat or seen a footy the biggest problem that I’ve had is figuring out how to get things working. The pictures in this issue have provided a lot of ideas.

It is also amazing to see the range of designs, and to realize that with all this variety, nothing looks like my boat either, and I guess that there are things out there, unrecorded yet that are also different.

Thanks to all involved for a very enjoyable magazine.


Glad you like the issue, Pete. It was kind of a nail biter for me, wondering if it would all come together into a good issue. Rich mentioned the guys who contributed articles, but we should also recognize the guys who work so hard to put it together…John Davis, Pat Butterworth, Rich Matt at the forefront of the effort.

I also want to acknowledge my wife’s contribution. Sheila took the cover photo!

I hope the excellent articles all contributed will inspire Footy builders world wide.

Bill H

It’s a great issue, well worth buying for anyone interested in starting in footys. It’s also worth mentioning that when anyone joins the AMYA they also get a copy of the ‘Beginners Guide’ issue which also features a Footy article. Thank you Bill H for encouraging the writers including myself and hejping this issue to be a success.


I got mine today - great stuff! Too much to read in one sitting!

The AMYA must have sold out of edition #152 . Went to the web site to order a copy and it lists #152 as coming soon.Will just have to wait for a reprint I suppose .

I’m like a couple of other guy’s here, have never sailed RC before, have never even seen a working RC Yacht and am struggling a bit with my 507 Footy. You can never have too mush reference material.

Will keep plugging along , want to get this little boat wet.



Over 100 copies of Model Yachting #152 (featuring the Footy) were shipped yesterday, May 27, from the printer in IL to the AMYA Ship’s Store in CA. It will take about one week for them to get there. If you were to send in an order for a copy today, Store Keeper Michelle will know to send you one as soon as she gets the shipment.

Rich Matt

Great effort Bill on the Footy articles and I have been recommending it many sailing friends.

I have been building your Razor Footy over the last month and hope to see it sink or float within the week. If you go at it seriously, it is a lot of effort as you have to work out a lot of details. I have been trying to document some of my steps and hope to make it available to our tanglewoodmyc members. If we really want to see this class explode, I think a full reference design with full details and measurements for all items is needed.

Regarding questions, I have two.

In issue #152, there is a 2 page summary of about a dozen Footy’s giving overall dimensional information. There are a few missing pieces of data including one for your boat I believe. I wanted to make calculations such as ballast ratio and ballast moment (weight x distance) to make comparisons and compute averages. Would it be possible to get the contributers to post the missing numbers?

Second question relates to boat performance. Has anyone tried to figure a way to rank performance of the various boats? A simple solution would be to post summary information using all regatta results, but this typically is biased by skipper experience and wind conditions, but still might be useful. Is there a more meaningful approach? I will likely build a kit next and would like to be a knowledgable buyer.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks Matt , will order #152 today , hope my copy arrives before I stuff up the build too much :smiley:


Issue #152 was really a delight! A number of skippers in the area have come up to me to say that they now understand my facination with the class. It should really increase interest in the fastest growing class in the world.

There is one small quibble I have though. Somewhere in the editing process, the word “boomkin” got changed to “bumpkin”. So before my friends kid the life out of me, please rest assured that I do know the difference between the place I used to stand on a forty two foot Alden schooner named “Freedom” when I was a kid and an “an awkward rustic; a lout”!


So what’s the thing mentioned in the Footy rules? A lout projecting aft of the box? For many Footys, that would be the skipper. :wink:

:devil3:Bumpkin is English. God knows what Americans have sticking out of their rears - small nuclear exxplosons? :):zbeer:

Surprised at you Angus:)

Its a boomkin with a straw in its mouth, so I think its a Dutch Yokel

Has anyone in the UK acquired a #152?