Miss coquette design....

Hello there,

Last night ( :yawn: ) I was reading the June 08 issue of MMI and in the Sail free column, I saw a footy called Miss coquette designed by Charles Dietriche with a title in the column French Footies…

This Morning (:bouncy: ) I received from a fellow french modeler his issue of the December 06 french model boat magazine called MRB featuring the free plan of Miss coquette (I was knowing that there was a footy free plan in that issue but not which one) what a strange coincidence…

Do you guys know how this design sail ?

Xavier from WI

Since it was published as a “free” plan, it would be interesting if you could scan the drawing & post it here to give the rest of us a look at it. Have you checked any of the French rc model discussion forums to see what they might have to say about it?

Well I am not sure that it is a real free plan as you got it only if you buy the magazine. in the MMI issue they say that it can be purchased through " Sails etc " a company owned by Graham Bantock, so you will understand that I am a little bit reluctant to published it there.

But I found that on the website of sails etc :

book of Charles Détriché

Just tell me if the sentence “It is typical of Charles’ generosity to the sport that he allows builders to build the designs in the catalogue free of any further payment or royalty.” means that I could publish the plan here, I am not quite sure.

Yes I’ve checked all the french forum that I know (which means only two) and no one of them (including the forum of that magazine) talked about it. Even worse they don’t speak about footy at all !!!

As the design seems to be sold by an English company I thought our gentlemen sailors on the other side of the pond could tell me a little bit more about it.

I have tried stirring up interest in Footys on French websites with a more or less total lack of sucess. Before anyone jumps down my throat I write good idiomatic French and language should not be a problem.

Googling for Footy yacht voilier on sites in French, I get one hit - to Brett - in the first 15 pages! There is native French opposition - a 750 mm pretty much unrestricted class which is intended to be ‘extreme’. The links to it no longer work.There is also something with anti-dive planes whose name I cannot remember. Footys seem a dead duck in France.

I have been in contact with Charles Detriche to find out more. He said that there were some boats and that he would try to put us in touch with them. I have heard nothing since despite some prompting.


The dead duck - is this what the French call a mallard imaginaire?

BTW and on the french lingo front I came across a gallicism which might be a motto for gary (builds 'em thin). it goes: “pas d’ell yeux Rhone que nous” (please just imagine the circumflex)

at work, but puckish

pas d’ell yeux Rhône que nous

You guys know now why I bought a brand new laptop before moving to the USA, just for the accent that are so helpful in my mother tongue… :zbeer:


Only Molière our own Shakspeare … and it is malade imaginaire … :wink: but that’s probably british humour guys that’s why I did not understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep french people seems to be more turn on RG 65 and Micro Magic, lack of interest in building designing ?

But it is funny to read your comment as the magazine stated that there was a lot of demand from the readers that’s why they published the plan and also a translation of the rules so everybody can design is own footy …

If you have the contact of Charles Detriche, may be you can ask him if we can published is set of plan ?


Sure! I’ll try.

One thing you have to realise about Charles Detriche is that he is incredibly prolific - I don’t know how mny designs a year. It doesn’t take much demand to make him put pencil to paper!


You’re being a little unfair to your countrymen Xavier. There are some French designs in the RG-65 class despite the relatively small numbers sailing the class. My boat is in fact based on a French design.

I do agree that they are a lot of RG 65 in France even thought it seems to me that it was a few years ago that there was some interest for it (that’s what I think as all the interesting threads are a few years old), and I totally agree on the fact that the website http://rg65.free.fr/album/ is french and seems to be kind of a bible for those looking for a RG 65 plan. But all the recent photos seems to be added by Brazilian and Argentinian skipper on that website… But for sure the micro magic from Graupner seems to be really used for regatta.

I was just pointing out that there was not so much interest on the footy class in france and as footy must be done from scratch (well there is some kit now but not in france) for a french skipper.


It is indeed a great pity. I am old enough to remember when every French engineering student was building 1/ or 1/2 tonner - Soft Machine, Subversion, … Not all of the worked but most of them were tremendously ingenious. My expectation was that Frenchmen andFootys went together like wine and cheese.

And on Franglais puns:

If a priest suffers from a crise de foi, does a cook suffer from a crise de foie?


I do have an engineering degree but I have to admit that I never tried anything to build or even better restore an half tonner. But I do have participated twice at the race called " Tour de France à la voile " on my engineering school boat INSA Voile …but I was only driving one of the truck, at that time I was to heavy to compete and I was playing rugby so no time to sail during the training session.

And something else in french

Il était une fois dans la ville de Foix, une marchande de foie qui se dit ma foi c’est un bien beau metier que je fais là…


Gal, amant de la reine, alla tour magnanime
Galamant de l’arène à la Tour Magne à Nîmes

Miss Coquette was one of Charles Detriche’s earliest Footy designs, completed in August 2003. As he generously send me copies of most of his designs with permission to use in MMI, I have covered this boat twice in different issues. The photos are of his own boat.

As I had a very good relationship with MRB and RC Marine, I used to be their UK agent for many years before I became Editor of MMI in 1990, we often use similar material. My own Little Wing IOM was featured in RC Marine with a free plan I developed from Charles’ line drawings, and Minimumm was likewise published in both magazines.

Copyright only applies if someone scans a plan and then tries to make money by selling it on. There is a guy selling plans on CDs on Ebay and this is definitely breaking the law but Ebay seem unable to control this. Passing a single copy to a friend to build one hull is not a problem.

I am sure Charles would be delighted to hear of other Miss Coquettes being built around the world, from scanned plans or photocopied.

He has put together his first catalogue of plans which is available from Sails Etc to give potential builders a chance to see a selection of his designs. If the catalogues SELL well then he will no doubt produce a second volume, there are plenty of designs to choose from!!

Chris Jackson
Ex- Editor of MMI

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your message, I indeed find out that MRB, RC Marine and bateau modèle (All are french model boat magazine … But I think RC Marine is out of business) do have some plan in common with MMI as There are a lot of plans available in MMI that are available in the french magazines.

As every body seems to agreed on the fact that publishing this set of plan won’t be an issue for his author as long as no business is made with I’ll try to scan it but it could take some weeks as we are starting moving which means going back and forth to find a new place and so on.


Just a quick thought…Is the Footy biggest in countries with a history of Imperial measurement, rather than metric?

Do I detect the society for the restoration of the rod, pole or perch in Her Majesty’s realm?

I think that the only country in the world that is still pretty unequivocally Imperial (although I don’t know what they call it) is the USA.

What? What? WHAT?
Do I need restoration?
Well, maybe…! I just got back from the pond, having driven for half an hour across the City of London, (as we say, the OTHER London), got my rubber boots on, and was starting to take my Soling out of the car, when I found that I had forgotten both my transmitters!!!
So I’m going fishing… Lets see…flyrod, reel, flies…Yep.

Well… No…!
Water too high, too fast, too muddy.
Oh, well… I shuddah gone sailin’.