Mini40 Trimaran First Launch

Today I have successfully launched my first Nightmare MK VIII off my new moulds. The prototype has been launched in April.
It has been a calm day, nothing spectacular. So far the boat sails well - strong wind sailing videos will follow - I’m waiting for the wind:D

My first glass MK VIII without rig - 65M Tri pictured together to see the difference in size of this two classes.

Nightmare MK VIII first production boat first launch today, October 10th, 2009

You can find some more pictures and data on my site.

Enjoy looking


(And actually I also can congratulate myself as well, as it is my own design you where able to realize!)

For further rigg-/sail development please also check out Karl Schmidts (SKAUT´s) exceptionally great new video:

Have a nice sailing weekend
Ernst Zemann aka Idealist aka Disabled

chaussure puma

Hi all,
I uploaded some video clips of my MK8 with carbon tube beams today.

The video clips and some pics can be found at

Have fun

First show carbon Nightmare MK VIII

  • total weight of the hulls, beams & appendages 1,6kg

MK VIII Special - Show Carbon Edition

Happy Sailing:D

Dear Siri,
this boat looks awesome!!!

1.6kg is also VERY good!

Would you please be so kind, on tell us the prize for this spezial “Carbon-Edition” as well?

Thank you very much,

Hi Ernst,
long time not heard from you. Are you still busy?
The show carbon version costs 300 USD more than the glass version or 100 USD more if the customer supplies the carbon fabrics. (carbon is very expensive here).


What servos are you guys using in the 48"ers?
Are you using a winch for the sails?
If not a winch what then?

A Hitec 815 BB (about 140 degree rotation) single arm for main and just moving to a GWS 1 Turn S-125 for jib. The jib servo is much slower than the arm and easier to do small, incremental adjustments, while the arm lets me dump wind quickly if needed.
On the 1 Meter, (about 1000 sq. inch of sail area) I use the Hitec 815 - but with a double arm that controls both jib and main at the same time.

I’m using a standard GWS 666 with 250oz/inch for my swing rig with an arm lenght of 3 inch. This is more than enough for a swing rig. Swing rigs are balanced and don’t need as much power to sheet as required by standard rigging.

  • Two new designs finally made it to the water -

Venom R - lightweight Mini40 catamaran

WRT40 MK2 - Mini40 Trimaran

Nightmare MK8 - Mini40 Trimaran with a new rig

more multi hulled designs still on my workbench, but coming soon…:zbeer:

This days I have launched the prototype of my new Nightmare X which evolved from Ernst’s Nightmare MKVIII. The Nightmare X has slimmer floats and promises higher speeds without losing much of stability.

There are more images and video clips on my website RCSails - watch out for more pictures and clips to come at RCSails


Hi Phanchita,

Hope you and family are all good over there…word on the street is the redshirts and yellow shirts have thrown all their toys out of the cot!!

I am not sure how many mini 40 versions you have now, maybe 3 ?, which one do you think offers the best performance?.

A while ago i noticed on one of your web vids that the windward hull seemed to have a lot of twist/flex when it was getting airtime…I see that Ian of Singapore?, who has bought one of your nightmare VIII models has had to beef up the crossmembers to help prevent this. As I am about to start the build on my crossmembers I would be interested to know your construction detail (beam dimensions/laminate schedule/type of resin etc…) you are using now to solve this problem as it would be nice if I could get it right the first time…I have been quite concerned about this issue as I have seen it often on multis of all sizes and the flexing of crossmembers definately causes all sorts of rig problems and structural failures long term.

The secret is I guess a combination of good shape of crossmember profile and a well engineered composite layup. Any advice would be gratefully received…well done by the way on yet another hull in your fleet, I have been amazed at how I have watched your product range grow from a powerboat to many options in rc yachts in a matter of years…you must have way to much time on your hands…have you given up on the powerboat building?.


Gary you have a PM

My newInferno - a slim Mini40 catamaran with twin boards & rudders.
Dick will like this design.

There are more new multis on my workbench - more pictures to come soon


Looks Nice Siri.

How does it sail?

What’s the length to beam ratio?

I think you need to get the rig a bit lower so the rig boom is just above the crossbeam; my thinking on this is to invert the conventional approach where the rig sits in a tube (which appears to be your approach) and have a stub that the mast sits over.

Have you got the radio gear installed under the crossbeam - if so isn’t it a bit exposed to water ingress?


Hi Ray,
long time not heard from you - how is your 2m Cat coming along?
The Inferno sails and accelerates fast - you need to be fast at the sticks too :slight_smile: .

The length to beam ratio is about 5:4. I know the mast foot is too high - I did not do the rig especially for the Cat, it is borrowed from my Tris to test the prototype. The molded boat will be much lighter than the prototype ( I’m using the heavy beam plug for the sailing tests now) and will get a new rig with the boom about two inches nearer to the beam. I have part of the electronics below the beam in a box protected from water splashing. My sheeting servo is a waterproof one - so far I did not have problems with the electronics.


Hi Siri & Ray -

you are correct - I DO like it a lot! Siri - do you have anyone near you that can also sail your multihulls at the same time? I am curious if the cat accelerates a lot faster than the tri - since it is so much lighter in weight. Just wondering if you have been able to sail the tri against the cat?

Looks good. PM me with pricing for hulls and beam when you have them.

Hi Siri, I’ve ben very quiet since breaking my hip - I’ve not been able to really work on the 2metre cat at all this year and now I’m about to have a builder start on demolishing and rebuilding my garage/workshop so it looks as though it’s going to be slow going for a while longer. In the meantime I’ve been busy working up some drawings for a wingsail for a 2metre boat and will probably equip the cat with that in due course.


looks great! can’t wait for the vids.