Mini40 Trimaran First Launch


not sure if your email address/ISP address has been compromised, but the post today was deleted since it is questionable if it is RC Sailing related. Have received three notices questioning the Insurance Link signature - so if your signature hasn’t been compromised by someone - perhaps remove the “commercial” side of the signature so it isn’t identified as potntial SPAM.

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Dick Lemke

Hi Dick,

I have sailed the Inferno against the Nightmare, the Inferno accelerates much faster but looses this advantage in turns where the
Tri is quicker.
I will send you a PM with the pricing as soon as I have the moulds done and tested the final thing.

@Ray: It’s been a long time since you had your accident - I hope you’re well soon and can continue your Cat project - the wing sail will be an interesting feature.


Thanks Panchita, yes, it is a long time since my accident and It’s been a frustrating year so far but I’m now mending nicely and have managed some holiday breaks with a week in Tuscany and another in the English Lake District. The good news is that for the last week or so I’ve been walking without any aids, even though I do still have something of a limp. I’ve resumed the practical side of my hobbies and have just finished building an amplifier (I’m into DIY hifi with the aim of top-end music in the home):

I’m planning to resume the multihull shortly, as soon as I’ve cleared some work area, and will be doing a final review of the wingsail design before getting the ribs laser-cut.


Hi all,
yesterday I lauched a new trimaran prototype. The boat, the ‘WRT40 Release 2’ is the latest designed from Jean Margail (
It sails well and is not tending to pitchpole.

Some more pictures and some short video clips can be found on my site



I got this short Nightmare MK VIII clip from Ian in Australia today.


Enjoy the video

Hey Siri.

You are not kidding when you say a short video!