March Hare Trophy

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I think we’ve got 12 entry forms so far, despite a Dying Hamster and a Perfidious Halsterad. With a bit of luck we should clear 20 entries on the day (???).

Even if you don’t have the slightest intention of coming, please do have a look. Any views on the documentation as an approach to street-legal RRS race documents for newcomers would be gratefully accepted. The actual sailing instructions are very slightly modified (to take care of the fact that a Footy does not have a measurement certificate) MYA standard and will appear on the back of the OOD (Race Controller to you lot over there)'s hut.

Feedback, folks.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Angus, but that link is out of order

Erase the “;” at the end of the link.

A, you put us to shame with this one…most incredible NOR I’ve ever seen…makes me want to move to the UK! :wink:

Beautiful job, my friend.


It certainly does reflect a lot of time, care, and effort put into it… One day, we Americans will create something so grand… until then, i suppose, in this [one instance, we should let the brits rest on their laurels eh?

Very detailed and perfectly written for a novice like me who has yet to attend a race meeting.

I am very disapointed that i am going to miss this one.

Looks like you hit the nail on the head with this one Angus… brilliant work!

Too tired to read it, but seems to be a good document according to my old student rule : big report…good report :graduate:

Hey Angus… here’s a little reminder of the conditions when we dissolved the last race in Llandudno last September… happy days… :rolleyes:

Yes we were racing in that just 10 minutes earlier! When the swans started to sink we called it a day.



Perfidious Hatstand indeed! You have impugned my honour, I believe Sir.

(well, I think you have cos both the spelling and pronunciation are beyond me!)

Anyway tremble, skippers, I will be there with Rav-the-razor
and Litefoot, possibly also ZBF, Shipfoot and Slice, and certainly some things which you may not wot.


I think we’e flying. The biggest problem is that the longest term forecast the Met. Office is prepared to give out (Friday) is saying 35 knots from the NW. This means that the lake is totally exposed, plus occasiional near-vertical downblasts off the cliffs of the Grrat Orme, just to the North.

It’s not likely to stay blowing that hard for very long, but it could still be very windy and temperatures low. Plans for lunch-time and post-race catering ae rapidly shifting from delicate and amusing little salads to filling Russion one-pot stews/soups and Siberian meat dumplings.

More seriously, entries are now pretty certainly at least 19 - possibly as many as 24. We are promissed at least 3 Juniors.

Wish us well. We are doing our very best to run a totally first-rate day out that all the familly can enjoy. If it works properly it may help to set a stamp on Footy racing in Britain with more involvement by a much wider range of people.

Well done Angus! I wish you the best of weather, luck and success. Will akela or moonshadow be competing in your name? :stuck_out_tongue:


Herewith a firm list of entrants. The least likely is John Ireland who says ‘He probably shouldn’t. but he almost certainly will.’

Angus Richardson, Mark Holcroft, Gary Sanderson, Tim Coaley, Andrew Tewin, Alex Tulloch, ‘Father’ |Tulloch, Peter Robinson, Matthew Lulham-Robinson, Benjamin Lulham-Robinson, Trevor Thomas, Russell Potts, Peter Hubbard, Ian Apps, John Meredith, Jeff Hines, Mike van der Peet, Iolo Roberts, John Ireland, Andrew Halstead, Angus Halstead’ Graham Elliot – 22 boats, all firm promises.

The down side is the weather. The Met Office/ BBC tend to moderate their views as time goes by. I think we shall be OK, no matter what Baby Burping Keith may say. Just remember:

Prepare – everything. Then check it
Make things truly water tight
B rigs
You can wear ship as easily as you can tack.

NB Catering arrangements have been changed to suit the climate. By the lake, heavy soups and stews intended to keep the upper echelons of the Red Army running in winter, not frou-frou little sandwiches. We’re committed on this, so please do come along and discover how good Russian Easter food can be.

Colwyn Bay Model Yacht Club
Mad March Hare – Results
23 March 2008

Sail No. R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 R 5 R 6 R 7 R 8 Tot- D Pos
149 Dump Truck
Peter Robinson 1 2 3 1 1 3 1 2 8 1
145 Micron
Graham Elliot 3 3 1 5 2 2 2 1 11 2
147 Mistrallette
Trevor Thomas 5 4 2 2 4 4 4 4 20 3
99 Moonshadow
Mike van den Peet ret 6 6 6 3 1 3 2 21 4
131 ‘507’
John Meredith 4 5 5 3 5 5 6 6 27 5
156 Dump Truck/17 Bug
Mathew Lulham-Robinson 6 7 8 7 6 ret 5 5 36 6
118 Razor
Andrew Halstead ret 1 4 4 7 ret dns dns 38 7
113 Audrey/13 Gull
Gary Sanderson ret ret 7 ret ret ret ret 3 54 8
157 Ro-Ro
Benjamin Lulham-Robinson 2 dns dns dns dns dns dns dns 57 9
86 Pip Squeak
Russell Potts dns dns dnf dns dns dns dns dns 66 10

And so they came from the four corners of the country to sail Footys. Some came for a dabble, some were committed Footiers. The weather forecast was, shall we say, rugged, giving 20 knots + from the north and the possibility of snow. Although in reality things were a little better, a number of the less experienced drivers, often in borrowed boats, decided to stand the dance out – or at any rate to ‘cruise in company’. Accordingly the sheet above does not really give a very good idea of the true size of the fleet of Footys that congregated on West Shore in Llandudno.

However, this did not stop Peter Robinson from winning by a country mile. A skipper new to Footydom, a brand new moulded depron design - Dump Truck - and the promise of low-cost kits to follow, all mated to an endearingly forceful Yorkshire personality: Peter is sure to become a power in the land of the Footy in the future. A run of scoring firsts and seconds with two thirds as discards suggests a fair degree of consistency. The only shadow over the whole deal is the structural failure of the boats of his two sons, Mathew and Benjamin, but Peter reckons that this can easily be overcome. Watch the wall my darling as the adverts pass on by!

After that it’s really a matter of cataloguing the excuses. In second place, Graham Elliott, the well-known IOM sailor was in his first time out in a Footy sailing a Micron borrowed from Bill Green. Even his learning curve against Dump Truck was flattening out toward the afternoon. His major assessment ‘The only sensible rig in this class is the McCormack rig’. Swing rigs, he felt had insufficient ability to dump lift.
In third place we had Trevor Thomas beautiful new Mitraillette – modestly described by its designer as a pastiche of a USOM design and a Footy. She represents yet another step along the road toward narrower beam and lighter displacement initiated by Ian Dunmore and more recently pushed by Moonshadow. Not only is she fast, she is also consistent and beautifully built: she would probably have been awarded the concours d’honeur if we had thought to award one. Poor Trevor will never live this down – the poor, simple railway modeller who built a Razor on a whim and was inveigled by that dreadful man Richardson into having his poor little boat registered and taking it for a race. The growth in his competitiveness and skills over the last year odd is tremendous and we should all raise our glasses in respect.

A single point behind Mitraillette we had Moonshadow sailed by the genial South African Mike van der Peet. In the early races Moonshadow was hampered by a defective servo which gave her a DNF and placings in the lower half of the fleet. Once the servo had been replaced, she was back up at the top, but still lagging fractionally behind the two leaders on average. Graham Elliott reckoned that, once the wind was just a little free, there was nothing on the lake that would hold her. Others have suggested that her big weakness is to windward in a disproportionate wind and chop in which she develops a kind of ‘bob’ – a mixture of pitch and heave. Hopefully this matter has been improved in her successor Voortrekker.

In fifth position we had the intrepid John Meredith sailing his 507. It has been an open secret for some time now that the 507 is not all that it is made up to be. The matter is now scarcely secret: all three of the Brumm Mafia (Messrs. Meredith, Hubbard and Apps) were all there, but the latter two preferred to ‘cruise in company’ since they reckon their boats are essentially unraceable. Complaints include getting into irons excessively easily, monstrous leeway, poor helm control and sails of which someone said “‘joke lines’ on the sails to make you look kewl are fine if you’re winning. If you’re way down the fleet, they make you look like an idiot”. However, doughty West Midlander that he is, John battled his way round the course finishing every race, discarding two sixths and taking a third as his best place. Your good health sir! Equally encouraging, all the Mafia are determined to do everything they can to improve the performance of their 507s. Angus Richardson is already being consulted on suggestions.

In sixth we had Peter Robinson’s son Mathew. After a structural failure of his Dump Truck, he borrowed Roger Stollery’s original Bug and recorded steadily improving positions after that. Clearly a young man to be watched!

Andrew Halstead recorded his first first – and would have done much better overall had he not been called away by wife and son for much of the afternoon. While by the lake he was frequently to be seen taking people behind bushes for their confidential viewing of the first shell mouldings of Voortrekker 1. Given Andrew’s sense of humour, what this struck into them must be a matter of debate.

Finally. At the back of the fleet, we had Gary Sanderson’s very sexy looking new Audrey which is the only Footy so far known to have sunk twice in one series – ironic given Gary’s usual meticulous preparation – Benjamin Robinson suffering from structural failure (after 2nd in the first race) and Russell Hobbs whose Micron keel box went a wandering, after which he went on to discover that his unbalanced una rig was nigh-on uncontrolable in heavy winds.

More glory to Russel though. During the breaks he brought out his Phin – the only working example of this Alex Austin design. To everyone’s total amazement this extraordinary device sailed much like any other Footy, albeit rather further over on its ear. Hope to get some photos.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks to Owain and Iolo Roberts, OOD and Assistant OOD. After the racing Owain was invited to become an Honorary Member of Colwyn Bay Model Yacht Club. He accepted the club’s invitation.

I will be getting back to you as soon as possible with pictures, stories, an analysis of mistakes and (for competitors only) a questionnaire on the format of future events.



Thank you for the race report Angus, it’s good that you were able to get some races in despite the nasty weather, but what were you thinking, a regatta for tiny boats in North Wales in March!
As one who was encouraged by Andrew to try to develop the 507 I disagree with your rather scathing commentary on the boat’s potential. The boat was promoted as a simple, one design, kit boat at a reasonable price. I suspect that with a bit of attention to foils and sails the boat might be quite competitive. If you know how to sail an RC boat that is. I admit that I don’t. but I’m working on it. Paul

We were thinking of somethimg very important -we have demonsrtated that Footys that are half-way well preared and designed and race in heavy seas and 20 knots. he mere fact that this his been shownn possible is driving design and construction forward.

Twice :scared:

Hare are some pics. DumpTruck is hardly an oil painting but she certainly goes.

The Robinson young slso hve a fearsome power of concentration.

Hi Angus,

I know that the powers that be in this forum put a pretty harsh restriction on file size but perhaps you could manage a higher resolution photo of “Dump Truck”? I’m sure that I am not the only one curious about this boat that you seen to hold in some regard.

Angus and Organisers

A big thank you for arranging a fun event - lots of racing, better weather than we had dared to hope for, and even the swans were (fairly) benign:D

Pictures tonight or tomorrow - they are at present locked in the Espace (since we got home at midnight last night and my “Style Advisor’s” keys are locked inside it! Mine are here, safe, in my pocket but until I get home from work today - no pictures.)

I also have a brief, informal report on the “other” event being run concurrently that day - to follow.

Lest anyone misunderstand, what I was showing people behind the bushes was reckoned to be rather small, but I like to believe that having three of them more than compensated.