March Hare Trophy

Some pictures uploaded onto Photobucket - can be viewed at

They include one of Dumptruck in full glory - also attached here “forumsize”

The “Other” competition results;

There was stiff competition for “Laugh of the Day” on Easter Sunday - Andrew, when he turns up, is a natural buffoon, but on this day he was upstaged and outnumbered.

Serious Contenders:
A) Russell Potts with Phin - pic attached. This is the only Footy which stands taller than it creator. Beautifullly finished, and sailed well on its lugole
B) Mike’s hat. (This may be an illegal entry, as it may have been tuned to 37 MHZ, judging by the antennae)
C) Gary’s day. Altho Gary ONLY turned up with one new boat (a canoe only slightly wider than a tramticket) he did give us the pleasure of seeing this sink slowly in the west before he changed to Audrey - which, after several good races, lay down on the job (pic attached) after losing her keel complete
Gary’s gazebo also came close to starting race 3.
D) Andrew’s efforts were mild by comparison - clearly he should have shown his papiepache square-rigger to be in contention. Having the Razor hull with red and white sides was hardly competitive.

I’m sure that there were other islands of merriment, but as a part-timer I may have missed them

the perfidious hatstand

Thanks for the photos Andrew, makes me all the more sorry I could not get back there this time. Maybe later in the year, we shall see. I should probably give my vote to Mike’s hat, without the feet no, with the feet YES!

I will have to take Dumptruck as a sign that blunt bows and low aspect ratio rigs are a good thing then. The variety that keeps showing up and doing well says a whole lot for the class, great stuff. Well done Angus and the crew yet again, you just might be the best organised little non yacht club out there!

The pirates are still here… :pirate:



Yes, I had forgot for a moment that you “have the T-shirt” and have wrestled these swans and the swirling gale.

DumpTruck was not alone - she had a couple of sisters of similar style and rig which went as well in young hands till unspecified structural failure cut it short. Stylish rig, eh?

Blunt bows is wide bows,
so yes - I believe that this is part of the downwind solution. My Razor is a darting nightmare down the wind, and would be impossible if the MACRig didn’t flatten to absorb the gusts. I did lay out a Razor about 10% oversize and was going to prume the bow off as a pram (like an Optimist) to get both the width and a surface to resist diving (Optizor). Still seems like a good idea, but I would rather have a double chine, too.

I forgot to mention Trevor’s entry in the fun stakes
E) Mistralette has planked decks, and the printing on the sails is PERFECTLY level. Goes beautifully and finished well. The fun part is that the shape is clearly planked round half an Easter egg! Silent winch, too:D
I had several pictures of her too, but they have evaporated, sorry

Instant reaction and thought… did anyone think to keep the clear plastic easter egg shaped boxes… nay Footy hulls?


Thanks for posting the photos. I didn’t manage to get any of the Phinn sailing. I was much too busy trying to control the beast in her brief excursion on the water. When I have the Pip Squeak back in commission, having ripped out all the interior with the intention of doing it again better, I shall seek to make Phinn a more practical boat. 1 A moustache. 2 add on foam buoyancy forward. (Velcro as you propose for Sloice?). 3 If these don’t work, and I don’t think they will, a Macrig, though designing one of the size needed and with a long enogh forward extension to use the existing mast position may be a challenge.