maiden voyage!

my footy had her maiden voyage yesterday, winds 0-2knts, not much excitement there, until a puff of about 4 came up, and she dipped her rail and went off like a shot! i’ll post pics as soon as they up-load. [srry, didn’t get one of 4knts, that came up on me too fast, and left even faster. sigh.]

Congratulations 420sailor… fun isn’t it!

Yo ho

guess i’m gonna have to post these one at a time… [all my pics are too big. sigh] well, here is one!

I wish I could hook up my webcam to my Palm PDA, so I can mount it to my radio & get some video.


from the stern, you footy doen’t look like a footy in the sense of the other pics Ive seen. is it different hull configuration?

(the funny looking Cat guy)

ha ha! you see the difference! its my own design. rather low freeboard, but also really goodlooking [if i do say so myself.] i am waiting for some better wind to really put it through its paces, but i am expecting great things, great things… [evil laugh] i have a rather heavier bulb in there than most i think, around 5 oz. on a 8" arm. has alot of righting moment. the pics won’t load on this forum, i can’t make them small enough [darn digital zoom] but there are more on the yahoo group page under 420sailors pics… i will add some out of the water ones soon.

If I’ve got my arithmetic right, a 125 g bulb strikes me as very light indeed. Is that a typo?

5oz is around 141.5g Angus… which is still light. Standard Kittiwakes carry a 200g (7oz) bulb. It does look nice though 420sailor.

TomoHawk… you crack me up!


i guess i was wrong about the weight then, it might be closer to six oz. [my scale is known for underestimating things…]

out of the water pics are up! [finally]

up where? Really want to see more images of your creation!

That is really nice. All the design logic seems to fit together very nicely. Submarining might be a problem with the low freeboard but that’s easily sorted on the Mk 2.

Do you have any numbers? Beam, sail area, displacement and anything else you’re prepared to publish. If it isn’t a deathly secret, the lines plan would be nice.

What’s she built of? If you’re getting 6 oz in the bulb with what looks to be fairly lght displacement, I guess the structure must be pretty light.

Let us know

Just another though. You’ve got a sensible fractional rig instead of these dreadful masthead setups. But if the thing is bendy enough to do any good, maintaining headstay tension is going to be a problem.

An old thread of mine ‘Footy Rigs’ has some ideas on this - though I’ve never got round to making one that way (4 boats half built …). If you think that is too complex, try looking at the latest scalesailing rigs, which also use a (relatively heavy) arbon stay with a more conventional setup.

Hope this helps.

Hey Angus, why do I get the feeling you have some opinions about rigs that you’d like to share with us? Don’t hold back, now, you might hurt yourself!

Bill H

Bill, I already did. You said at the time that they were most interesting. They might fit a sailplan of this type very well.

here is the link to the pics…

thanks for your thoughts angus, i’ll try to get some numbers… i designed it by hand, so we’ll see what i can find. yes she is very light, 2 layers of fibreglass with a 1 inch strip down the center line for stiffness. empty i think it weighs 3 oz. rts weight is 18 oz.

i’d like to go into production if there is interest, i have to tool up first though.

Incidentally, thanks for the recommendation on the book on Mariner. Very interesting.

For a Footy hull with an immersed transom, see

Don’t know whether it’ll work, but I think there are indications that it might. It’s being built.

Nice pics 420…

yah, mariner was a interesting boat… i still wonder about immersed sterns though… Brit Chance lives in my town, he;s a friend of my dads, and he runs and hides anytime someone mentions us 25…

The Sparkman wouldn’t be as in ‘& Stephens’ would it?