Liverpool Challenge

The Footy spies got stuck in New Hampshire because of our early snowfalls. Having nothing better to do, they managed to get some sneak pics of the Hagerup/Spacie team prototype “Cobra.”

We have to win on the merits of name alone, regardless of any actual race results…I mean, Cobra is a good, aggressive name for racing. Then there’s Moonshadow…how sweet…:wink:

Let’s see some other entries for the challenge. The Liverpool event could be a great symposium of Footy knowledge and design talent. Get it on! :zbeer:

Bill H

Given what a lovely name Cobra is, we might just re-christen the Moonshadow development Voortrekker as Secretarisvoël or Mangusta

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Looks good Bill!

As usual, everything is being rushed together, hopefully reasonably stably.

The event consists of two parts - the symposium (for talking) and the Footy Euro GP event for sailiing. The Sailing event will kick off at 13:00 an Saturday 5th July and fnish at around 17:00 on Sunday 6th July. The symposium will continue until late(ish) in the afternoon of Monday 8th July. It is anticipated that there will be a race party on the Saturday night amd a symposium party on the Sunday night. Costs will be kept low.

It is suggested that we use the facilities of the nearby student halls of residence (dorms to Americans) for the symposium and to accommodate any other visitors needing a bed. Obviously, there will be a charge, but this will be kept as low as possible.

The list of potential invited speakers is as follows:

Richard Alford Sussex, United Kingdom
Alex Austin Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
Graham Bantock Kelvedon, United Kingdom
John Birnie Gloucester, United Kingdom
Nick Burden Sussex, United Kngdom
Andrew Cook Melbourne, Australia
Dennis Desprois Scottsdale AZ, USA
Charles Detriche France
Ian Dunmore Ipswich, United Kingdom
Neil Goodrich NYC, USA
Bill Hagerup Moultonboro NH, USA
Nigel Heron Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Keven Jackson Burnley, United Kingdom
Graham McAllister Sheboygan WI, USA
Brett McCormack Dunhedin, New Zealand
Scott Olson King of Prussia VA, USA
Angus Richardson Colwyn Bay, United Kingdom
Gary Sanderson Maling, Kent, United Kingdom
Barrett Sparkman Old Lyme CT, USA
Roger Stollery Godalming, United Kingdom
Mak Sui Shing Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Paul Taylor Daytona Beach FA, USA
Phillip Wyles Poole, United Kingdom

IF you think you should be on the ist of the invited, let me know and we’ll put you in the melting pot.

Of course, anyone who is not invited speaker is entitled to turn up, join in the racing and festivities and throw buns at the platform speakers from the boody of the kirk:zbeer:.

Thats a heck of a lot of talking!!!

tell me about it! :devil3:

the jury is still out as to whether or not i will be there… my guess is no… employers (in my brief experience) are not necessarily fans of model boats… :wink: we shall see though!

Provided we all talk at once, it shouldn’t take long…and it’ll be a lot like using these forums :smiley:


That’s the list o possibles we are invitng. From those who accept (if any) we will then be making a selection to put together a varied and interesting programme of reasonable - say 9 slots in 1,5 dys of yattering. Exact format will folow shortly.

Barrett, employers may not be positive about model yacjts. They are much more enthiusatic about youth-oriented, technology-driven international symposia like this.

Exciting further developments from Team Cobra have just been reported by the Footy spies!

The A rig made its trek from NY to NH without mishap, arriving this afternoon. The latest spy pic is attached.

Muscle Footy? Hell yes…:devil3::devil3:

Bill H

Bill, isn’t it me you’re supposed to be spying on?:confused:

Welcome to Ливерполская Дисинформация, the disinformation sheet of the Vootrekker campaign.

It is intended that the final Voortekker be launched in late April or early May. Unless something quite unexpected during the development programme, she weill be an enhancement of Moonshadow. Areas of investigation include bulb type and aspect ratio, draft v. displacement v. righting moment. It is expected that all Voortrekker’s and Moonshadow’s rigs and foils will be plug-compativble.

As regards hull deelopment, the empasis will be on modifying cross section shapes and longitudinal volume distribution to improve performace in a popple in light airs - which dehintely appears to be a weakpoint of the Moonshadow design.

SHHHHH! he can’t help himself, don’t ruin his fun!:stuck_out_tongue:

nice looking boat there bill :zbeer:

Angus or anyone else…can you point me to where I can find the NOR for this event?
Also a description of the venue and expected conditions would be a help.

i’m not certain one exists yet… sure would help in getting a design brief going though eh?
lol… angus, you put up with a lot from us!

OK, if you stick the broom up my bum, I’ll sweep the floor as well. I will get the formal NOR ex-Wx ASAP. In the mean time, what you need is …

Dates are 5-6 July for the sailing bit. Expect moderate temperatures (shirtsleeves but not necessarily shorts). Unlikely to be any huge thermal effects as the day goes on.

For terrain, look for Sefton Park, Liverpool on Google maps. The one large lake is at the south end. It is in a slight hollow on a shallow hillside. The River Mersey is around 1000m away. The prevailing winf is S-SW. Winds can be affcted by the very large tidal rise and fall in the Mersey (up to 10 m). Mersey tide tables are readily available, standard port Liverpool. Time diffrence on Liverpooll negligible.

I would guess a mode windspeed of about 8 knots/ 4 m/s with a distribution skewed towards the upper range. It has been deliberately chosen as a place where a one-trick-bear is a serious risk.

For more systematic weather information, I suggest

Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Mersey Docks and Harbour Co.
Shell Oil, Tranmere Tanker Terminal
Proudman Oceanoraphic Laboratories
Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Crosby
Liverpool John Moores University, Dept. of Maritime Studies.

Great, thanks.Hope the broom didn’t hurt too much.

Have model yacht races been held here before?

According to Russell yes - very extensively up to WW2. Faded away because sailed 12M which lost popularity to A class. The big trees close to the houses on the park ring troad and are about the same height. I’m therefore not too concerned about increased blanketing over the years.

Brett- from phone conversation. LHR to Liverpool by bus £70 for two people, return. But journey time is between 6.25 and 7.5 hr. Thought only night buses took that long.

Best bet seems to be Virgin coach link LHR - Watford Junction + train.

I’ve been able to book flights to London for Sheila and myself using my frequent flier miles, but only had one option returning thru Toronto! Nothing was left out of NH, but I got flights out of Boston.

I suggest that those interested book ASAP! It turns out that July is a very popular time to visit the UK, and people going from the USA like to take advantage of holiday time around the 4th.

Angus, I’ll send you my itinerary details as soon as I get them from United Airlines.

UK folks, any travel tips on transport London/Liverpool and recommendations for accomodations would be welcome.

Thanks…Bill H

I’m trying to put an accomodation package together.What does amyone want?

Liverpool in general:

Gettng from Lomdon Liverpool - bus or rail. From LHR buses direct to Liverpool Norton St. Coach Station (National Express - . Mostly abut 6.5 hours. Return fare about £40.00. A 70 min wait at Digbeth St. bus station in Birmingham is one of the nastier manifestations of hell!

From LHR by rail get the Virgin Rail Teasfer Coach to Watford Juncyion . This can be booked with the train ticket . In theory, fare is about the same as the us, but finding the ‘bargain’ cn be a nightmare (see previous post).

From LGW, much the same. If travelling by bus, take a transfer coah to Victoria Coach Station, then bus as above. By train, take Gatwick Express to London Victoria, Victoria Line Tube yo Lomdon Euston [Euston] and Virgin trains to Lverpool.

Where possible train seats should be reserved in advance.