Lame Forum?

Ok, I’m gonna get totally flamed, told im not a true R/C sailor etc etc… But IMHO this forum has got pretty stale, I have nothing against you if you want to sail an IOM or scale sail or whatever, but please, this forum now gives the impression that that is all there is out there We used to have some great disscusions on here, some workable, some so far off the wall they would probally never work in a millon years, but it was fun, and interesting! I built a CK boat inspired by a thread on here. Now I’m frankly bored, this is just like Windpower. It does not reflect in any way the reasons why I sail and build r/c sailcraft. Maybe I’m the only one thinking this, I dunno anymore. What happend to the Sailing Anarchy of the r/c world as somone once called this?

Flamesuit on, asbestos gloves so I can reply…

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Start something? I’m sure since you have built a boat, you have questions, concerns etc. Maybe you would like other people?s opinions.

IMHO everyone gets bored with forums from time to time. I am a member of a cnc forum that?s has about 20 times the daily traffic of this forum, and still some times a week or two, will go by before a topic I?m really interested in reading starts up.

I have found most of the threads that I can?t wait to read are the ones I started.


(hands Matt fire helmet and weiner roasting stick DO NOT BURN THE WEINERS!!!)
hmmmm lets see it is summer, People are sailing and taking holidays. thus slow posts. All the forums I go to slow down in the summer and yes some get stale also. All you can do is as Dan said start one.

lots of info has been posted under the scale sail topic.(<font color=“red”>158 </font id=“red”>as of this writing) Why??? I would say there is a group here interested in scale sailing and the construction of these boats.

Yes lots of postings about IOM and US1M. Again these boats are of interest to people. SO yes the number of posts will be high.

Multi hulls are slowly building a following from what I see. So as the “class” grows there will be more postings.
Interesting point is I mentioned this forum to a “Newbie” who is interested in getting involved in rc sailing. His comment was “WOW hell of a forum and great info on lots of boats”
Poor bugger is now racking his brain as to which boat to go for in addition to the Victoria that he wants to get. (Victoria boat sailed locally)
The forum fills a need for each person differently. I know for me I always read the scale sail section and the active topics. Yes it is disappointing at times when the subject is boring or beyond me (scale sail theroy man this is a heavy topic)but heck I read the posts and ask questions. Can always learn something new.

From the forum I have made some very good friend that have helped me learn RC Sailing and how to build boats. Cougar , Wis Dick and Jaydee and Don have helped me understand things and how to figure items out. Thanks Guys

So if a good topic is needed for you please start one.


ok matt
i agree that the forum has changed. but from were i sit. it is better. there is no more agering over ideas. like canting keels, foils, whatever, this is not to say we are not building them but we would rather build than preach. i build IOM , us 1 meters m class and iacc20s. most people here race during the summer. if you want to exhange information. you can do it here. but lets get serious, this is not “the jerry springer show”. we talk and exhange good information. look at my last post. i am asking a question that will deem important in my next design. do i go wide beam or a narrow beam. heavy or light?
these question may not concern you being as you like to sail on the edge. sailing cats, and tris
this is where you come into place why dont you think up some threads to get more information and maybe get a regaggata going?
this is my no meen a pionting of a finger. doug is gone
long live the cup and cris dickson

Matthew: I would guess you are virtually the only one that thinks that things haven’t gotten a lot better on this board.

Look around, it seems like a lot of good information on areas that interest the majority of people who sail r/c boats.

Also, no more attacks. Now when there is a difference of opinion it never gets personnel and people seem to respect each other. As I recall, you were never happy when people took shots at you in the old days.

As others have said, if there is something you think should be discussed, you should feel free to open a topic. I would expect that you would be greeted with a reasoned discussion based on facts and experience.

Oh, fyi, the owner/editor of Sailing Anarchy sails an IOM.

I am sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but I have been building my rc canting keel boat, yes it is taking a long time, but its better late than never, I have worked out what motor I am gonna use for canting the keel, it is a very sensible idea, motor cost all of about 20 bucks and will automatically cant :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lame forum… Well, I long for thos

Lame forum… Well, sometimes I get nostalgic and long for those days when Greg V and Lorsail were in good shape. When I could bring some epic dimensions to Lorsails canting keels and parashout windsurfers. Those days are gone. Perhaps one has to ease some of the restrictions and keep editing of the posts to a minimum to bring some steam up? No, the forum is good as it is.

The Ed of SA might sail an IOM, sure thats cool, but my point is this was the place where the model ‘status quo blows (blew!)’ as is SA’s motto. Now nearly all that seems to be talked about here is the big so called ‘develoment classes’ that cost a bomb for what they do and scale sail. Now I have nothing against that, if that is what you want, like I have nothing against fullsize Laser sailors or heavy keel boat racers if thats what you want to do, I just prefer hitting 15 knots in under 7 knots true wind Tornado sailing! Ok we still have some multi discussions and the odd bit of F100 stuff, which is interesting. But I dont see the point much anymore in posting about anything radical cos I cant see that it will get much of a discussion going anymore! Btw I will be posting ‘different’ stuff soon, Im working on a foiler…and the ck trainer keeps getting in the way, so I better start on that again soon…so we shall see.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Yeah its gone a bit lame.

I have to admit I actually engoyed the Doug Lord wars. I always got a laugh. Whilst we still talk about things that are interesting there is no way to match the passion that used to exist when Doug was here. Although I will admit his info-mercials were a bit tedious at times, he had done some good things.
I cant believe I’m going to say this, but I miss Doug Lords input (OMG. Did I just type that!)

Flame away boys.


19 out of 7 people have trouble with statistics

i have to say that i agree with mat and tranth it has gotten a bit “lame” there is not the spark in it that there once was and i think that it has a lot to do with doug but thats just up thoughts any way im of to go sailing in the middle of winter. yes i know but im going north up to hamilton island race week so have a productive 3 weeks and dont start any fights oh yeah doug aint here.:stuck_out_tongue:
btw look of for a new sydney 47 called gomez ill be one of the 3 on the bow in shorts and a tee

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In order to bring the steam up I am preparing a post titled:
It is based on the latest findigs on the subject.

I’m not sure what you expected, Matt.

The personality of this forum was shaped by Doug. Whether we liked what he had to say or not, his posts and the responses to them were the defining feature of this forum.

So now that he has been booted, we have to take the bad with the good. The frustration level has certainly come down several notches, but so has the content. Doug evangelized a plethora of new technologies. Some he managed to get to work, some needed further refinement, some got picked up by others and some got left in the ditch on the side of the road. But however you felt about Doug’s progress on implementing those ideas, you have to admit that he put them out there for everyone to see and comment on. Did you really expect someone else to pick up the torch and carry on?

While there is nothing wrong with 18th century sailing craft (which dominate the discussion these days), it is a big shift from the foils, CBTF, and other technologies that Doug brought to table. If you have no interest in schooners, then this place will certainly seem a bit lame.

  • Will

Will Gorgen


Let’s see …

The forum is still here. The concepts of foils, CBTF, moving ballast, spinnakers, etc. still all exist. Only the “cheerleader” has gone. What is your point?

Those same technologies are available today as they were before. Yet, we are pretty much the same today as we were last spring, except the retoric is gone. Those wanting information and actually building to these technologies can still do so today. They also have the same ability today, as they had in the spring - to discuss these technologies amongst themselves, and of course, with the self-proclaimed guru. Nothing prevents you from spinning off an e-mail to anyone (in particular) to keep discussing ideas and information. The same person is still available and still at his email address and you are welcome to spend your time dicussing things … at whatever the level of interest.

We’ve been several months now and the forum still attracts readers. It still has new information and ideas posted. One thing missing is the constant need to read the same information over and over - without a lot of results to show for all the talk. There are a few canting keel boats out there, but those who were hot to build certainly haven’t produced any breakthru boats, and water shots of them performing seem to be lacking as well. There doesn’t seem to be a big line-up of people building to any of the oft-discussed technology. Certainly one person no longer posting cannot be the reason for this? “Discussion” as it is intended for forums such as these is generally used to “discuss” ideas - a two-way street of information SHARING - rather than a one-way street of one person’s personal ideas, with any other thoughts being incorrect, 100% wrong, and without any merit.

Back in the spring - I would suggest we never really had a “discussion” - more like “preaching” and this forum today is actually an improvement, becuse people are sharing ideas and information. Suggestions are made and perhaps tried. Perhaps Matthew, you are finally viewing the forum as others saw it earlier in the year? Could it possibly be that your lack of interest in schooners marks a similar lack of interest by others of all of the “high-tech” hype that “THEY” had to put up with?

Seems like for every schooner discussion - there are some detailed photos of the boats, close-up of internals, pics of boats actually sailing - as compared to “vaporware” of earlier posts only about theory.

So while I think we are definitely going in the right direction, this forum was never meant to be a “Jerry Springer Side-Show” type of entertainment. And, as always, I still would love to see examples of canting keels, twin foils, asymmetric spinnakers, moveable ballast, multihulls that can raise their foils, Moth replicas that can “jump out of the water” just because they can, and even a full size foiler monohull doing it’s thing on foils. Here we are - well over a year later and with the exception of a few who have fooled with canting keels, there isn’t much else to show for all the talk that transpired earlier.

How many canting keel monohulls have been built since January?
How many spinnaker equipped boats have been built since January?
How many foil equipped multihulls have been built since January?
Heck - how many multihulls without foils have been built?
How many Formula 100 monohulls?

The list goes on, but the fact is that there isn’t much building activity going on in the areas you like - but there seems to be interest in the schooner area. As someone else noted - nothing prevent you from starting your own topic about high tech ideas - but I would venture there are more plastic boat, schooner, IOM, US1M, ODOM owners reading the form than owners (or builders) of the new ideas.

Just a personal view, of course.

Why don’t we have an on-line club building project. Like Footies or 1 meter multi-masted schooners. Use an inexpensive standard hull like a 1M Soling and leave the rules wide open. Since we can’t exactly race these boats on-line the emphasis will be on creativity. You can either do a fancy paintjob on a stock Soling, make a schooner, or go full out with a working hydrofoiled, spinakered canting keeled Soling hull. After a certain time period, let’s have a parade and/ or a people choice award for the best use of a standard hull.

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Why don’t we have an on-line club building project. Like Footies or 1 meter multi-masted schooners. Use an inexpensive standard hull like a 1M Soling and leave the rules wide open. Since we can’t exactly race these boats on-line the emphasis will be on creativity. You can either do a fancy paintjob on a stock Soling, make a schooner, or go full out with a working hydrofoiled, spinakered canting keeled Soling hull. After a certain time period, let’s have a parade and/ or a people choice award for the best use of a standard hull.<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”>

good luck, and i really mean that. i still have the results of the ?vote? we did earlier in the year when we all talked about taking a cheap production hull and going crazy modifying them with canting keels. the vote was pretty clear and defined and it looked like a ?team? typoe project would move forward. yes, doug had his issue with it being that the hull was not designed for a canter, but did agree that if everyone were to use the same that the test results would at least be informative in both function and user adaptation (to a new form of sailing). unfortunately many here who voted for doing this project (I think ten people responded to the poll and expressed interest) then found reasons why they should not follow through, it went by the wayside (in that thread) and ended up in more fighting between dl and his opponents. too bad really, as i know someone (no, not doug) that has sailed a canting r/c boat who says it?s more than a novelty?it?s actually a lot of fun. should you enjoy frustration, may i suggest reading about the whole process that we attempted in the thread called c/k trainer

funny thing about this site, those who were most vocal and had high post totals when doug was around, are mostly silent these days. it could simply be the time of year and yet it could also be that those people really don?t have all that much to contribute unless it?s flaming?personally, i don?t know.

If one person getting kicked off the list seems to have killed a movement then it wasn’t a hell of a movement to start with. There are people out there building plain and radical boats and when they are done we will hear from them. I would much rather hear from someone that has done a thing than someone who spends all his time talking about what he thinks should be done. A good idea will not die when its originator does, a bad idea will. When I’m finished this schooner phase I may try a canting keel. I can’t swim so it’s highly unlikely that I will try a multi. Oh yea, I like the list the way it is.

Vancouver Island

Don you will be all right with a mutlihull, without the need to swim.[:-eyebrows]

Build a mutlihull recovery vessel, say with a lift arm that grips the mast, lifts and rotate it to the vertical axis. [:-graduate]
It would probably need to have stabilizers such as automatic internal ballast tanks, positioning propulsion units etc. Closed circuit tv to view the on the water action.[:-hypnotized]

Naa go and buy a dinghy!!![:-jester]

Boy I love these smilies[:-cowboy]

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by Don

I can’t swim so it’s highly unlikely that I will try a multi. <hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”>

[:-devil] Hey Don … if you can’t swin, you better get off that rock. Too easy to get pushed into the water by someone! [}:)]

[:-fight] just kidding of course !

you want my opinion about the “lame” forum
ok you have it
#1 the forum is acting liek adaults. and passing information that is good
#2 we are not talking fanatasy. but reality
#3 there is no name calling and we are talking about respect
now those 3 things are pretty damm good
it has taken all of 24 hours for all of the above to fall down and fall apart. well if that is the way. i was a hockey player and i can talk trash too. but i also grew up
long live the cup and cris ( the dirty skipper) dickson