Just a Photo Test

A question about posting a photo - that “appears” to be downloading, but never shows up. I grabbed this one from my files. Photo data indicates a DPI of 72 and a photo size of 14 -1/4 x 10-1/2 inches.

Will see if I can bring this into the forum

ADDED: Photo downloaded OK at 100% with a file size of 116 kb

I have just prepared a WORD document showing basic steps. If anyone else is interested in getting a copy - please send me a PM with your email address so I can send as attachment.


or as a PDF here…

I still hate the thumbnails for attached photos.

I would prefer to just have the full sized photo shown in the post.

Nice looking Halo Dick, yours?

No darn-it. By the time I made up my mind seeing they were selling, the company was out-of-business. I do agree as it is a classic, good-looking model that should have triggered interest.


Guzz - it can be done - just select “In-Line” instead of attachment - but size still matters ! (as they say)

Where ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Open my PDF (above) and scroll to last image on last page. Look to bottom right corner to select “In-Line” or “Attachment” - a note that you may get frustrated, as I found it sometimes placed image where you have your cursor - and sometimes it places the image wherever it feels like it. Easy enough to edit/correct - but I haven’t solved what triggers where it is placed.

Also, not sure how to resize !

The author of the post has to set whether or not the attachments are either “In-Line” or “Attachment”.

I’m talking about giving the reader the choice to view images in-line.

Let me try a post reply and see if it is what you are thinking?

A photo should be inserted in this post just above this sentence. It was inserted as indicated above - but might have size limitations to keep the photo from making the entire post real wide due to a photo.

Let’ see if it works, Guzz.

Looks like it did - but I am unable to resize the photo - so I am guessing that after I post, I can go in and click on it to see in original size.


YUP - photo appears “in-line” however at reduced size. One must still click on it for it to open to a larger size.

Exactly! To many clicks dag nab it!!

I would like something like this:

But with attached/uploaded images (I cheated and linked to an image)

blah, blah, blah…

Will try inserting a bigger file under this line and see if it can be done. The file is 18"x24" at 72 dpi if viewed at 100% and 472 kb file size

As you found, if you link to a URL, then often the original size will carry forward. I know some forums, you need to save to an on-line photo storage web (like Picassa, etc.) and then you can reference that URL as the link.

NOPE - file size must be controlled by software limitations for direct post. If you click on this, if opens to a larger size, and then if you click again (notice the magnifying glass) it opens up even larger.

Sorry GUZZ - best I can do as moderator.


Let’s try one like yours…

Same photo but saved to “PHOTOBUCKET”

AAAAHHHHHAAAA ! Found something - go back to first page and check the Winnebago RV sailing - It is now larger (full size).

When you post the photo that is large, and it is pasted in line in “PREVIEW” mode, when you click once on it, in the upper left hand corner a yellow pencil image appears. Click on that and it let’s you format the photo.

Try posting one of your large images.

Import via “Manage Attachments”. In Preview mode, click once on photo and as I recall it gives you a red line border around photo. Look for pencil image in upper left corner and change your size to “full size” and then select save. When you make your post, photo should be larger and (maybe) full size. I need to fool around with it some more.

One more to try …

Insert above this line (RG-65 I built for son-in-law)

Taa daaa - it works !!!

Click on it (3 times I think?) and it does open FULL full size - but again, for space limitations, I think the actual post is about as big as you will see without clicking for large zoom view.

Cheers, Dick


Still a royal pain. I couldn’t get it to work.

As you’ve said, on other forums… They do attachments a lot nicer, with the same forum software (vBulletin).

I know you’re only a moderator, but you could talk to the owner and make a suggestion… I think it would help the forum. I know, some will say “Why copy X site?”, because it’s nicer. Or “The files are to big for my dial-up!!”, which I say let put the option in the users settings to see full size or attachments or thumbnails, and then limit the max size of the photos (< 800x600 for example).

Hi Dick, is this what you mean ? Sized with Imageshack at 1024x768, but it remains at the original size I could choose another size …by modifying the original size with Photofiltre or similar as done here as 1200x782 :



Actually the Picture is removed since too large !

Exactly, Claudio ! When you add the big photo - it is wider than the screen so to view, you have to use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to move from one side to the other. I think it would work if we limit the maximum size (as suggested by GUZZ) to the viewable area - but then each user’s monitor resolution will impact what can be seen. I know when you post photos of the various project boats - I like the size as it is big enough to see detail, yet small enough to see the entire photo without having to scroll.

For your photos - do you recall what size you set them to before posting? Do you post direct, or do you have to play with software first to change size. I think there will be a balance as some posters will just be happy to get photo on the site, while others will try to enlarge to the point you can see the grain in the balsa strips. [smile]

I think Chad visits now and then and can perhaps take a look at the options that will not overwhelm a slow download of the site, yet provide enough emlargement detail. Usually for my photos, I’ve tried to balance with a photo size of about 5 " x 7 " - which is big enough to see, but doen’t knock you out when it opens.

Just some thoughts, appreciate comments by others.



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