July Jaunt and Jostle

Hi all,
Time for another Internet race…this time I will make it easy.
Fastest time for the month wins!
Racing will be 3 laps of the standard internet course and the racing period is all of July.
e mail your fastest time to me at bsmack@es.co.nz I will accept entries until the 3rd August.

Winner gets bragging rights only!!!
Important points…race is 3 laps not 5!
racing period is all of July.

Get to it guys…I expect a full inbox come the end of July!!


Count me in, I’ll be there! We “Northerners” won’t have any excuses this time…:wink:

ps; No witness requirement? How about video?

Low key this time around Bill,shake these guys out of the trees!

Hey Bill, if you provide the cold beer for the witness during the warm’s july weather, I’ll be for sure happy to be a good witness



Hi Xavier,
Sounds like a plan! We can sail both of my Footys so that you can compete too.
BTW, are you back in the States yet?

Yep sounds good to me.

I’ll be back in a week from now as our plane is supposed to land at 6:30 pm at Duane airport from Minneapolis (of course that mean that we catch the connection up there so no trouble at the border…) next saturday. It’s gonna be hard to give up the good cheese and bread here but as the fishermen are on strike know it will be easy to miss the fish… :scared:


Im In,
might be able to convince anther Aussie as well.

Who else is keen???
If I am wasting my time tell me!

Wasting time!? I thought that was the goal!

I’m in, and will try to cajole others…

We’ll try to make sure people submit their best times.
That way they have something to shoot for next time.
(Sorta like golf, where you can see your scores improve over time…
except I don’t play enough golf and my scores never improve.)

Anyway, I can see a VM regatta in Laconia on the calendar, where I know some Footy sailors will be in attendance. Needham has the July 4th Open regatta, where the same is true. The old guys have no excuse, as they sail during the week too.


I’m in. Going to get some rope, weights, and two empty bottles, to make a course. Also going to pressure some buddies to get there’s done, and join in.


With any luck there will be two more Blue Skies in the world and I’ll poach Nigel’s course!

Poach’n eh…

I’ll be settin up the course on my “lake-x” test area.

There are two rain reserviors on the west side of the Sobey’s warehouse, here in Whitby. The Northern one will be used.

Eh Tmark. Your parts have been cast. Just have to join keels, then fair em.


The racing period has started.
Times are rolling in already.

Get those courses built and collect times and make this the biggest Internet race yet.

For the new skippers, here is a link with some description of how to build the course.

Does anyone have a better link to a more consice description?

This may help a little,Thanks to Roger Stollery.

Keep the times coming gents…you have the rest of July!

Interestingly the top 2 times so far are with boats with rigs less than 300mm high.
In fact the fastest boat so far is sporting a 275mm high rig!!!so much for little rigs being no use.
Anyway some of the best UK footy sailors have been sending in times,the NZL contingent will get going this weekend with any luck and hopefully the USA guys who complained of icy conditions for the NZL postal classic will find July more to there liking,this could be a classic UK- US face off with a little competition from down under thrown in for good measure.

I now have 29 times (Separate skippers) from the UK and 0 from the USA…looks like GBR will win this trans Atlantic battle,come on USA get some times in!!!

Lastly,an interesting note from Roger on the use of the small rigs,

After the main event a standard 50 foot windward leeward Footy Internet Course (FIC) was set. This allowed the hard working race committee to have a go with these fascinating little boats and to compete themselves. 21 times were recorded for the 3-lap course and the winner was the finish line judge, IOM sailor Les Baker. His time was the best that has been recorded so far since we started to record the 3-lap times. It is remarkable, but perhaps not surprising considering the driving forces available, that the record should be broken with the smallest and only measured rig of the 2 permitted rigs, not more than 300mm high, which some skippers regard as pointless and surplus to requirements. Not only did newcomer to Footy sailing, Les break the record, but our previous record holder, Paul Midgely, Tony Lambert and Charles Smith all beat their times set with their big rigs earlier this week at Crawley Mariners Yacht Club.

Entries continue to come in,not yet half way through the month and the list stands at 37 sailors.This is without doubt the largest footy “race” ever with still plenty of room for more sailors.
Times vary quite a lot as you would expect…get some times done and join in the fun,see how you stack up against the rest of the world!!

Brett - Here in NYC and throughout the Northeast we are in the “Dog Days of Summer”. While our water may now be soft, our winds in July and August evaporate. The hot, humid air mass isn’t inclined to move much. These are not ideal conditions to set good times in a postal race which may explain the lack of participation from my countrymen.

Our best wind months in NYC are May and October. I imagine the same is true all around the US.

You might consider hosting a year long internet competition, with each country posting times during their optimum sailing conditions.

That’s why I’m watching the weather…last weekend would’ve been a great opportunity.

It looks like Friday might be worthwhile…so I’m seriously considering taking a day off, taking the canoe to a local pond and setting a course for the afternoon.

Any idea what wind strengths they had to set the current top times? I assume it was blowing pretty good considering they were using short rigs.


Northeast forecast valid for Tue, Jul 15, 2008
Issued 7/15/2008 at 7:00 AM by meteorologist Dave Breckenridge
Fri is currently looking like the strongest and most reliable day of the extended period
On track this morning…

The stalled cold front and slack isobars overhead keep our winds on the mild side until Fri when the next cold front pushes close enough to get a SW flow going.

Light and variable in the morning turns southerly in the afternoon. Speeds look to remain in the sub teens with the most sea breeze prone sites in MA and RI maybe taping the low teens in the afternoon.

Light SW / S flow in the singles in the morning turns more S / SE in the afternoon and could tap the low teens.

MACC, MANC and RI favored for some SW upper teens / low 20s, with CT looking lighter in the low to mid teens.