July Jaunt and Jostle

This again seems to point out the differences between our hemispheres. My boats go best in winds between 5 and 10 mph with rigs that stand nearly two feet off the deck. In these conditions, they are fully powered up and the dreaded chop hasn’t yet formed to slow them down. It also points out how attempting to regulate rig height in a truely world-wide development class can be counterproductive!


The kiwis managed to get out today and get a couple of runs in.
nothing to startling as conditions were very light,but we were pleased with the performance of our boats(there were some guys with 700mm"Racing Sparrows"(similar to an RG 65),our footys were to fast for them in the light stuff)

one more weekend of racing remains,entries are now above the 40 mark

Brett, am i right in thiinking this is the largest number of entries so far?

Hi Andy,
Yes this appears to be the biggest footy race ever,hoping for more entries though!!

Get out sailing guys!!!

Got course setup off the end of the dock today and did a few practice runs. My modified B2 “Half @$$” did not post any times worth reporting, so will keep practicing. Many big boats on Lake Fenton today and lots of waves don’t help. Maybe early morning or late evening will be better.

What date and time in the US Eastern Time zone is the latest I can report? I need as much practice as possible… :slight_smile:

Hi Frank,
Any times you gather before midnight on the 31st your time are OK.
You have a couple of days grace to get it e mailed to me.
I won’t shut off until the 3rd August.
Not many USA entries so far (1?!) so an easy chance to be the quickest US entrant!!

Get sailing guys and get a time to me…you only need one!!

That’s for darn sure…:wink: :wink: And my second attempt was over a minute slower, hampered by light wind & weeds. I’m really surprised no one else has submitted times, c’mon guys!! It will be really easy to come up with a better time, in fact I plan to do so myself.

Just to show how easy it can be, here’s some images of the equipment:

With 40 enties Bill is not as near the end of the field as he may think!
Average times are in the 5-6min region.(3 laps)
The good guys are sub 5 minutes for sure ,current best time is 3min something.

I will have a website up with all the resuts at the end of the racing period.


Hi gang.

My attempts have been plagued with bad water / places. My favourite spot; which worked great early season, is too grown in. Holy jungle.

My next attempts at the marina, were not bad. First attempt, I was caught in a thunderstorm. Next attempt (snuk out Monday morning, when I should have been working). The wind was great, the boat was fast, but I had no way of setting markers.

I’m going to keep searching, for more in-city reservoirs built in suburb developements, to try to get a course set up.

If the gang in Toronto have dates planned on their awesome pond, let me know. I will Go-train in.

Hey Bill, I just got my boat registered. The number given to me is also 17.

last weekend of sailing is upon us,however we have until the 31st to gather times.
A deep low over NZ this weekend means I am staying close to the fire!

get your times in guys!!!

Get in any times in yet? Remember, no excuses about light winds & weeds :wink: :wink: ;-).

Forecast here is for 10-15 mph winds tomorrow, so I hope to get in one or two more tries.


ps: I assume that it will be CAN 17 …:wink: ? I’ll need to add USA to my sails if we ever meet at a regatta.
pps; here’s a short (and really boring) video I shot over the weekend on a friend’s “big” boat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DesnUGQqAuY

I am taking her north with me this weekend, and am planning to muck with course-running there. I will miss the July event, but I will know how she goes.

I fear it being attacked by toothy game fish though. My buddy once was bitten in the foot by a muskie, in the same place I plan on sailing.


Hi Bill (Korsgard)

It looks like we may be the only ones representing the USA. I am planning to try & improve my time hopefully today or tomorrow. Just heard some thunder and there appears to be a modest wind. Direction has waves at dock side, so may want to boat to windward side of lake for quite water.

We need to at least knock off a few more of those Brits and get one of us into the top ten.

Are you up to the challenge?

Regards, Frank

PS. Since starting this post rain has started and winds are picking up. :frowning:

There will be at least one more time from the US.

I haven’t e-mailed Brett yet, because the only “valid” recorded time I have isn’t all that impressive (last Friday) wasn’t even sailed with my fastest boat. The wind switched before I could get my fast boat out on the water.

In my last attempt to get times, I had issues with a bad wind direction on Sunday and I couldn’t get the windward mark far enough from shore. All I needed was about a 10 degree shift and I could have made it work. I’ve since improved my method for setting a course.

I may have one last shot at a better time if I get out after the kids are in bed.
Two ponds locally are well lit. Just gotta pray for a good wind direction.

-John W.

Current Footy Fleet: PipSqueak, BobAbout, 507
Under Construction: Amigos, Micron mk2, MiniMe

Setting the course has been a trial. Trying to toss windward mark with the extra line and weight causes lines to get tangled. I have started to simply toss out a heavy weight at the midpoint of a long line.

Then, simply tie one end of this line to the windward mark and pull it out into the lake. This is the best I have come up with so far.

I am thinking of placing the weight on a light piece of foam and tying it to the back of my Footy or Soling and then trying to sail it to where I want the windward mark located. When it gets there, I will just drag it off and let it sink. The Detroit MYC has a 2 foot electric motor boat with large rear deck for this purpose. Maybe someday, another toy.

If I use a line that sinks, it then drags on the bottom and wind will not pull course into lake. A light line tangles on the keel

There must be some better ideas out there???

Any other suggestions out there?

Then there’s the issue of the line tangling or twisting as the weight sinks, so when you attempt to pull the windward mark out to the weight, the weight gets pulled back to shore.

I’m resorting to a heavier weight next time (plastic milk jug) running the line through the handle. Ker-Sploosh!

-John W.

If you’re lucky enough to have a decent offshore breeze, you can toss the leeward mark out & then let the wind drift it out to the end of it’s line. Then toss in the windward mark & let them both drift further out. The secondary line can then be tied off onshore, or to an anchor weight tossed in after the marks are in place.

I wanted my setup to be far enough out to allow the course to be left in place for several days. Since this involve a larger diameter “swing room” in the event of wind shifts, I ended up rowing out in a small inflatable dinghy. I was concerned that the connector line might tangle & accidently shorten the course, but after having checked it a couple times I don’t see that as a problem.

BTW, I doubt very much that we’ll be the only USA competitors. I suspect there are several sailors setting times, but choosing to be quiet about it. We’ll find out in a few days.
ps: Ive been using 50# braided Dacron fishing line. It sinks enough to avoid tangling the keel, but not so much that it gets hung up on the bottom.

I have used the drift out technique successfully in stronger winds. ,but have had the line drag on small bottom vegatation and hang up.

First line I bought floated and was a disaster Recently bought Masons/Brick Layers line and it works well. Comes in bright colors.

Made small time improveents today, but there is always something negative (very small weeds, wind shifts, lulls) to slow progress. I have seen a just over 1 minute lap, but course is just long enough for a screw-up. So 3 laps is a good idea.

I have posted the results on my website until I find a better home for them.
Well done to all who sailed.
Rogers enthusiasm for this event has made it a success with 42 entries,I am a bit disappointed with the overall response though.
As you can see in the results the racing was close and the Rogers BUG design dominated just as it did at the recent UK nationals,the winners time is good and will take some beating in the future.(it is on a par with the previous 5 lap records)

I propose another event is held soon.I need to present a Standard for course construction and think about various formats for racing.As always input from all you guys is very welcome.
Internet racing is one way of competing if you don’t enjoy the cut and thrust of fleet racing!!

Thanks to all the sailors this past month.
Click on the link below to see the results!!
(There is still a small window to get times to me if you sailed on the 31st!)

Hi Brett

Thanks for hosting this event. It got me to hurry and partially finish my Footy and get it on the water a number of hours the past week. I have learned how to balance her on her nose in stronger downwind runs, but still more to learn about Mc-Rig tuning for upwind beats. The UK skippers are also to be congradulated for supplying the winning boat and a ton of entries.

I would like to see quarterly ( Jan, April, July & Oct) events with a 1st place prize for each region (North America, Europe, etc…). Maybe we can get individual skippers or boat manufacturers to donate a kit,completed old unused hull w or w/o electronics, etc. Maybe this will help generate additional interest in the Footy class. I commit to supply a prize (TBD) for NA for Janurary '09 event. What do the rest of you think???

Best Regards, Frank