it sure isn't beautiful but what are the designers saying

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I have no words

:crazy: :what: :hypnotize

Well I think it is beautiful in a year 2050 sort of way.:alien:

Is this the way of the future?:devil2:

Easy to make, just take a tube and squeeze at each end.:shoot:

I think it looks awesome. Kinda like a open 60/volvo 70 type boat. Nice flat underwater surface at the back. not sure how it would go to windward, but should be quick downhill?


It goes against everything that we thought we knew about basic design parameters. I’d be interested to see how it performs against more traditional designs. There appears to be just so much “not right with it” that it probably is really fast.

Wis how do I get that other forum site to show english language? I thought it was German, but Babalfish shows error note.


not sure Babel can handle it…what are you interested in? I will translate if needed

all i can say is …what the f@$% is it?.. this is all wrong. but what do i know. it looks like something from outer space. i can agree . downind it should be fast and I dont think you would have to even use a rudder to keep it straight. otherwise this is going to be hard to turn. unless that bow pops out of the water

Before you guys get too worked up, she’s an IOM, and according to a post on the IOMICA forum, won her club regatta over the weekend.

She actually didn’t win the regatta…I guess someone somehow mis-interpreted it.

bevor hier soviel geraetselt wird. es war der hingucker des Tages, [COLOR=“red”]aber nicht der sieger der regatta[/COLOR]. das boot war das erstemal im wasser, noch nicht richtig getrimmt und von einem eher unerfahrenem segler gesegelt. es wurde nicht letzter, aber wie jeder neuling eher hinten platziert(ob s am boot lag, kann ich nicht sagen). wir hatten viel wind und da segelt alles. wie gut es man hinbekommen haette weiss ich nicht, es wird aber daran weiter gearbeitet. bei den kurzen schwachwindphasen an dem tag, hat es nciht ueberzeugt. gewendet hat das ding wie die anderen auch. ich denke eher das briete heck bremst. auch die wellenbildung war enorm. aber tolle idee und phantasieanregend.

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Kind of like it myself (what does that say?) :blush:

It is following the current concepts in the “A” Class (with exception of reverse bow.

Narrow and thin bow for beating and waves, and flat stern for downhill sailing. Certainly would discourage pitchpole in all but the most extreme cases. Something like this is similar to “BROADSWORD” being built to US 1 Meter specs. If you could change keel weights, just go to lighter bulb to allow easier heeling in light winds to reduce surface. Canting keel might be an alternative if any class allowed it.

Ah ha! Thanks Laurent. So it was her first time in the water, she is not fully tuned as yet, but she didn’t come last.

I love the style of some of the European sailors, who are not afraid to try something radical. In the IOM, we do not see many “radical” boats coming out of the English speaking countries.

you got it ALL right

so you say “yes” but not in the IOM class?
I must say that I was VERY surprised by the boat! something VERY new

US 1 Meter class perhaps - but they don’t allow moveable keels (or masts).

:idea_125: OK - I hate to post this but maybe, perhaps, how about … errk… here goes … Formula 100 ??? (ouch) if such a class truly exists?! :dissappro :tongue:

OK - let the beatings begin !

ok fine.
I look at this boat, and can see only a few things right with it. 1) the boat floats. and 2) the boat does go downwind. but even then from the pictures. going downwind. you see the bow pushing alot of water. and the stern waves. I for one would thing you would want to make them small. not have something that huge. Now with that being said. this guy took the step alot of us dont take. he designed it. he built it. it is in the IOM class. I remember somebody said along time ago. if she is right then we is alllll wrong. that person was talking about australia II. maybe this guy is onto something that we cant see. I for one , am one of the guys saying it is wrong. I hope i am proved wrong. but somehow i dont think i am

Cougar -

have a couple more Molson’s … it get’s better looking after you drink more. Cheers!


you are all right. you are what you drink. I am Canadian , :drink:. i give credit where it is due. people say my designs are wrong. but i dont listen. maybe it is the beer? but hey all those people who say they know boats. but never put their own ideas foreward. well all i can say it this boat. the designer did put his idea foreward. and i for one will never put him down. in fact if i ever meet him. i will buy him a canadain. i would like to see more of the boat though

Also note in the upwind photo that the back of the boat is in the water almost to the backstay - must create a alot of wetted surface = drag = slower?
Maybe another few of these will help ?:drink: :drink: :drink: :icon_smil


Oh oh ----- Canadian beer is made from Canadian water. Canadian bears pee in Canadian waters … YIKES !

:icon_tong have a good one [Very Big Laugh]