how to melt ice

Just sitting here thinking how much nice it would be to melt the ice on the Lagoon here in Boston. Or any pond for that matter. Maybe a gigantic flame thrower? Naaa… people might take notice. The whole rivers a big sheet of ice. I miss being able to sail.Twon’t be long till spring.

You folks who never get ice have anything to say? As you can tell, I’m very jealous. Heck, why don’t I just pack up my boat and get on a plane and…[:-hot]

I dont have ice…I have SNOW…wanna trade? [;)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

We are right in the middle of our summer and had a wonderful one day regatta last Saturday.
[:-scared] 27 degrees c, 3-6knots of steady warm breeze, beautiful conditions.
Don`t worry your time will come. Just hold on to your sanity until then.
The photo is of three of the new Vickers V5 IOM class. Mine is 99. What great racing with five of these in the fleet of ten boats for the regatta.

Do it NOW before it`s too late.


I’ve lived both in places that ice over in the winter, and places that don’t. Currently I’m in Auckland, New Zealand, and enjoying our summer, just like IanHB above.

The thing is, one is never entirely happy. When I live in a warm client, I hunger for the romance and beauty of the cold. The white of the snow. The purity of the ice. The pleasure of a drink by a roaring fire.

But when I live in a cold climate, my thoughts are of tropical palms, clear blue seas, and long cold cocktails by the pool.

Face it - you just can’t win.


i live in canada, where right now. we have snow. and the water is hard.
the way i look at things. this is the building season. i could sit around moaning about not being able to sail. or i could build my next boat. this leads me to my next problem. I have alot of boats.
it all is a state of mind. the winter here is cold. and for 4 months i cant sail. it just makes me want to get on the water first. and makes you WANT to sail. NEED TO SAIL. sort of like a junky
gotta have it .

long live the cup and cris dickson

It all evens out… although I have to say that I would rather live in the warm and vacation in the cold. I had a friend that kept a twin-screw cruiser on Lake St.Claire in New Baltimore MI.

But could only put it in the water in May, and took it out in early August. We sail all year in South Texas with the same Lattitude as Miami (and about 50% of the cost of living) but when you guys up there are enjoying those cool Summer evenings… it will be 109 here with a chilly 85 degrees for a low at night. You get accustomed to the heat… but there is only so much you can take off![:D]

The upside is that we don’t have to use the heat lamps to help cure the new hulls. Just have to make sure that they don’t melt in the afternoons.[^]

Well ya know, you can build one of those Footys and “sail” it in the bathtub with a fan if ya are really achin to get on the water. Just my cent and a half. :smiley:


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

Travis -

thanks for that suggestion, however here is a visual for you…

Saturday afternoon, 4 friends and I tracking mud and snow across the carpet and into the bathroom. All of us jamb into a room which is more in size for two instead of five sailors. Just about the time I am concentrating on the wind shift lift up near the tub spout, the wife interrupts cause she’s got to go to the “potty”! The biggest problem is not what to do with the boat you are sailing which happens to have made the turn at the windward mark and is heading downwind toward the other end of the tub - but how do you control the boats from outside the bathroom - and where do you put the beer cans while you have to step out of the room?

[:D] [:D] [:D] [:D]


You could always try some salt (OK, maybe a lot of salt)…

That much salt might also help the weed problem later this summer as well…

  • Will

Will Gorgen

Could be worse, you could be stuck in the uk with constant drizzel and fog. Would be happy if it was all frozen or if it was warm, just dont like this!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

dick i use the message. turn the tap on. this causes rough water and most yacth will fight the current, and end up in one spot. as. for the beer cans . i would suggest in the resevre of the head. keep the beer cold.
i do sail in the tub. and when the wife goes potty. the tough part is she wants the wind stopped too.
and can anybody tell me. why men take 5 min and women take 20?

long live the cup and cris dickson


I had to wonder if it was that way all the time. I feel your pain! I went through England and Ireland (airline pilot) more times than I can remember… and I NEVER cast a shadow in Ireland… not once. Winter,Summer it made no difference. No wonder everything was so green… it rained everyday! I guess the upside is you must have some of the lovliest ponds in the world and they are always green and full!

I love the Idea of sailing in the bath tub! Maybe I could drill a few blow holes in the wall next to the tub to make a permanent system of wind!

whatever climate we live in, we’ll always have this forum.
(Awe shucks)
Love that building season!

Hey, you guys complaining about ice are a bunch of pussies[:-smile_green][:-smile_green]. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist [:D][:D][:D] Those of us who have discovered the joys of hard water sailing think this is the best time of year. I took off work early today & was able to hit 24 mph according to my onboard GPS. Now that’s what I call Viagra sailing!!! [:-bigeyes][:-bigeyes][:-bigeyes]
Bill K

i bet if you put enough driveway salt onto a pond the ice would break up pretty easily. Might cause enviromental issues though…and it would get expensive after a while. Or, depending on how thing the ice is, just light a fire on top of the stuff. Ive done that before, and its sometimes very efficient. I sail in salt water at a place where nobody is at, so nobody cares if some crazy guy goes and lights a fire on ice. Or, if the ice is thin, we just “bomb” it with a bunch of rocks, until its broken up, then it usually drifts away. If you are on a pond though, theres nowhere for the ice to go…
those are my ideas


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

you could always put gas on the ice then lite it? not wait. gas floats. maybe this is what cause the chicago fire? not the cow? we should just wait the 3 months and build the boats. fix the damage. and improve the boats
if i ever think of a way to get a picture on here. i will show you my little boat and my wifes in the tub. we do sail there every once in a while. my boat is the old ocean 500. my wifes is the new heron. both boat are just over 12 inchs.

long live the cup and cris dickson

Nice ice there. However, in Sweden often such ice-knifes hangs from the roofs. Unfortunatelly, some people has been killed by such ice-knifes falling down. To melt this kind of ice as soon as possible (or even better avoid it to develope) is an interesting resarch-field. Anyway, do not take this personally.

you almost scared me…your boat and your wife in the tub!!!geeez!!!but after re-reading, it was “wife’s”…


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Larry; I can’t really moan, its not always like that, today we had a northerly force 6 gusting silly (local weather station showed a 43 knot gust this morning!) but sunny and fine with white fluffy clouds! Naturally I went windsurfing! Next week it will doubtless be back to the misrable weather!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.