I have to let all of you know that there is a major design trend sweeping the highest level of sailboat racing that is being totally ignored by the mainstream of r/c sailboat racers–OVERLAPPING JIBS.

These revolutionary sails (called by some “Genoa Jibs”)have now been used on the boats that have won the recent Sydney/Hobart Race, the America’s Cup, the Admiral’s Cup and the Newport to Bermuda race. They are in fact being used by both the fastest monohulls and multihulls in the world.

I have been sailing model boats with overlapping jibs at my secret underground location for over ten years now and not only are they 67.2% faster, they are also much more “nifty” than other sails. Sailing a boat with an overlapping jib is a different experience that must be mastered, but once you have tried it there is nothing more “neato”.

Shockingly, not a single active r/c racing class incorporates this revolutionary technology. I have heard that model boats once existed using these types of jibs and so-called scale boats still use them. I believe, however, that the only reason these boats are not being raced everywhere in r/c sailing is because of a “retro” conspiracy to hide the truth and bury this breakthrough. I also believe that each and every r/c racing sailor that does not use these sails is afraid of new technology (and snakes).

However, nothing can stop the progress of overlapping jibs. In Austrailia there are thousands of full scale boats using this technology and maybe even a model boat. I am aware of two men in a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey who are drawing pictures of these breakthough sails on cocktail napkins. I had a dream last night and in it a friend of a friend of a cousin of mine knows a woman who will soon be marketing a model boat with two(2)overlapping jibs.

I am also excited to say that I have contacted the city of Genoa, Italy and I have obtained the exclusive license to make “Genoa Jibs™” for all boats from 12.2 inches up to 999.96 inches. Out of the goodness of my heart, I will however freely allow any individual to use this technology for a one off individual project, but I reserve the right to charge royalties for other related products I might discover. (A warning to all of you who are using my trademarked product “String”, I know where you live!)

“Genoa Jibs ™” are available from me today. I expect I will deliver them to customers sometime within the next three years after I have built the first one. They will also be class legal in the only “real” model boat racing class–the “Formula Simulac” of which there are currently thousands of boats being contemplated by me.

For those of you who think that I now made my point and should move on, let me promise you that I will be posting again in approximately six hours and ever six hours thereafter listing each and every full size racing boat that has won a race anywhere in the world that used a “Genoa Jib ™”. I will also include references to the “Genoa Jib ™” in every thread on this board (For example: Topic: Breakfast Foods–My response: Did you know that cereal tastes better eaten on a “Genoa Jib ™”)

Finally, for those of you who might think I am using this forum as free advertising, and notice that I never post about any new technology except for those that I am selling, and that I have ten times more posts than anyone else I say, "Wasn’t the United States built on the concept of “freedom” and you can’t spell “freedom” without the word “free” !!

Remember Our Slogans --“There’s One Born Every Minute!” “Ignore that man behind the curtain!” “Bigger than Infinite, Better than Best!”

Next week, I will report on a new breakthrough-- a device called the “trim tab”. You will be shocked to learn that every single boat in the America’s Cup had one.

IMPORTANT UPDATE/NEW INFORMATION: I really don’t have anything more to say, I just wanted to see this post listed again so I “edited” it. And maybe I’ll do the same thing again tomorrow.

Hey Roy, your talking crap, the fullsize trend is to go for blade jibs or very small overlap now, even self tackers. If you really looked at the design of fullsize boats you’d know that. R/c has been ahead of the game in that area at least.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Well said , Matthew!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

[:D] L.O.L.

Gee - kind of makes my news a bit “dated” and insignificant. I know a couple of big boat classes that allow you to sail with a uni-rig and boomless main! With the exception of the r/c Laser Class (which probably “stole” that idea, by the way) not a single major r/c class uses either a boomless main or a uni-rig ! In fact, in some “development classes” they are actually “banned” ! In addition to off-set booms, fat-head sails, and rotating masts these big boat classes also allowed and used “solid wings” !

I can’t believe anyone would go into r/c sailing without these speed inducing technologies and ideas. Why, even a leading edge technology manufacturer who prides himself on the new technology wave, hasn’t produced a uni-rig, rotating mast, boomless sail boat. At lease not for the public. I’m sure that he has several of these different configurations and sails them every weekend for the past 15 years. But in light of even that, I can’t believe that so much speed and performance is being given up by his NOT using the ideas. And I don’t think the person who dreamed them up would have EVER considered putting a patent on them. Even those ideas are “free”. I simply can’t believe the lack of use of these technologies on his boats. Amazing - yet he can stand there and tell the rest of us what we are missing ???

You’re forcing me to repeat my self ,Dick: the F3 has a una rig in its reefed configuration-for sailing in winds around 20mph…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Matthew & Doug: How far are you two willing to go to defend old technology and keep innovation out of r/c sailing?

The boats that won the current Admiral’s Cup and America’s Cup all used overlapping jibs. You both know that. You should each apologize for not admitting this fact.

Your claim that blade jibs are being used in full sized boats is full of trickeration and insinuendo. At the same time you dispute my post you admit that fullsize boats are using very small “OVERLAP”. Can’t seem to get your facts straight can you? OVERLAP IS OVERLAP!!

You both know that “Genoa Jibs™” have been used on thousands of winning full size boats for years. They have been proven everywhere. What proof do you have that they would not be faster on model boats? Have your raced boats with “Genoa Jibs™”? I can tell you that there is nothing more “neato” than the site of seeing two boats jibe their overlapping jibs.

You have also missed the fact that I plan to hire at least one successful r/c sailboat designer to test the idea of “Genoa Jibs ™” and draw up plans for the ones that I currently have “available” but have no history or success in building. Basically, when you question me, you are questioning the integrity and skill of the designer who I plan to hire. Further, unlike me who has access to the internet via the “webradio” built into my refrigerator, any designer I hire will own a COMPUTER. And that computer will run software from the Microsoft Corporation! Do you really think you are cabpable of questioning the expertise of Bill Gates and Microsoft?

Finally, don’t think you have any chance of silencing me. This board is built on the foundation of the free exchange of information. Be assured that I will not rest until all information here is exchanged for my opinions and my opinions only.

You can’t stop the future!!!

Well I liked it, Roy!

You know what Roy, you are so full of sh** im barely staying on my chair for laughing. Admirals cup is raced under a rating system, one boat had a wooden keel shoe so it rated better, overlapping jibs help in a similar way. Dont get me started on the IACC rules. Overlapping jibs also are also needed on slow boats more than high performance classes, they help the flow on the back of the main in light winds. You like sailing slow boats so it’ll suit you.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Matthew: I think you are taking this seriously. If you are,I have just one simple question for you-- Is your favorite color “Maroon”?

Your pal, the Wascally Wabbit.

What makes me laugh is the way you come up with this inventive way to blatently have a stab at those who want to play with new tec. Man, why dont you just drop it? It must be like some kinda obsession or somthing. Hve you not got something better to do?

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Roy, your multi-faceted satire was not lost in this corner, either.

we need a moderator moderating moderator!!!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

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Why do I feel like I’m back in school and the teacher just left the classroom to answer the phone, and has been gone for hours!?
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By the way, Roy, …great job. Not only did you make me laugh out loud, but you got the monkeys to dance for us also

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this is for matt or roy
i know what a overlapping jib is. but what is a blade jib?
the iacc boat use a overlaped jib to lessen the distrubed air over the leading edge of the main. maybe also to add more sail area. but what does a blade jib do?. is is like a conventional jib (like on all IOM)


Although I have no reason not to believe your startling news about the performance advantages of your Genoa Jibs ™, I am concerned with your declaration that they are, in fact, “neato”. I cannot agree with your unilateral assumption on this concept unless you show us the “Fun-O-Meter” readings on this innovative design break through.

Greg…you are so right.

no comment!!!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

I too am troubled by the lack of development in the classes I sail. Unfortunately the powers that be have all but outlawed such an important development. I would think that the future would allow such an improvement. By only changing the simple class rule to allow double sail area we could see enormous gains in speed with virtually no impact on the class as a whole. I have been inventing automatic sheeting arrangements that are controled by a simple quadruple block arrangement that gives the skipper and crew complete control over tacking and gybing. In order to do this I incorporated a siple microchip on board that will allow the boat to virtually self adjust the sheeting depth of the Genoa. This has been done with the help of the best chip company in the business-Lays. Wise Cape Cod and Ruffles are still mired in old tech and haven’t seen obvious speed gains I can get on my boat using this breakthrough. I have submitted the patent and it is code named “Salami technology”. Stay tuned for future development news on my website Ultimate RC Technology A link is also reportedly going to be available from Frito Lay. I have plans available for this for anyone who wants to incorporate this into their own one of a kind class. I have also asked Martha Stewart to endorse this-since she is the ultimate do it yourselfer\\She is however debating whether or not she should move her headquarters to a state owned facility upriver.

There is also a new developement I have been working on called “Attkins”. We are incorporating a ballast toss system that will allow for the skipper to drop ballast off the boat if the wind gets light. I have rigged a small explosive device to the bulb which allows detonation by the skipper to free up the boat when the wind drops below a certain level. The level is determined by simple uplink to the weather satellite system. In order to do this we have incorporated a satellite dish at the stern of the boat. Fish and Game is foolish not to allow this breakthrough. They simply don’t get it-very short sighted. You can see this at my new website ultimate sailing technology, by incorporating “Salami” with “Attkins” you wouldnt believe the performance gains possible,

I’m afraid to tell all of you that your innovations may in fact be too late. As we speak my company is developing in the 9th level sub-basement, a device that will turn the RC sailing world on its head. We are only a few months away from initial release of a shrink ray gun. This device will allow the RC skipper to shrink himself (and crew members if he so desires) down to an appropriate size to allow him to sail on board his RC boat. This will eliminate many of the problems inherent in trying to sail a boat remotely.

In addition to the obvious advantages of increased control and situational awareness this would bring, it also manages to skirt around the rules of many of the established classes. For example, the Crew ™ could sit on the High Side ™ of the boat and add to the righting moment of the boat without violating the established rules concerning shifting ballast. Since Crew ™ do not constitute radio channels, the carious controls on board can be independently adjusted by the Crew ™ without violating the outdated rules concerning the number of radio channels that are allowed to be used to control the boat.

We are also working on the next phase of the shrink ray device that would allow the deivce to work in reverse and increase the size of small objects. If this technology pans out as our technologists are predicting, this device could be used to increase the size of an RC boat to 30, 40 or even 50 feet long. These Full Sized Boats ™ could be used to sail on larger bodies of water like Lakes ™ and Oceans ™.

The possibilities are endless!

Will Gorgen
Shrink Tech Inc.

Will Gorgen

But seriously, is this what we have stooped to - Belittling the efforts and evangelism of Doug Lord by maliciously satirizing him? I have no problem with people questioning Doug’s statements about his technology, especially when it is still in the development phase and has not yet been proven on the water. I have been trying as hard as I can to hold my tounge as those attacks became more personal and nitpick lately. But this is really over the top.

Are we adults here or not?

  • Will

Will Gorgen