FOOTY WORLD CUP 2012 - Sestriere , Italy , 21 / 22 July

Dear friends,

I am happy to inform the world that next international footy event will be organized here in Italy.

We ( Bill Hagerup, Thomas Grimm and me ) have decided to rename the former Footy Euro Grand Prix , invented by Angus Richardson, as FOOTY WORLD CUP in order to underline the growing international class activity outside Europe.

Place of the championship will be Sestriere, a small wonderful mountain village in the north of Italy ( nearest international airport is Turin ).

Date will be 21 / 22 July 2012 ( saturday, sunday - as usual - )

Race fied will be a small pond almost free from ducks, swans, waves, weeds, coast guard patrol boats, and other unpleasant disturbing factors.

Unfortunately , we can’t give assurance about the usual percentage of idiots asking competitors : " sir, where is the propeller ? "



I say “almost” due to the fact that there are huge underwater sturgeons sometime interested to eat race buoys


Accommodations will be plenty, cheap and very close from the race area.
One of the hotel is on the lake. I mean that you can - if you wish - even steer your footy from your bedroom , taking advantage of improved visibility.
( above mentioned hotel is the ugly block shaped building shown below )


Selected location seems to have as remarkable bonus to be is very “wifefriendly” as well “childrenfriendly”.

( during a preliminary feasibility phase of the organization, not less than three well known modellers have informed me about their “wife clearance” green light for the proposed trip to Italy )

During next days we will start to release more detailed informations about the event.

Stay tuned…

Flavio on behalf of the Italian Footy Tribe

I’m one of the three that Flavio mentioned :slight_smile:

Sheila and I will be attending…reservations aren’t final, but we will probably arrive in Sestriere on Thursday, stay in the hotel on the pond for the racing, then go back to Turin Sunday night and stay there for a couple days of sightseeing. We welcome suggestions about what to see and where to stay in Turin…Sheila has been looking at tour books in the local library :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones, too.


Hi Bill and Flavio.
with wife and dog, also I will spend my vacation with you. Look forward to exciting days and a relaxed sailing with you. Am already hard working in the construction of a new footy. I’ve totally redesigned my Conrad. Positive core is finished. Am now to make a form. As a sail rig MC.
Greetings from Germany/Neu-Ulm


Hi Bill,
I’m one of the Italian footy tribe, I’ll be with you for the competition in Sestriere and I work and live in Turin.

Turin is a big and beautiful city with a lot of things very beautiful to see… could be that is not sufficient few weeks to see only partially… in two days there are a lot of choices
If you or other competitors have any preferences (arts, museum, monuments, natural parks, history, archaeology, other) you’d contact me and I’d give you any suggestion in order to spend in the best way your few days in Turin.

You could contact me also by MP on the forum or better by Email to

First update :

  • Gianluca Montecchi, our computer wizard has been once again skilled enough to create - on short notice - an initial version of the championship official website :

So far this is an almost empty box , but we will add a lot of useful informations and links as soon as possible.

During phase one we will focus on logistic matters ( where to sleep and eat, how to arrive on the race location ) in order to enable all potential competitors to carry out their own budget and timeframe estimations.

We will discuss about starting procedures and other competitive activities during following months.

Our policy will be to suggest several options and to give you relevant links to hotels, restaurants and so on.

Meantime please feel free to ask us for “unusual” requests.

We have received an enquire about the possibility to carry out fishing activities on the lake :slight_smile:

( so far it seems that a special license is not required, but we will give you a final answer about the matter during next days )


As promised we will release during next days more detailed informations about hotel accommodation and transportation between Sestriere and the International airport of Torino Caselle .

Today I will add something new about race location :

[i]Sestriere township rises up to 2035 metres altitude and links the Chisone and Susa valleys in Piedmont, only a few kilometres from France. It spreads on a surface of 2580 hectares with 900 inhabitants at December 31st 2008.

Sestriere consists of four built up areas: Sestriere Colle, Sestriere Borgata, Champlas du Col and Champlas Janvier. Sestriere is historically renowned for its international tourism and is a sure reference point as it has time again been selected to stage important sporting events such as the Alpine Ski World Championships in 1997 and the Olympic Winter Games in 2006 together with the Paralympic Games.

It is at the heart of the extensive Vialattea ( Milky Way ) ski area that offers skiers the possibility to link to five other ski resorts making a total of 400 km of slopes, many of them are artificially snowed and with ski-lifts and chair lifts for disabled.

For the joy of mountain lovers, the Monterotta area offers a 10 km cross-country track and in front of the ski lifts you can ice skate in the open air rink.
An 18 hole golf course (one of the more highest in Europe), an open air swimming pool, a natural lake equipped for fishing and the opportunity to explore the rich, uncontaminated alpine nature also makes the area enjoyable during the summer season.

All year round, Sestriere offers the possibility to play mountain-bike, soccer, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, squash, body building or even to relax in a sauna or hot room and to tan in a solarium.

Last but not least , Sestriere has been selected for Beauty contests :wink:

Gianluca Montecchi ( the person in charge for the championship website ) reports me that , according some electronic trick I have not been able to understand, we have been contacted ( among the others ) from following countries :

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Latvia
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Tunisia
  • Romania
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • Argentina



visit us at [FONT=Arial Black] [/FONT]

A brief update about the championship,

first of all I wish to add a bit more information about how to sleep and how to eat.

As explained on my previous posts , there is an hotel on the lake where the championship will be organized.

Even if other alternative solutions are possible, ranging from a camping up to a ten stars deluxe suite, this location will be our suggested one.

Name of the hotel is Hotel Lago Losetta ( lago means - of course - “lake” )

their web site is

this is the building

these are the rooms

there is a ( cheap ! ) restaurant

and there is also a conference room that we hope to be able to use for skipper’s meeting, competitors registration and prizegiving

They have not yet defined a price list for next summer, but they assured me that it will be released soon , and that prices for july are almost the same of “winter low season” .

rates for person/day in double room 55 eur ( bed and breakfast “B&B” ) or 60 eur ( bed, breakfast and dinner - half board “HB” )

double room / single use + 40%

3rd day 10% off

5th day 40% off

3 rd bed : 0/3 years free, 4/8 years -50%, 9/12 years -30%, adults -15%

Sky TV free, internet free, indoor garage free

On request it will be possible to ask for transportation to - for Torino caselle airport : 150 eur + 10 eur/ person

one person only on a car : 160 eur

a group of 8 persons on a van : 150+80=230 230/8= 28.75 eur/ person

( cheaper shuttle bus service between airport and sestriere is also available )

see details on attached info sheet :

on the event web site you will find other details about food&bed solutions

I am pleased to give notice, that for the very first time we will see a Footy team from Slowenia entering the footydom.

Erik Jankovic, a young modeller from this young nation with an ancient heritage of skilled sailors , sent my a nice photo of his “Spade” footy

Erik informed me that he will take part to the championship

My good polish friend Pawel, will be the national registrar for this nation

I hope this championship will be a nice opportunity to see other newcomers among competitors

Stay tuned

Flavio for the Italian Footy Tribe

Following several e-mails between me, Roger Stollery, Bill Hagerup and Thomas Grimm we have decided to rename - once again - the title of the contest.

Roger, correctly, pointed out the potential troubles related to the use of the taboo word “world”.

Use of titles such “world” or “international” cannot be used without the approval of ISAF, the controlling body of sailing, and you need to be an ISAF approved class if you are considering running a World Championship.

If the ‘World’ or ‘International’ words are used in the title of an event, then ISAF will take action to make all the skippers taking part in the Footy event ineligible for any future approved International events in any IRSA or ISAF class.

This ban lasts for 3 years according to ISAF , and it would affect people who sail Footys and other models ( such as IOM )

Even if this trick could be a smart move aimed to “protect” footy class from overcompetitive skippers, so far - as organizer - we have not the freedom to change the policy of our class.

We wouldn’t want anyone to avoid the event because they were afraid to jeopardize their position with ISAF, and for this reason we have considered the possibility to use words such as “global” or “Footy Grand Prix” ( removing the word Euro ).

Our final decision has been " FOOTY GOLD CUP".

Roger has been able to have a confirm that the title Footy Gold Cup is okay as far as ISAF is concerned and would not cause any eligibility problem for competitors taking part.

Following this decision, we have renamed the website as

We have removed the year (2012) and we have used .org instead of .it having in mind to retain this web site as a perpetual one during future editon in other countries.

Other updates :

  • hotel fees have been lowered

  • official program and notice of race will be released soon

  • we have designed a purpose made logo

  • competitors registration will start during next month

Additional details on next posts.


Following championship change of name, we have modified the logo that we will use for this event ( to be used for badges, and gadgets )

Even if this a small detail, we have spent a lot of time testing different colour schemes and fonts.

Miss Laura Cattorini, a professional graphic expert, helped us to give a final touch to our effort.

This is the result ( thank you Laura :slight_smile: )

I am happy to report that Hotel Losetta informed us that their fees for this summer are :

  • two persons (double room ) : 40 eur each Bed and Breakfast, or 50 eur dinner included.

  • one person only : 56 eur for B&B and 70 eur dinner included.

We have also asked them the price for “lunch pack” for saturday and sunday ( softdrink / water + 2 sandwiches + fruit ). I will give you notice about their reply.

As usual during lunch break we will be busy replacing batteries, repairing broken servos and possibility to have something to eat at hand will very useful.

Of course competitor will have - if they wish - the possibility to enjoy a real spaghetti meal at nearby restaurant or a wonderful barbecue facility.

More about scheduled timetable next time .


[FONT=Arial Black]

see here the preliminary version of the logo


Dear friends, I am happy to infor you that we have issued an official Notice of Race ( NOR ) , and that within tomorrow, we will also start to accept competitors registrations on

Important points to be underlined :

1 - Entry fee will be 30 eur for each competitor, and will be for free for “skipper’s guests”

Money will be used for :

[i]- insurance

  • prizes
  • gadgets
  • basic logistic
  • race officers ( we will offer them food beer and bed for free ) [/i]

Entry fee will not cover food and accommodation

2 - Maximum number of competitors will be approximately 40 boats
We hope to have a balanced mix of italian and international competitors
In case number of request will exceed 40, confirmation will be granted based on day of receipt

Please be informed that we have been able to reduce , once again, cost of hotel & food for all persons involved with this event ( competitors, guests, staff )

More details about the matter on next post


see here part 1 of notice of race ( part 2 : tomorrow )

Footy Gold Cup 2012
July 21-22 2012, Sestriere, Italy

The regatta will be carried out under the FOOTY Class Rules (RC & free sailing) as defined in the main IFCA web site .
The intention throughout is to keep racing informal and fun – but ruthlessly competitive in the nicest sense.

The regatta is open to all boats of the Footy Class whose owners are current members of IFCA and who are properly registered with the Class Rules and who reported the willingness to participate in the contest in an applicable manner.

Entry Fees
The entry fee covering both days will be 30 € for the skipper, to be paid at registration.

(subject to modification based on event conditions)

Afternoon: arrival of skipper, registration and free practice

09.00-10.00 Free practice and registration of models and participants
10.00-10.30 FOOTY RC Skippers meeting
10.30-12.30 FOOTY RC racing
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-17.30 FOOTY RC Racing

09.30-10.00 FOOTY RC Skippers Meeting
10.00-13.00 FOOTY RC racing
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.00 FOOTY RC racing
16.30-17.30 Awards distribution

Racing will be held at the low side of the Losetta Lake, near the Sestriere town,

Today I would like to add two additional interesting informations :

1 - weather

due to the fact that this location is approximately 2000 m above sea level ( approx 6500 feet ) air temperature is to be expected 10C° less than at sea level.

Even in during summer, “spring equivalent” days are to be expected, and - as mentioned on our NOR ( see below ) - use of warm clothes is suggested

Average wind speed is 2.5 m/s ( about 5 knots ), maximum gusts during July are - usually - not exceeding 10 m/s ( about 20 knots )

2 - Simplified rules of the road

we have decided, for the first time, to officially adopt the 10 simplified rules of the road during races ( see below )

in the past editions of the euro gp, minor collisions between boats( usually durig start ) , or between boats and buoys have been considered as “not impossible” but at same time we have not seen unplesant protests between competitors

we will do our best to encourage a relaxed and friendly environment, and we feel confident that use of these ten rules will help this positive attitude.

I am happy to report that we have received our first official registration one our and seven minutes after the procedure has been activated few days ago , other entries are following .

I remind you, once again, that only first 40 skippers will be allowed to take part to the championship.


NOR - part 2

Due to the location of the race, at about 2000 meters on the sea level, it is recommended to prepare the sunglasses, a sunscreen, some warm clothes and some wind resistant clothes, especially for the children, if present.

Parking in the regatta: available free of charge

Official language of the competition:
The countdown and launch command will be given in English.
If possible, the organizers will try to provide the interpreters to/from other languages (if more participants from various countries shall arrive).

Model measurements:
Measurement and class authenticity verification will be conducted on-site on all boats during check-in and registration. Award winning boats may also be measured post regatta. It is not permitted to alter the boats during the contest except for the changes allowed under the class rules (eg. rig change). Any necessary alterations to boats after damage, etc., will be held with similar parts of the original design and weight and will be conducted after the approval of the RD. Any boat with unauthorized alterations will be disqualified from the regatta

Sailing instructions and RC frequency:
The detailed sailing instructions and frequencies assignments will be posted on the this site after the initial registration period. The following RC frequencies authorized for modelers in Italy can be used: 2.4 GHz, 27MHz, 40 MHz and 35MHz (although the latter is formally reserved in Italy for flying models).

Racing format:
The contest committee will determine the number of races for each day mainly considering weather conditions. The contests will be organized in a manner to allow as many races as possible under given conditions. Two completed boat races are required constitute the contest as valid.
Detailed rules for scoring and ranking regatta will be provided later. In the eventuality of too many boats to have a reasonable single fleet, the skippers will be divided into two or more fleets.

Racing rules:
The races will follow a semplified version of the RRS (Courtesy of Lester Gilbert)

Ten Racing Rules for Radio Sailing:

1.Port keeps clear of starboard
2.Windward keeps clear of leeward
3.Astern keeps clear of a boat ahead
4.Keep clear while tacking or gybing
5.When you gain right of way, or when you change course, give other boats time to keep clear
6.Give room to (all) the inside boat(s) to round the mark
7.Give room to a boat avoiding an obstruction
8.Do not barge in at the start
9.If you have violated a rule, take a penalty; and don’t wait to be called
10.It is better to give way and avoid a collision, or take a penalty, than to protest

The medal Awards will be distributed among the top three finishers in each class and age group (if applicable), while all participants who complete the contest will be awarded with diplomas. Additionally, independent awards from individual sponsors are foreseen eg.: for best youngest participant, for best female participant, Miss Footy, Fastest Opalek-class boat, Mister Opalek-class boat, etc.

We will publish a list of hotels and camping closed to the race pond along with the location and all the necessary information to contact them.

Additional information:
Additional informatio about the competition will be added on the Footy Gold Cup 2012 web site with information on the event, including Entry Form, Sailing instructions, etc. RRS rule changes, if any, may be posted on the website and described at the skippers meeting(s) on the competition day.
Please follow the news (and ask if necessary) on the above-mentioned site of the Footy Gold Cup 2012 or send private e-mail (in English, French) to Gianluca Montecchi


Thanks for the usefull information.
I am now registered for the event, and greatly looking forward to the footy gold cup.

I have one question, is it intended to use the ‘footy experimental rig template’ as has been used in the UK open races over the past two years?



your Ranger GBR 47 has been registered as entry #11, and I hope other friends from your country will follow soon ( Andrew ? Gary ? ).

So far we have not yet considered the possibility to use the “experimental template” ( a big grid template aimed to have a fast estimation of model sail area ) .
As far as I know, this template has been invented by the great british model designer Roger Stollery, to support his proposal to add a sail area measurement to footy class rules.

Instead of sail area, during first euro GP in Liverpool, competitors were “kindly” requested to have the weight of their model measured and recorded.
Even if this procedure was not mandatory under IFCA rules, results were interesting and useful.

Most probably we could carry out a similar database survey during initial registration and “box check” procedures.
Without doubt the possibility to have at hand lenght, beam, and weight of each model is an interesting one.

In any case competitors that are looking to have their “secret numbers” not showed to the world will not be killed - of course -


[FONT=Arial Black][/FONT]


thanks for the Update. I know Gary is definately planning on registering, and Andrew as well i believe.

The ‘template’ does not so much inform people about deisgns, (and i’m happy t share details of my ranger) but instead, by providing a maximum rig area, evens up performance in light winds.
I think it is worth considering.

It is still interesting to see the wide variety of hull designs about


Hi Scott
I agree that use of the ‘footy experimental rig template’ would be a good idea to simply and effectively limit the overall area of the very largest light wind rigs. The overall area allowable is still ‘pretty huge’ and there is no restriction of the layout in which you design your rig. It’s just a simple process of counting the red squares covered by your rig and them looking for an equivalent number of ‘spare’ green squares to off set against - almost as simple as ensuring the hull fits in the measurement box!
From the point of view of basic seaworthiness and regatta safety, I think a rig much larger than the 341 green square inches (that’s 220,000 square mm) would cause problems with boats getting ‘blown away’ in even the lightest gust of wind.
I am still in the process of juggling the pressures of also fitting in a family holiday but hope to commit to entering the Gold Cup soon. I certainly intend to build my largest rig to comply with the rig template and hope the system is adopted at the Gold Cup.

Dear friends,

I would like to clarify that we will measure competetitors sail area ( as well other dimensions : LOA, Beam, Weight, Ballast ) , on voluntary base only, and having in mind an updated database of the existing footy fleet.

We are not looking to put a limit on sail plan size .

As organizer we have not the freedom to introduce an additional requirement ( max sail area ) to existing Footy Class rules.

Modifications to rules are possible, but should be agreed and voted following an international discussion.

Years ago, after a long an sometimes very hot discussion, footy rules have been modified :

  • removing the mandatory request to use AAA batteries only
  • removing the request to use not more than two rigs ( one of them was the “storm rig” )

( other small adjustments about multiple rudders and other details were also clearly stated )

Proposal of a maximum sail area was not accepted.

Based on my own experience, all footy skippers have been wise enough to avoid unrealistic huge sail plans, as well nuclear-starwars batteries.

Moreover, occasional stronger gusts are to be expected on the Sestriere race field

see here :

Please note that the owners of the Hotel Lago Losetta, offered us to use as alternative solution also their wonderful wooden residence " Chalet Edelweiss " ( approx 150 m from the race area )

see :

They have 2,4,6, and 8 persons solutions. All of them with their own small kitchen.

Please contact them mentioning “footy gold cup” to take advantage of their special prices for competitors.

One week after the start of the registration procedure we have 15 competitors on our records.

So far we have competitors from : Italy ( of course ), Germany, Great Britain and even Portugal ( Mr. Jorge Camilo and his POR 1 " Mada " )

Other international friend are looking - hopefully - to confirm their registrations soon.


I am happy to report that - until now - we have 21 skippers from six nations officialy registered as competitors.

So far we have received entries from : Italy ( of course ), Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Slowenia, Sweden.

We hope to receive soon other registrations from our footy friends around the world…

Initial response seem to be very positive, and we feel confident to be able to reach our target of 40 boats from not less than 10 countries.


see us at

I am pleased to inform you that during the weekend we have received new registrations from France ( 2 models ) and Switzerland ( 1 footy ).

We have now 26 boats from 8 nations.

Within this week we will publish a preliminary skipper’s list.


We have now 29 skippers from eight nations,

this is the first preliminary list :

1 gianluca montecchi ITA
2 flavio faloci ITA
3 roberto broccoletti ITA
4 claudio vigada ITA
5 thomas grimm GER
6 camillo giammarco ITA
7 francesco giammarco ITA
8 alex siviero ITA
9 marco borghi ITA
10 livio rovaretto ITA
11 scot wallis GBR
12 jorge camilo POR
13 gary sanderson GBR
14 mario pozzi ITA
15 monica ledda ITA
16 michele finocchiaro ITA
17 erik jankovic SLO
18 stanislav jankovic SLO
19 animor dobrovich SWE
20 jesper sigbjornsson SWE
21 giovanna bulla ITA
22 paride ferrari ITA
23 lars dahlstrom SWE
24 bessiere hippolyte FRA
25 bessiere jean-francois FRA
26 dieter schmitz SUI
27 phil tyler SUI
28 walter birlin GER
29 andrew halstead GBR

14 italians and 15 “not italians”

2 gentle female skipper girls included ( monica and giovanna )

national 2-boats teams : germany, france, sweden, slowenia, switzerland, great britain , and - of course - italy

many other footy friends are currently “thinking about”

Based on this nice registration trend, we hope to close the registration procedure within the end of may

Next move will be a more detailed planning of racing days


43 days - only - are missing to the D-day

We have received few more registrations, as well few retirements and - so far - number of registered skippers seems to be stabilized on 30 persons
We have decided to postpone registration deadline a pair of weeks in order to leave a door open to last-minute entries

Thomas Grimm form Germany reports that he has been able - once again - to have technical sponsors ( Hitec, Multiplex, Genspow, Oracover ) offering their products as “special prizes”.
Best item will be a brand new 2.4 GHz rx/tx pack ( an Hitec Optic 5 ).
Well done Thom !

The organizing committe is currently focusing on :

[i]- recruiting an outstanding Staff ( race officer, computer advisor, buoy consultants , search and rescue service, media officer, and security officer :wink: )

  • selecting interesting event gadgets

  • organizing an outstanding footy dinner gala ( scheduled on saturday 21 )

  • writing clear racing instructions[/i]

Meantime I have received several “confidential” preview of new projects that are looking to enter the race.
Even if I am not authorized to disclose details, there are no doubts that che concept of “radical footy” has been pushed to the limit.

I strongly reccommend to all partecipants to finalize their booking of hotels, camping and other facilities.

Stay tuned !