Footy Schooner (Fooner?)

A reprint from the USVMYG newsletter containing plans and description of a neat little Scottish schooner from 1825 shown below is now available by email. PDF format, 900k, lines and sail plan much better than the lo-res version below. Would make a nifty scale Footy. PM me with your email if you’d like a copy.




That looks nice - thanks for sharing it.
I can see that when the fleet of regular racing footys is packed, we might have a sub-class (hey! good name for my ZBF) of Scale, Charming and Square-rigged craft!

The hull shape would suit Firstfooty’s weed-parting requirements, too!

I found this little charmer - not as practical as the schooner, tho

Wouldn’t it be liberating if a vac-formed general hull was available for the creative to work with?



Sorry - nice as it is I posted the wrong pic - this is the one I meant!

The "Fooner"s big advantage is that the prototype was designed to go through the Forth and Clyde canal and was really a cross between a coasting schooner and a sailing barge. As such the prototype was significantly under-canvassed, which means a scale sailplan should work. Back of the envelope calculations give:

LOA 30.5 cm
LWL 24 cm
Beam 9cm
Draft 4 cm
Displacement (very approximate) 450 gr

A simple bar keel should keep her on her feet in light to moderate airs, or a removable fin and bulb to the limit of the box for heavier stuff. Being this close to the RDT (Rubber Ducky Threshold) form stability probably doesn’t count for much, but she has quite hard bilges FWIW.




Talking of pretty designs - how about the Lady Nelson ? :-



Beam 9 mm??? Sounds more like a cutter than a schooner!


Sounds more like an “Inchy”, made from lead. 45 mm is about one inch, isn’t it, huh?

I think Earl meant cm on all of the dimensions. If not, Claudio & Brett will have some tough competition in the “Smallest Boat” contest.

Edited. Post in haste, repent at leisure. Besides, what’s a factor of ten among friends :slight_smile:



25.4 mm to the inch.



He even says cm.

Still, 9cm is pretty narrow for a footy, less than 3 to 1 beam to length, when the footy is allowed 2 to 1.


Ah, the penalties of conversion before putting brain in gear! 45 is Decagrams to the pound.
A lakh of rupees isn’t equal to a lack of dollars.
R (I don’t know if I can convert this one) od

No problem, Earl. BTW, I’m already planning my next Footy. It will come in at 9’-11" LOA ;-).
:wink: :wink:

Yeah, Angus should like it. It converts to 3.54 inches.

Here’s an easy to use conversion calculator:

When I think that some people try to do their footy in the diagonal of the box to get it longer !!!

OK OK !! I am still talking and not building. I don’t know why but I am pretty lazy these days :scared:

I really cannot understand why my Americian friends hate the metric system so much. Imperial/US measurement needs an envirionmenally unfriendly calculator, a guessing stick or a piece of paper - and is error prone. For many caluations involving water or conversion of units, I can do the sum in my head. Most sums involving SI units I can got an approximation easily on the back a cigarette packet.

On that issue Angus, i whole-heartedly agree. Why must my fellow countrymen insist on continuing to use a system that is more difficult to work with that the international norm? Although, even Americans use the metric system in the sciences… I fear it may be some left over bitterness from years of british tyranny… :wink:

If youse guys are so metrified then why do yuz call it a footy?

I just can’t see myself sailing a .305 metery when I could be sailing a footy.

And what ever happened to stone as a measure of weight?

My boat weighs something around .06 stone? or whatever.

I am especially fond of 5,280 feet = 1 mile.

Pete (smileys don’t work on my shop computer)

Bill Korsgard
I will be fascinated to see your new Footy, at “Nine Feet, Eleven Inches, LOA” all folded up like a concertina to fit into the Footy box.
p.s. Somewhere I have a quarter inch thick book which gives the conversion factors for everything to everything else. (Acres to degrees Centigrade, anyone?). I think I’m really going to have go and find it if this keeps up.

My dear Barrett. The Metric sysyem is FRENCH Given. that the French had in more troops in what are now the United Sates of America when you decided to steal our soveriegn majesty’s land (and breakfast) from him, blaming the metric system on us implies some truly awful tyranny that just had to be blamed on someone (could you send me a reference/ I like a good tyrrany from time to time). It also suggests that, since English trrops were pretty much the equals of French ones in Europe at the time, American ones were a positive disadvantage in the French victory. What they should have done is to send the Americans off to Cuba or somwhere like that while they won the war. But the why, having got rid of the nasty (Engishish-speaking) Americans, give it back back to them?

Oh right, this is from the culture that can’t seem to give up the “pint”.