Florida Footy Winter Rally

Will be held on Feb 24th 2008 at the South Daytona pond of the SDRCMYC www.orgsites.com/fl/sdmyc This is intended to be both a Footy gathering and racing event, so bring your race boat and that gaffer or lugger or brig. Lets see how many boats we can get on the water. Entry form, NOR and race instructions will be available shortly, for information check out the club website or contact Paul at muddauber22000@yahoo.com .

Notice of Race, Entry Form and Race Instructions are now posted at the South Daytona Model Yacht Club websitewww.orgsites.com/fl/sdmyc

Roll Up, Roll Up. Only 30 more days until the fabulous Florida Footy Winter Rally. As usual a dearth of entries, it seems that Footy sailors in the US still like to keep event organisers on tenterhooks. Will they come/won’t they show? You might be surprised, you could have a really good time, even find that you have the world beating Footy which will end up creaming the Brits in Liverpool. If you don’t race you’ll never know. See you there ? Paul :cool: incidentally, great trophies and everyone wins a coconut!

Will that be done in traditional fashion Paul… we line all the footys up on your benches and hurl small hard balls at them?

“Every one a Winner!!!”

I would love to get back there Paul but I suspect I used all of my miles up last year. To any one who can make it be assured that they have a very nice pond there and a bunch of friendly people too.


After I wrote out that post I realised that it might be a lost cause, on this side of the pond, only a few of us recognise the patter of british funfair barkers. I do like your idea though, throwing hard, heavy wooden balls at my old unsuccessful Footy hulls would be a lot of fun. I might set it up as sideshow. For those who don’t understand the patter funfair = carnival, barker translates, coconut shy is uniquely british. Despite that we still need entries for Feb in Daytona.




                                       SEE THE MUSCLIEST FOOTIES


WILL GIVE ME (whatever the entry is)

*US footy drivers seem to sport a high proportion of beards

After careful consideration we are delighted to welcome AndrewH as official publicist for all current and future Footy events in Florida. His credentials and experience in the subtleties of innovative Footy design and promotion are legend, and we feel that this is a relationship which has extraordinary potential. We were incredibly impressed with Andrew’s deep analysis of the US Footy sailors psyche, and the subsequent revelation that all US Footy sailors have beards. It was this conclusion that persuaded me to wear a false beard to all Footy events, to attempt to establish if facial hair is the passport to acceptance into this very selective society. The conclusions have yet to be determined.

Aw, gee. (Simpering and looking modest)

I was only trying to be helpful. We all know how shy and retiring you Americans are.

The pictures I have seen of US footying mainly concentrate on these little yachts, but the assembled drivers seen to be, on average, gentlemen who may not see 50 again, of healthy build, and barbate.

Probably the Florida lifestyle, so close to the frontier, breeds lean, cleanshaven greyhounds like yourself.

Now about my fees…

The Daytona Footy’s put together some races yesterday, 8 boats total including the famous ‘Depron Razor’, 5 Kittiwakes, a local self build and my 507 proto. The weather was perfect practice for summer sailing in Liverpool, 55 deg F, continuous light rain and delightfully gusty heavy rain squalls. Despite this unacustomed pleasure we put in 6 scored races, and thus some results in the book. Next official Footy race weekend here is Feb 23/24 and the fabulous Florida Footy Winter Rally, but we have Footy’s on the water every saturday. The soon to be infamous ‘Torpid Troll’ made it’s debut this weekend but was benched in favour of the 507 after a couple of rig failures. Development ‘under the bridge’ will continue.:cool:

Paul, I’ll be arriving Friday evening with my Liverpool prototype “Cobra.” I’ll use Saturdays racing to hopefully get it tuned a bit for Sundays grand event.

Could you email me with hotel (cheap) recommendations?

thanks…Bill H

This is hottting up. The first Voortrekker 1a hull (or at least the plug) should e doing the rounds on Saturday. In the development tea rooms the last gallon of Darjeling has ggiven rise to ideas that could change the face of rigs for ar least 3 weeks.

The Way out Materials Division has retired to to its own tea room and is promising a V1b hul substrntially lighter than a V1a or Moonshadow.

A progrmme is hopefully being established to semi-mass produce fins of related but different charactristics. These will fit in the boats with minimum adjustment of everything, includng tig. In this way we hop to establish a firm database of some aspects of the performance of Footy foils.

Meanwhlein in the uSA poor old bill is trudging southward looking for soft water and practice, and there doesn’t sem to be much othr firm committment. Wha is happening n Sheboygan? Is Arizona dead? Comeon you Yanks, The nationalism,s for pretend but there’s a whole pie of fun to be had out there!


Sounds like my kind of conditions Paul… I am impressed if you kept your locals sailing in that considering what happenned the week before Raleigh in the mere drizzle. Well done that man (indeed those men). Oh and by the way, did you shave then?


“In the development tea rooms the last gallon of Darjeling has ggiven rise to ideas that could change the face of rigs for ar least 3 weeks.”

" Wha is happening n Sheboygan? Is Arizona dead? "

In this particular ex-colony Footy sailors don’t sip lightweight, fancy teas like darjeeling drunk in porcelain tea cups with pinkies pointing to heaven, Like our Footy’s, those of us who drink tea prefer something a little more robust, a good rough blend by Barry’s of Cork or the industrial strength version of Taylors of Harrogate, drunk in real, heavy, mugs. The kind of teas that strip the silver plate off grandma’s teaspoons if you stir them for too long. As for Sheboygan, Mr McAllister can speak for that, and I don’t think I am acquainted with anyone named Arizona, though I recall that I once met an ‘exotic dancer’ by that name.

I seem to remember that the development tea-room in the colony was Boston harbour - whatever happened to that aspiration of independance that they had?


At the risk of a severe reprimand (and possible flogging) from the editor, I can only hint the upcoming “FOOTY” Class focus by the AMYA publication Model Yachting may answer your question. I am not at liberty to expound, but Issue #152 will be devoted to the FOOTY Class so if you are a FOOTY skipper, but not an AMYA member, I would suggest you consider a membership in AMYA prior to publication and you will receive all four issues during the coming year.

For those beyond our shores, membership is also available - or you may want to put in orders for the purchase of that issue. Bill Hagerup the US Class Secretary has rooted out a lot of information, and his efforts are to be appreciated. Remember too, that contributors to the magazine are not necessarily posters on internet forums - so some information may be read/seen for the first time!

Any Reprints/Overruns are sold through the AMYA Ship’s Store at a cost from $7.00 to $12.00 plus handling and postage. Only a limited number are available, so I suggest placing your order early if you are not an AMYA member.

If you are so inclined, the next two issues will cover the CR-914 Class and then the Laser Class. Issue # 155 will be a Special Features issue.

Muddauber - hows the Troll?


The Troll is still lurking in the boat room, the rig is fixed and it should see the water again on saturday, I/ll take some pics to post (probably on the Yahoo side, I find photobucket a bit daunting)

Darned right we do… smuggled in ‘Rington’s Tea’ for me (they still deliver door to door in the civilised north of England). Three good mugs full from one bag in the pot, now that’s tea you would not pick a fight with in a bar.

Sheboygan Footy Fest 2008 thread started.

And as a scouser I do now some tea bars ya wouldn’t takr yr mum to, laa. On 'other hand she’d probly take 'r own (bar).

80 deg F in Daytona today with a light WSW wind, perfect for lunch time trials of the ‘Torpid Troll’, trying to decide which boat to sail in the Florida Rally. Incidentally entries close next Sunday, we have 7 confirmed and three probables right now. Anyone else for the Skylark ?