Esterel footy

A new Footy for Christmas !!!

well done !



Nicely done, Claudio.

Two things you might double check:

The rudder needs to have full motion used in racing while in the box…from your drawing, I think it would jam against the box in one direction. Moving it forward a bit would allow the needed clearance.

The bowsprit on the conventional rig as drawn might keep the boat from being able to get completely in the box. The bowsprit can be outside the box, but the deck and cabin need to be below the top of the box. Mounting the bowsprit on top of the deck, while not as pretty, might solve the problem.

Welcome to the Footy clan. Be careful, though…Footys can be addictive :slight_smile:


Thank you Bill for the suggestions, I will introduce the mods !.
True I’m not familiar with the Footy secrets !! , but my nephew ask me one for Christmas…he din’t specified the year !

Hi Bill
here the checks made.
For the rudder no problems !
While for the bowsprit I’m not sure if it is OK now !
The red dotted lines represent the Box Rules !

Wow, not only a very professionally presented design but one which has been modified very very rapidly too. All the information I would require, and more, is here to see with little left to guesswork.
Please would you let us know which tool(s) have been used here and how steep is the learning curve to be able to produce such good results?

Looks good, Claudio…should be fine now.

Like Phil, I’m curious…I’ve seen your beautiful drawings here for some time…what tool are you using? I use Freeship and Hullform, but they don’t produce drawings like yours.


Fine Bill so is OK now ! good
Phil and Bill, about drawings,
I use since 1994 the Coreldraw ver.5 , It is a 2D graphic soft composed of various modules that can be selected the ones wanted.
I use only the Drawing module. Very easy to learn. Actually not in commerce anymore but can be free downloaded from special web sites. Book can still be found in specialized libraries. like :
Developed for Win3.1 is still running today with XP, for how long I do not knows. Just bought for 90€ a second hand restored PC with XP just in case.
I don’t like 3D soft in general, nevertheless I learned how to make simple wire-frame 3D drawings with the Rhino demonstration. Some sample at the beginning of Onetwotwo tread.
That’s it

PS: Of course the Footy above is only one version, since I have another one of 305mm length and wide transom.

This is the finally elaborated Diagonal plan. It offer more displacement then needed therefore stays some place to add corrective ballast.
Interesting features : LOA/LWL 325mm - Beam 109mm - Hull Draft 32mm - PC 0.574 - LCB -3.5%
Canopy a little change.
The master, instead of using the foam as already done, I will employ the “bread-butter” technique with plywood of 5mm.
This will produce, once finished, a nice static model as well the form to make the female mold.
I need to trace each single horizontal plan every 5mm.
More drawing to come.

To note :

5 times in one month for Saturday, Sunday and Monday!


extra weekend for sailing…:slight_smile:

Bill wait until claudio gets the “double Diagonal” bug…

Exactly Marc , this is the last opportunity, don’t miss it !!!

Here the slice’s tracing for “bread & butter” assembly, like the lead bulb ! Laborious and happy when it is finished !

Non chance, the “double diagonal” is not entering my brain !!!


A possible classic rig !

B&B plywood 5mm plates ready for contour cuts process.

a lot of hard work for you during next days…


hard work for you or I.

Claudio does this stuff in his sleep…

Some time I see the “object” ready, but … heheh!!
First cutting the shapes, then bonding together and of course a good rasp and sanding paper after.
Is not really difficult, but take sometime !

Some progress !
Here still in 2D !

Half 3D !

About Bulb !
I have found a simple method to calculate and draw the bulb dimensions and weights not covered by the BulbCalculator.
The actual Bulb Calculator I have is limited to 1.0Kg minimum.
Since the Footy Bulbs are close 250/280g, I show below my method to draw the Bulb I need.
One preliminary consideration is that the bulb have their Prismatic Coefficients.
The cross check with the various profiles available with the Bulb Calculator, shows that the Prismatic Coefficient is sitting between 0.530 and 0.545. This is the key to reach the purpose.

The principle is very simple, I calculate the Bulb circumscribed Cylinder in term of Volume and from there to reverse the calculations to reach the bulb dimensions for a given weight.

The assumed Specific Lead weight is 10.5Kg/dm3

In the picture below is provided an example of the calculating sequence starting from 1Kg Bulb as per Bulb Calculator :


All plywood slices cut. 4 shall be renewed due to defective plywood.
Next bonding and then Rasp !!